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1. Quantum Of Solace Blu-Ray & DVD
by Andrew Timms, 2009-01-14
DANIEL CRAIG RETURNS AS 007 IN THE MULTI-MILLION GLOBAL BOX OFFICE SMASH DEBUTING ON BLU-RAY DISC AND DVD IN THE UK ON 23 MARCH 2009 FROM MGM AND FOX HOME ENTERTAINMENT Synopsis: Daniel Craig returns as James Bond in this thrilling, action-packed adventure which starts shortly after Casino Royale ends. Betrayed by the woman he loved, 007 fights the urge to make his latest mission personal. On a nonstop quest for justice that criss-crosses the globe, Bond meets the beautiful but feisty Camille (Olga Kurylenko), who leads him to Dominic Greene (Mathieu Amalric), a ruthless businessman and major force within the mysterious “Quantum” organization. When Bond uncovers a conspiracy to take control of one of the world’s most important natural resources, he must navigate a minefield of treachery, deception and murder to neutralize “Quantum” before it’s too late! The 22nd film in the James Bond franchise, QUANTUM OF SOLACE features many familiar faces from 2006’s Casino Royale including Academy Award®* winner Dame Judi Dench as Bond’s closest confidant, M, Giancarlo Giannini as René Mathis and Jeffrey Wright as Felix Leiter. The Blu-ray Disc and two-disc special edition DVD contains special features including behind-the-scenes featurettes, crew files, plus a music video for “Another Way to Die” featuring Jack White and Alicia Keys. *1999; Best Actress in a Supporting Role; Shakespeare in Love Packshots for Blu-ray and DVD to follow. Two-Disc Special Edition Special Features: - “Bond on Location” 24-minute special feature - Music Video – Jack White & Alicia Keys – Another Way to Die - 5 Featurettes o Start of Shooting o On Location o Olga Kurylenko and the Boat Chase o Director Marc Forster o The Music - Crew Files - Trailers Blu-ray DVD Special Features: Includes all of the above two-disc special edition content in spectacular hi-definition. best, Andrew
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2. He plays Bond with genuine depth
by Knute, 2008-12-02
I just viewed "Quantum" and am frankly amazed at any negative critique. Craig is Bond in this! I am so relieved to finally be interested in the man, and not just a pretty package. He has set aside all of the superficiality of past Bonds. There was so much art in this film that I almost yelled WOW! The whole world is in so much turmoil now. We need a strong man who will always do his duty. I almost had a heart attack on that plane with them. I came out of the theater determined to never give up doing the right thing for the right reason. I cannot wait for the next Bond film.
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3. 5 reasons why daniel craig beats the crap out of pierce brosnan as 007
for full article, please vivit: 1. he is so much hotter. sexier. bond-er. 2. craig, as bond, is less of a man-whore. 3. less is more 4. a new range of emotions 5. craig revived the james bond franchise
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4. Daniel Craig is best Bond EVER!
by Donna Sue, 2007-08-18
WOW! I was devastated to rent Casino Royal and not catch it in the movies bceause I was hooked from the first moment - when I couldnt breath watching the chase scene with the free-runner. OMG. I hae always loved Bond - but Craig creates a 3-D character of cruelty, humanity, anguish and love. This is the most in-depth Bond character ever - and I must say I am addicted to his looks, voice and actions. He brings a true hand-to-hand combat to Bond that is so personal and up-close. I was tiring of the special-effects Bond of previous ones. this is the heart and guts. I am dying for more Danie Craig! I rented it each day OnDemand for 5 days before my husband finally bought it for me.
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5. Daniel as Bond
by Mattie, 2007-07-27
I loved the latest Bond movie. I was never a true Bond movie fan until now. I've seen bits and pieces of past Bond movies but this one i can't get enough of. It's become part of my DVD collection and i watch it all the time. Daniel is absolutely great. I have alot of his earlier movies as well. He plays so many different characters. He has real talent. I can't wait to see his next one. Love ya Daniel, always.
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6. DCnB website (i.e. The evil ones)
by english agent, 2007-07-07
Great to see a website in support of DC. I know everyone has their views .........but!! I have been on the forums at DCnB, and have made my point very clear as to what i thought of their personal attacks on DC and the Bond franchise..............but was totally taken aback by the half dozen or so hardcore nutters there who have no remorse for their prior actions, they claim they have toned things down.......but not really, and think that the rest of the world is deluded for liking CR. These people who hide behind the internet, dont mind name calling the film stars and film makers.............. so i was quite amazed when they got upset when i called them RETARDS. Perhaps its a case of 'dont dish it out if you cant take it'. looking forward to Bond should be a cracker. Regards: EA
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7. Craig is THE BOND
by Luisa, 2007-05-07
Let them moan!!!! ... by boycotting Casino Royale they are missing the best Bond movie ever... not only great REAL action, great personality, overall GREAT PERFORMANCE by Daniel Craig! I've never really truly enjoyed 007 movies for misogenistic reasons, but I must say that Casino Royale has entered my list of best movies ever, along with The Lord of the Ring trilogy, The Lord of War and others.... Daniel Graig, thank you !!!
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8. 2007-21-4
by 00sechs, 2007-04-21
I only want to excuse me for a comment that i have written (in that forum i think) about one year ago. I said Madonna has been in the Bond movie "Die another day" only because of PR. That was wrong from me and nonsense from me. Sorry to Madonna. And to Daniel: Good Bond. It could be that i wrote more nonsense that i remember no more exactly. Sorry also for that.
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9. Daniel Craig forum
by Terry, 2007-04-19
I know there are lots of people who hated the way Daniel Craig was treated by certain websites. Now you have the hance to debate with those people. Daniel Craig Is Not Bond have a forum at:
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10. New CASINO ROYAL song!!!
by Matt, 2007-04-15
Just found a new Casino Royale song performed by Germany´s internationally most popular singer SANDRA! (Maria Magdalena) She´s a big Bond fan!!! Can be found on her 2007 album "The Art Of Love" It´s a pitty this song failed to become the official Bond song....the contracts were already done! ;-( The song is simply called "Casino Royale" LOVE this song!!! Check out at I TUNES!!! Have a nice day Matt See ya Matt
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11. Daniel 007 Craig
by Angie, 2007-04-12
After reading utter nonsense regarding Daniel as not being good enough to be James Bond on some other sites, I felt compelled to leave a message. I find it incredulous that people formed such a strong opinion on Daniel before he'd even set foot on the film set?! And their reason - his hair colour and because he "looked different" from the other Bonds, apparently... Well, I have got to say GO DANIEL! - you totally and utterly rocked in Casino Royale. I loved it. (they must be feeling more than a tad silly at how well received the film and Daniel were, don't you think?) Victory must taste so sweet! I say lap it up, you deserve it. I feel Daniel played the part with great acting ability and gave 007 much more depth and realism. It was quite refreshingly different and in my opinion, actually reflected much more of how Bond was actually meant to be portrayed. I'm really looking forward to Daniel's next outing as 007.
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12. The Origin Returns!
by Peter, 2007-04-11
I'm speachless ;) I'm a big bond buff from germany. I love all the bondfilms, especially the connery and brosnan films. but casino royale is the ultimate reboot of the series. I became fascinated one again, by the most iconic film charakter of all times... long live james bond. bondian greetings from germany!
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13. Worthy rival to Connery
by John, 2007-04-08
While I've always been a Bond fan in general, like most fans I have my own ranking for the actors who have portrayed this character. Until now, this order was (best to least inspiring) Connery, Dalton, and Moore, with Brosnan and Lazenby in a tie at the tail end. Now, I'd place Craig in the number two spot... and he certainly has the chance to be the best Bond -- it really depends on the next couple of 007 films to see if he will be able to take over that vaunted mantle. This will indeed be the case if succeeding films are of a similar caliber to Casino Royale... for pure entertainment value, it was the best "movie" of 2006. And a lot of that credit has to go to Craig.
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14. Great Bond
by Geffo, 2007-03-22
As I found there were some wierd sites dedicated to rubbishing Daniel Craig and Casino Royale, I felt, as a long term Bond fan ( since the 60s...OUCH) I had to offfer a more posotive opinion. This new reborn Bond is tougher and grittier than any Bond seen before. Nice one Daniel Craig ! And I would say vastly closer to the character in Fleming's books.Casino Royale is a raw journey through a Bond world much closer to reality than we are used to. Excellent. It was a brave decision by Eon to wipe the slate clean and begin anew. Can't wait for 22......Make a few more Craig at least. In the next film, M should Let Bond loose on a baddie...The Name's Rottweiler....Daniel Rottwieler.
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15. craig as bond
by rob, 2007-03-22
i have to say that i think that daniel craig is exactly what the franchise needed. i was ready to walk out of the cinema in the last film, die another day. yes its moderatly entertaining but lets face it, it was crap. when i heard that all the gadgets had gone, the same as the cheesy moments and what we were receiving was a darker, harsher more gritty bond i was thrilled. i never saw a problem with the colour of anyone's hair, let alone the colour of an actors! in my own humble opinion, casino royale is THE best bond film ever, and craig was more bond than any other actor preceeding him. even connery. I was blown away by casino royale, by the whole package and im looking forward to the next. Adios
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16. Breath of fresh air.
by Pyrasphinx, 2007-03-21
Like everyone else i was dubious about the choice of DC for Bond but prepared to reserve judgement till i actually saw the film. Just seen it on DVD. Wow. All i can say is that Daniel is Bond. What better compliment could anyone give. It's what i've been yearning for for years. Lets get a bit of realism back into it. For me the film is more notable for the things it leaves out. Gone is the ridiculous comedy (especially from the Moore era.) Gone are the silly one liners. Gone are the over the top gadgets (invisible car ! ! ! say what ?) How come Bond always had the perfect gadget for any given situation no matter how outlandish ? Gone is the appalling John Cleese Q character. Even before Cleese took over the whole Q thing was played for comedy. A guy with a pot on his arm which suddenly turns into a flame thrower..... p-lease. Not clever - or funny for that matter. Gone are the ridiculous endless succession of girls dying to jump into bed with Bond. Two were enough for Daniel, and quite right too. Gone is the insufferable know-all. Gone is the idea that you can take a tremendous beating and then simply give your hair a flick, straighten your tie and you are as good as new and totally unruffled. When Daniel's Bond has been in a fight he certainly looks like it. Who would have thought that a chase (on foot) could be one of the most exciting set pieces ever, in any Bond. Best line in the film ? Bond is asked if he wants his martini shaken not stirred and replies "do i look like i give a damn ?". Is this a dig at yet another ridiculous element from yesteryear. You would think from reading this that i hate Bond as it used to be. Not really. I'm a huge Bond fan and i thought Percy Bronsan was the best since Seen Canary, but the series was well overdue for a makeover. We want to see Bond back where he belongs - at the top. Long may Daniel Craig reign.
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17. daniel craig
by kikiram, 2007-03-02
Happy Birthday Daniel ! You're fantastic, such a hunk and a great person, too. I can't wait to see you again in the next James Bond film. I'm spending much of my time watching pics of you on websites and I'll been taking a close look at your career. Wish you all the Best for the future.
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18. Happy 39th Birthday Dan
by Coolio Hunt, 2007-03-02
I just want to wish you a Happy Birthday. I hope the producers of James Bond are working on casting in your next Bond movie. Best of Luck Dan
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19. Daniel Craig
by offworldtraveler, 2007-02-13
I believe Daniel Craig did a wonderful job playing James Bond. He is a great actor and pretty hot in those shorts!!!
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by MI6, 2007-01-31
Associated Press 1.31.07 Deanna Brayton, the woman behind, has finally thrown in the towel. After months of posting false comments about the success of the Casino Royale film and of Daniels acting ability (and sexual orientation) she has conceded defeat and shut down her site after Casino Royale became the most successful Bond ever. The film, which saw Daniel Craig make his debut as 007, surpassed the former record of $431m (£220m) set by Die Another Day in 2002.
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21. Veni Vedi Vici
by Naddel, 2007-01-31
At last. Bond is dead. Long live Bond. Old (and worn out) cliches and rituals are thrown overboard with a twinkle in the eye. The Aston Martin is driven by a baddy. Bond doesn't give a toss whether the Martini is shaken or stirred - he even has it mixed with fancy ingredients. His XL ego is overtly critised. And the gadgets are realistic - with just a slight emphasis on Sony Ericsson mobiles. Most amazing of all: he falls in love! He even quits his job for a woman! He is emotional, romantic, poetic, sexy, intelligent and: I adore him!
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22. Best Bond Poll
by katie, 2007-01-30 is running a poll to determine which actor is the best Bond of the James Bond series. If you want your voice to be heard, go to, search for Daniel Craig, and you will see the poll in the lower left hand corner. Good luck!
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by Margot, 2007-01-30
Despite my early reservations about the new Bond, I am now more than happy to report that on this occasion it was a complete and utter pleasure to be proved very, very wrong indeed! This man is a genius - not only can he really act, he has brought a depth and sensitivity to Bond that I only realised was lacking once I'd seen our Mr.Craig on screen - it's also very helpful that he is actually sexy beyond the bounds of reason and decency - thank heaven for Daniel Craig and long may he rule as James Bond!
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24. Daniel Craig can act AND is HOT!
by Em, 2007-01-28
I LOVE this MAN! HE is sexy as hell AND HE CAN ACT! YAYAYAYATYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! This guy needs an oscar for achieving something that no bond has ever done. Well done. And as he said in Layer Cake " I f-king hate guns but this one is really pretty!"
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25. shame to film journalists
by Schmisi, 2007-01-18
Before that the movie came to the cinemas, the journalists treated Daniel Craig as a "young man" , immature and incapable of being James Bond.....before the movie the medias scrutinize closely, each step that Craig took....they were gloating... before the movie came to the cinemas....and now, guys, take a GOOD look to the facts.....In the future, stop being ridiculous...or just change your job. Finally, to you, Daniel, you surely deserve the title of the "James Bond" character. Great job and I hope we'll see you soon again. Thanks
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by Deanna, 2007-01-16
The idiot behind Craignotbond is: -redacted by host-
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27. Finally a REAL MAN!
by lefrea, 2007-01-14
Thank God!
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28. Awesome
by Janek, 2007-01-11
Daniel Craig brought to Bond movies what had been lacking for so many years. A sense of realism. Its like Vesper said, MI6 targeted ex-special forces for their agent programs not pretty boys who put women before the mission. Craig shows that there is a no nonsense side to James Bond, someone who will do anything to get the job done. Daniel Craig for the next 5 bond movies? HELL YEAH!
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29. A convincing Bond
by Jaki-Jako, 2007-01-09
At the beginning I wasn't really at-ease with the idea of Daniel Craig as James Bond. But after Casino Royale I changed my mind and I was really convinced by the talent of Daniel. He knows how to give life to a character who was really more a device than a proper men in the former movies; he expressed well in the film the basis of Fleming's character: aggressivity, self-confidence, but a men who has also drawbacks: arrogance, disobedience... Jolly good and thank you, Mr Craig!!!
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30. beyond exciting
by ACE, 2007-01-06
I must be feeling the way people did when the first few Bond movies came out. Electrified. Daniel Craig has made Bond a "super" or uber-male that men might aspire to be, and girls aspire to kiss. So on that note, I have to add that he is so incredibly sexy. The funny thing is that his muscular physique inspired me, as a woman, to work out. I'm more inspired by his fitness level than Halle Berry (who Waterson also trained.) So that sense of awe has reinvented Bond. Otherwise wouldn't the James Bond character, for the most, have been too predictable?
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31. Daniel Crag
by Mr B, 2007-01-02
This new Bond film blew me away. Craig is how Bond should be. Connery had it in his early films but not like this. Amazing! I do have one issue, Craig does look big and lean, I’ve heard him say that it's due to 9 months hard training. I don't want to start anything here but I would like to know if is diet was natural; I don't remember him looking anything like this in his other movies. Maybe he has fantastic genetics. Inspiring!
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32. The best Bond movie ever
by tazi, 2006-12-30
I just saw "Casino Royale" in the cinema and I was really blown away. It was the best Bond-movie I've ever seen (and I nearly saw all of them). I think that Daniel Craig is the best Bond and I don't understand why the criticised him so bad in the beginning. I'm looking forward for the next Bond-movie WITH Daniel Craig. Daniel Craig - best Bond character for ever Sorry for my bad english, but I'm German
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33. The Best Ever
by Donny, 2006-12-30
Craig is Bond and Bond Lives! Casino Royale is without a doubt the best Bond film in the series. It is the closest interpretation of a Fleming novel and is an awsome piece of entertainment on it's own accord. Craig rules!!!
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34. better than Brosnan
by luminukka, 2006-12-28
I wanted to see the film because of the bad critics it got when the production started!!!! I wanted to go into the cinema and let me surprise what comes out!!! I was surprised: Daniel's better than Brosnan!!!! He was so bad!! But this "Bond" was so great!!!! I really don't understand why all these people criticised him so much. Thanks for this Film and I'm looking forward to 2008 and the next "Bond"!!!!
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35. My Addiction - Daniel Craig
by Wendy, 2006-12-26
Oh my gosh, WHAT a movie and WHAT a Bond in Daniel Craig! As a 007 fanatic, I have to say that Casino Royale took my breath away with it's incredible action, beautiful locations and OF COURSE Daniel Craig as the sexy, slick and steamy new Bond. Have seen the movie three times and am now suffering from D.C. withdrawal now that it's left the circuit. Congratulations Daniel - Youv'e beat them all!!
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36. surprised
by wendy, 2006-12-23
I was a Connery fan until I saw Daniel Craig .He was brilliant and very sexy. The film is non stop action and holds your attention from beginning to end.The best Bond film ever!
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37. Amazing
by seconds, 2006-12-18
I went to see Casion Royal at the weekend and I was blown away. I am the sort of person that gets bored half way through a film. I didn't even take my eyes off the screen for a second. Daniel Craig was beyond brilliant and have now fallen in love with him! I have watched other bonds and been slightly bored, mainly due to my short attention span but I couldn't believe how quickly the time flew! So good! I just want to watch it over and over again!
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38. great job
by channah, 2006-12-14
I was a bit reluctant at first, but Daniel persuaded me 100% he´s the one for this part - he is so real and human Bond, not just cool Mr. Perfect you can´t believe in. And as a woman I must add: damn attractive!!! ;-)
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39. Dear Mr. Craig!
by bo, 2006-12-14
How to send a message to worlds most wanted movie star...perhaps you read this lines...because i completely fell in love with your Bond...seen the movie four times and cant get enough...had a wish for christmas you could fulfill and make worlds women happy...your own homepage, with your next film projects, pictures, news etc. or whatever you like to tell to your fans all over the world...good idea? Think about wishes, yours sincerely bo... from bavaria (germany) (excuse my faulty english) :-)
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40. well done
by phil, 2006-12-13
well done Daniel.Excellent stuff.Dont make the same mistake Lazenby did.Do at least another 2 Bonds.It was refreshing watching this bond.Not too many gadjets and not too over the top.A great Bond. [ O.H.M.S.S fan]
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41. Those shorts
by Vesper Jane, 2006-12-12
Firstly, let us begin by praising the most amazing film of this century - OMG! it was fantastic. Daniel Craig is the most talented actor we have seen in a long time, proving all those critics wrong and suggesting that Bond should be nothing other than blond. We very much enjoyed this film and were very moved by the ending. Especially, we loved seeing Bond make mistakes and see the journey he went through to become the later man. We personally cannot wait for the next two films and more little shorts moments.
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42. Let me be your Bond Girl
by dani, 2006-12-12
...and the Oscar goes to Mr. Sexiest Man Alive...Mr.Bond..Daniel Bond..
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43. Hot Bond
by Nixie, 2006-12-12
He is so damn sexy! He is rough, rugged, more manly and more human Bond than anyother Bond. Beside his oh-so-great shaped-up body, he acts like he is a real Bond in life, not Bond as a fiction character, who always in good luck, full gadget and cannot be hurt. He stumbled, fell, got hurt, bleed and yet we can never get enough of him. Craig: simply, the best Bond ever.
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44. Craig, Daniel Craig.
by J.Pharrell, 2006-12-11
Let me start off by saying this is a fantastic site... well done. I support Daniel Craig 100% and all those that think otherwise can rot in a hole. He can undertake different characters, such as a mental patient in The Jacket, a builder in The Mother and now a killer in Casino Royale. In Casino Royale, he has done a fabulous job. Normally I'm not particularly excited over James Bond movies but at this one I was. He has successfully portrayed Bond's vulnerability as well as his ruthlessness and weakness for women. I look foward to watching the next Bond movie as I'm sure Daniel Craig will not let me down. Extremely well done, again!
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45. craig one of the best
by Arthur, 2006-12-10
all those danielcraigisnotbond supporters are bloody wankers, allthough I had my doubts about him, Daniel Craig is one of the best bonds ever in my opion, even though the movie has changed the bond series considerably.
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46. craig one of the best
by Arthur, 2006-12-10
all those danielcraigisnotbond supporters are bloody wankers, allthough I had my doubts about him, Daniel Craig is one of the best bonds ever in my opion, even though the movie has changed the bond series considerably.
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47. Daniel Craig IS the Perfect James Bond
by Mouse, 2006-12-09
I have seen the movie and as sceptical as I was, I am now the number one fan of Casino Royale ! Daniel Craig is the perfect James Bond. His acting proves it ...his looks prove it. He worked hard to make this movie the best James Bond movie to date and deserves much credit for that. "All the best Daniel, and we want to see you in many more Bond movies to come ! "
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48. he is great...
by onder, 2006-12-09
I have seen this movie twice.he is so charismatic and he looks great as best bond ever...Keep the great Craig.he is perfect...
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49. He great as 007 That last line.
by Coolio Hunt, 2006-12-09
Sorry about that last line. I should say, Keep up the great work Daniel. That all. He looked great in Casino Royale as 007.
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50. He great as 007
by Coolio Hunt, 2006-12-09
Well I've seen the movie more than once. I should see it again at least 4 times. It to show I'm supporting Daniel Craig as Bond. I will buy the merchanise like Diecast cars Aston Martins. The Book & everything to show that support. I will be looking forwards for Daniel to returns as 007 in next James Bond movie. Keep the great Daniel.
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by vikky, 2006-12-09
A real tough hero. He is perfect for the james bond role. Becasue his personality covers everything for this role. My contribution for him , is 100%. He should be continue with the james bond role. After watching Casino Royale, I will definately watch his other movies. I am really impress with his work.
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by VIKRANT, 2006-12-09
I have seen this movie twice. I really like him. Specially when he is playing cards & his expression are very very impressive. He has maintain a very good health. I love to see his other films, after watrching his role in james bond. he look very tough, seroius, a simple man. you will never recongnize in the croud simple way he is really a james bond.
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53. I cant's believe he actually work!!1
by Mel, 2006-12-09
I went to see Casino Royale a couple of days ago knowing that the movie will suck because of Daniel Craig, but there was nothing else to watch so I watch it. WOW!!!!!!! he really astonish me, he was perfedct for the role. Before I was thinking that there were so many options where to choose for example rEric Bana, Clive Owen, etc but after watching it Idon't think there's some one to fill Daniel Craigs shoes. Bond is the perfect role for him. I reflex about Bond saga and I realized that in was all the same, bomb, exlotions, the same story, but now it's something fresher, something new and I think Craig is perfect for this transition where it's not all about the gadgets and effects but about ths story. Congratulations to Daniel Craig, I can't wait to watch the next film
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54. Daniel Craig mesmerised me
by Ishanka (Berlin/ Germany), 2006-12-08
I have to admit that I did not care a fig for James Bond movies before last week. Although I know many of the old movies I have never been too enthusiastic for it. Maybe because I think, Pierce Brosnan was too smart as James Bond. I have seen Munich and liked Daniel Craig´s acting in that movie. Furthermore with all the trouble in the media about the new Bond I became curious about Casino Royale. So, I went to the cinema after the release. What shall I say...I really fell in love with this movie and with Daniel Craig as James Bond. It´s a fascinating package: Great song ("You know my name" by Chris Cornell"), amazing scenes (Venice, Lake Como, Loket), funny dialogues, a wonderful bond girl and an impressive Daniel Craig. The new Bond is clever, humouros, mysterious and very tough. Thougher than all the other Bonds before. But then again he is very sensitive (love to Vesper)..just a perfect mix and all in all very authentic. Daniel Craig´s blue eyes and his looks give him a mysterious touch. Wonderful ! He is exceptionally gifted actor. One of the best actors, I have ever seen. And...Daniel Craig is damn sexy and hot. I think all ladies in the cinema had to catch their breath during the Beach scene and the torture scene. Yummy... I am looking forward the release of the DVD and I await eagerly the production of the 22nd Bond.
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55. inspiring
by chris, 2006-12-08
Went to see the movie totally bent on laughing at Craig's incapacity to fill Bond's shoes, or fill anything else, at all. Well, or not that well at all - i 'd be some kind of aperture in the backside not to admit that guy's talent. It's not only that he brings acting to our times of no-acting stars; he brings acting to a role that's the essential sterotype of all stereotypes. giving the bond character life is like finding emotion in a sex doll. and the craig guy's done it! thank you, mr. daniel, made my day. wish i could take down the thoughts that really go behind those steely eyes. 'd make good reading.
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56. WOAH daniel
by Carolina, 2006-12-08
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57. Can`t wait to see the next Bond-movie with Daniel Craig
by Silke, 2006-12-08
Daniel Craig is just an amazing James Bond!They couldn`t have gotten a better actor to play that role.He`s so much more likeable than the other Bonds and very much more believeable.I hope that Casino Royale will turn out to be that huge success that it deserves to be.Can`t wait to see the next Bond-movie with Daniel Craig.
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58. Great Bond
by Serafina, 2006-12-08
I must confess, that all that negative stuff first influented me. But i waited and watched the moviel The only thing to say about it, is GREAT!!! Very more realistic than any Bondmovie before. And he really act as a man, not as a caricature of something.
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59. German
by Dani, 2006-12-08
His name´s Bond-Daniel Bond! There`s more Bond in his little finger than all Bonds together ever had. He´s a real 007, a real actor and the last real man the world has seen. He does not need any weapons, his steelblue eyes will kill you... sincerely, killed by bond!
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60. Amazing
by Vesper, 2006-12-07
For years I have gone to the Bond movies - only because my husband loves them. After seeing Daniel Craig as the new and amazing James Bond, I can't get enough. He makes the role real. None of the silly and unbelievable situations and gadgets as in the past were a part of this movie. You feel his pain and his achievements. His on-screen chemistry with Eva Green is intense. Great movie - because of a great actor. Bring him on again!
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61. Great Actor very well suited to play the Bond.
by Sarita, 2006-12-06
By far Daniel Craig is a better actor that any of the Bond actors. Sorry to bring down all the bond actors. People should be doing their research before judging Daniel Craig. He has had a lotof acting experiences before playing James Bond. Per my research Sean Connery, Roger Moore did have a lot on their resume as an actors before becoming James Bond. I honestly think Daniel Craig deserves to play much better role than James Bond. We should consider us viewers lucky enough that he took in the role and made the James Bond movies from this forward a lot better that it ever was. Don't get me wrong, I love Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan are a very good actors and very good looking. But they didn't worked out and buffed their bodies to play the part. Realisticly if you are getting banged up and beat up in the character, realisticly you wouldn't be alive unless you build your muscle to be strong. Daniel Craig really worked hard to play the Bond part, not only that he made it more believable and realistic. Also in reality all spy and assasins doesn't look like they spend too much time in the Spa. They are suppose to be rugged and rough. Daniel Craig played the part well and I think he is so handsome and sexy than any other James Bond's. People have to learn to evolve from their favorite characters. Every decades, cultures and attitudes of audiances changes. Casino Royale very well fits what is happening in the world today and I cannot wait to see the movie again. No fancy gadgets and too much fast cars is more believable. It is much more realistic and human.
» up
62. best bond ever
by vanquish, 2006-12-04
wow what a film have been a total bond fan for years ,got the watch wear the suits just need bank balance to buy aston martin,daniel has got to be the best bond ever what a breath of fresh air to see bond how he should be.not nocking ppearce brosnan he played a great bond but daniel brings a ruthlessness i have not seen before ,bravo heres to the next one
» up
63. Favourite of all Bonds
by Regina, 2006-12-04
Daniel Craig is my favourite Bond and as far as his acting is cocerned he is several levels above the other Bond actors. Actually, I am also a Patrick Stewart fan and I think Craig's acting is on the same level as Patrick's. (Has anyone seen the torture in Next Generation's "Chain of Command"? I was reminded of that in the torture scene in the cellar). One of my favourite scenes is the one in the shower where Bond is siting side by side with Vesper. I have only seen the German version so far, I was told that Craig`s German voice is rather close to his real voice but I am looking forward to seeing the original. And happy Me: A friend of mine is a photo journalist and he gave me a great picture of Craig at the Berlin premiere... ;-)
» up
64. Anxiously Awaiting Bond 22
by Lola, 2006-12-04
When I first heard Daniel Craig was taking on the role, I was actually happy about it. He's a fantastic actor (if you don't believe me watch Layer Cake, Enduring Love or Munich) and with him being attached to Casino Royale, it was obvious they were taking Bond in a new direction. And thank God they did. I always loved the gadgets, one-liners, martinis, big guns, fast cars and even faster women. But you have to admit, it was all becoming a little fantastical and bordering on farce. By taking the franchise back to the beginning and casting Craig, they're showing why he became the man he did. And I loved every slightly drawn out second of it. The movie's not without it's flaws (it felt a little bloated in places to me) but that's not to say it wasn't incredibly enjoyable. And for anyone that doubted Craig's ability to portray Bond, stop being boycotting idiots and see it for yourselves. He's not only convincing in the action scenes but also in the emotional moments, easily delivering lines that could have quickly descended into laughable in the hands of someone less talented. The box office receipts speak for themselves. Bring on the next one!
» up
65. Best Bond ever
by Jackie, 2006-12-04
Well, I've just been completely balled over by the film - just had to see it a second time (luckily both times in English although I live in Germany) - enjoyed it so much. It's only at the end that you realise all the usual Bond-Film clichés are missing - the music, Q, the gadgets, the ten-second countdown to save the world. Its a thriller/love-story all in one. Daniel, will you marry me? Oh and PS. I love Chris Cornell's theme song too - I used to like his voice in Soundgarden.
» up
66. Love the movie
by Nina, 2006-12-04
I've seen the movie last week and I love it. it's way better than the movies before..Daniel Craig IS Bond...He might not be as good-looking as others, but he is definitly sexy....awww...
» up
67. Rebirth!
by David, 2006-12-04
Even if Daniel Craig hadn't been the best Bond yet, there's no excuse to be inhumane. James Bond is not real. All the soulless morons boycotting the franchise are more interested in its posterboy's face than the character himself. But let's also thank those soulless morons. They're antics have forced Craig to push himself into becoming, I believe, the most qualified actor yet to be the British superspy. Daniel Craig, you rock.
» up
68. Daniel Craig.
by Frances Ping, 2006-12-03
I have seen the film twice in 1 week. Daniel Craig is the best and sexiest Bond yet. Daniel Craig is lovley, his sultry voice, looks and body does it for me. Fwooorrrrggghhhh !
» up
69. Daniel Craig.
by Frances Ping, 2006-12-03
I have seen the film twice in 1 week. Daniel Craig is the best and sexiest Bond yet. Daniel Craig is lovley, his sultry voice, looks and body does it for me. Fwooorrrrggghhhh !
» up
70. No more cartoon bonds
by uga_agent, 2006-12-03
finally saw this film last night. Hands down Craig is the best bond ever. Pierce, Dalton and even Moore in some ways were more like simple cartoon characters with gadgets. While I must give Sean Connery his proper respect, from an acting standpoint Craig has played Bond with a depth not ever seen.
» up
by Vetsch, 2006-12-03
He is Bond!! And he's so hot!! His blue eyes!! awww he did it sooooo good!! I saw it yesterday!! and the film's so realistic!! iIwanna have him as my bodyguard!! I'm sure he can do this job!! he finally showed all the critics who's best!!!! DAN go on SAVING the WORLD
» up
by 007, 2006-12-03
Craig is the best bond ive ever seen lota ppl i really want him to portray the charecter we all love in more movies to come ....GO DAN GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
» up
73. Craig the best yet
by MI6, 2006-12-01
DANIEL CRAIG IS JAMES BOND!! The ’woman’ that runs that anti Craig site is Deanna Brayton ( who runs it from her home (11640 Zion St NW Minneapolis, MN 55433-2967 (763) 862-3632). She already embarrased herself on radio by admitting she knows nothing about Bond and is a Pierce Brosnan nut (stalker more like). Daniel is the best bond ever.
» up
74. Sold after the first scene
by Saber, 2006-12-01
While I wasn't sure if I was going to like this 'new Bond', after the first scene (in which he makes his first and second kills), I was sold. His character and screen presence showcased his ability to portray the James Bond we should have seen in all those other movies; one that relies on his skills, not his wacky technology, to solve his problems. Certainly the best Bond since Connery.
» up
75. Better than ever
by Pita, 2006-11-30
I just saw the movie, and all I can say that Craig's Bond is here to stay! Definitely one of the best Bond films in years. He is suave and cool like we expect Bond to be, but he is grittier and athletic like we haven't see Bond be before. Craig is taking Bond in a new and better direction!
» up
76. Best Bond fourever!!!
by ame, 2006-11-30
I've seen the new James Bond movie and -Yes-it's the best movie I have ever seen. Daniel Craig is super!!!
» up
77. Yeah!!!
by Li, 2006-11-29
Fantastic! I went to see the film Sunday and was throughly impressed, Daniel Craig is the Bond for the 21st Century. It may be the end of the Camp escapades of years gone by, but thats because its no longer the 60's guys!! Audience in 2006 are looking for something with a bit more grit and this delivers. Stop this petty whining and immature foot stamping and grow up. Bond has, why haven't we?
» up
78. blue eyes
by snead, 2006-11-29
Saw it yesterday. The plot's a little muddy, but Craig is very good. I vote for Craig/Bond for the next 15 years.
» up
79. Daniel Craig
by Mark Allsop, 2006-11-29
Absolutely agree with your website but always thought he would be fantastic having seen him in Archangel and then Layer Cake. When I saw the film, it really blew me away though. Its bloody fantastic. Everyone I speak to says the same. (Not for the younger kids though) Go and see on the big screen. I think best Bond ever! Sorry Sir Sean !
» up
80. Great Job
by Michael from Germany, 2006-11-29
I was shocked as I heard that he will play Bond and I also decided to boycott Casino Royale because I'm a big fan of Brosnan-Bond, but now I'm impressed after going in the cinema because of the great reviews. With Goldeneye this is my favourite Bond movie and Daniel Craig played awesome in it. Hope we will get more of him as JB.
» up
81. I have seen the light, and it is Craig!
by 008, 2006-11-28
I saw Casino Royale not once but twice this past weekend because I was just soo blown away by the movie. Ill admit I was one of the first people to hate Daniel Craig as the choice for 007, but I have been proven wrong. He is now my favourite Bond EVER! Ive never seen a more physical Bond than Craig's portrayal, I mean the guy ran through a friggin WALL! If Daniel Craig ever reads this I want him to know that I am sincerely sorry for not believing in his talents. I even bought Layer Cake on DVD after I saw Casino Royale. Craig IS Bond!
» up
82. WOW
by Johanna, 2006-11-28
I saw the new Bond movie yesterday night and it was simply fantastic. I always loved the old Bond movies and the James Bond, I saw yesterday, played by Daniel Craig was the best one ever. I still can´t believe it: The movie was REALISTIC (hmm... being poisoned and than reviving yourself was not that bad, because it was funny!). Finally, I want to say that I really liked the movie and can´t wit to see another one.
» up
83. He is BOND
by voulgi, 2006-11-28
Quite frankly Daniel Graig is a very good actor and the role of Bond suits him to a 't' he has the charisma of Sean, and rough around the edges too. The new era looks back to the past and Daniel personifies a touch of Bond that disappeared with Sean. Great choice, cant wait for the next instalments.
» up
84. Old School
by tburke, 2006-11-27
Craig is a great james bond, he embodies all of the old characterisitcs that we associate with "Bond" he is rough enough, and mean enough to have that 00 status, and he is cool enough to be level headed, and make the decisions that bond needs to stay alive! Next to Sean, I think Craig is the best Bond yet! Not to mention, the THEME SONG is amazing..and all the critics that disagree, sit in a quiet room, dim the lights, get some pop corn, and LISTEN TO IT! I think you'll find it's rather pleasant.
» up
85. Just look at the numbers
by Ken, 2006-11-27
I like many others wanted to withhold judgement until seeing the thing. Despite my initial thoughts that Daniel might not work out, I feel that these were unfounded. I just want to say let the numbers do the talking. The simplest way to put it is to quote from an article I just read on "Casino Royale took in $84,241,042 on opening weekends. That's 70% higher than the previous Die Another Day in 2002 and by far the biggest Bond ever. " Enough said?
» up
86. Casino Royale Is THE GREATEST!!
by Nancy Harrington, 2006-11-27
When I first discovered that Daniel Craig was going to be James Bond, i have to admit that i was aprehensive; I had grown up with Pierce Brosnon as 007 and i wasn't a really hard core fan but Brosnan was cute and the action in his films was great-particularly in Goldeneye. But then i saw the Casino Royale trailer and after all the speculation, i thought it was really bad that people criticised Daniel before actually watching him.I had seen him in the Tom Hanks film "Road To Perdition" and i thought that he was really suited in a bad guy role. I felt really guilty for thinking that Daniel would not match Brosnan's style but after watching the film on the first Saturday it had come out- He converted me to a James Bond Fan. His Performance outdid even the great Sean Connery and i now think that Daniel Craig truly is the greatest Bond and i can't wait to see his next outing as the MI6 Super-spy. And i am intending to see the movie again as Craig's performance should win over my parents who think that Sean Connery is still good but i am trying to convert them too. 10 STARS for Casino Royale and even if people haven't watched a James Bond Film before, they will be gripping the edge of their seat through the great poker game and the top rated fight scenes!!! And even 10 STARS for Daniel Craig
» up
87. Daniel Is Bond
by brig21, 2006-11-27
I've been so hurt to see all the anti-Daniel Craig sites and how people take cheap shots at him and say his becoming Bond was a big conspiracy against Brosnan. I love Pierce Brosnan and he is an amazing actor, but the Bond team have to preserve Ian Fleming's smoldering spy. I had my misgivings about Daniel because in my mind I had created a signature Bond. But I saw Casino Royale when it premiered on Nov 17 and Daniel surprised me. I already knew he was a fabulous actor but I really think he locked on to who Fleming wanted Bond to be. He brings so much to the table and hey he's pretty sexy to boot. So I congratulate Mr. Craig for his brilliant performance and I expect only great things from him. What I've seen from him on interviews he seems like a wonderful person and he doesn't deserve such vicious, childish slander because Bond is back. Rock on Daniel, rock on!
» up
88. One of the best movies this year
by JoeSmith, 2006-11-26
After watching "Die Another Day", I had no intention of ever watching another cheesy, formulaic Bond movie. But now I can't wait for the next one; Craig was perfect as Bond, breaking the character out of its one-dimensional caricature. Craig's Bond has a real personality (I was really dreading the torture scene, but it perfectly portrayed his character and was absolutely hilarious!) After the movie, I visited the "not Bond" site to see them grovel, but they're still going on about the success of their boycott! They've gone off the deep end...
» up
89. shut up any negative critics
by phaser, 2006-11-26
hi! this movie and interpretation of bond is the best i've seen so far since good old sean has been the actor. it's really good to see that daniel craig managed to shift the fictive person james bond to a new, modern and authentic level. no more bullshit macho jokes we've been sick of. i would be really happy to see more than only this movie with daniel craig as james bond. cheers...
» up
90. Bondilicous
by carina, 2006-11-26
I really can't see why the whole world was against Daniel Craig before they even saw Casino Royale. In my opinion the movie and it's characters are worth every single cent for the movieticket! Daniel Craig is a good actor and the fact that he is really hot isn't that bad too ;) So if you haven't seen it yet, run and get your ticket!;)
» up
91. Fantastic
by Lyanea, 2006-11-25
I've found the movie fantastic !! Craig was incredible ! He is the best of all Bond !!! Fantastic, handsome, wonderful ! What man !!! I'm waiting for the english version too even the french voice was interesting, it's not the same thing !!
» up
92. Congratulations from Barcelona
by Marta Morancho, 2006-11-25
Fantastic. Congratulations for such a GOOD FILM. I had not doubs that Mr. Craig would be the best J. Bond ever. I'm not disappointed at all. I was afraid of watching the torture scene, but, watching it, in that scene, you really realise that no other actor could have done that like Daniel Craig. Incredible Congratulations also to Ms. Green, she's fantastic, not the typical Bond-Girl, but the best actress in a Bond-Film. The film has all the ingredients: action, romanticism, it's funny..
» up
93. what a man!!!
by Sandra, 2006-11-25
i saw the movie yesterday in our cinema in leverkusen, germany an i must say that this is the BEST bond EVER!!! Daniel craig is so sexy, humorous an funny. he looks like a sexsymbol =) i didn´t miss anything an i hope that DANIEL CRAIG will return =)=) he is the best bond EVER an such a HOT MAN!!!
» up
94. Love it!
by Manuela, 2006-11-23
I just saw the english version in our movie theater (in Magdeburg, Germany) and I just love it. It was exciting, romantic and funny. Now I will have good night and hopefully dream of Bond, James Bond *smile*
» up
95. wow
by janet, 2006-11-23
i saw the preview yesterday night in germany and i must say, daniel craig is the most sexy, humorous and tough bond ever! after i've seen the movie, it's hard to believe that this is his first apperance in this role - it feels like he has always been bond! daniel craig - you're the best!!!
» up
by Ralf, 2006-11-23
I did see the preview of CASINO ROYALE last night. Daniel did a great job. I did miss an important sentence in the appendix of the film: JAMES BOND MUST RETURN...
» up
97. Dan is the Man
by Dan the Man, 2006-11-22
I saw Casino Royale on Sunday evening. Not only is Daniel Craig the best Bond, bar Sean Connery, this was perhaps contender for the Best Bond movie, giving Goldfinger, Frome Russia With Love, For Your Eyes Only and OHMSS a run for its money. Much better than all the equivilent Bond debuts. Good one dan.
» up
98. Best bond ever
by Bruinfan, 2006-11-22
At first I was skeptical about Daniel Craig as being bond. But after watching the movie all the internet haters will realize that this guy embodies every aspect of the James Bond character. In short he rocks and is a fuckin bad ass. Anyone who has'nt seen this movie should reconsider because besides being a great Bond film it is a great movie period.
» up
99. Double OH hell yea!
by Jonathan, 2006-11-20
I saw Casino Royale over the weekend, and I have to comment that Craig is Bond. Let's face it the movies were getting down right retarded. This new Bond is a testosterone enema to the franchise. This new Bond is not a joke, and if you take him lightly he will walk right over your ass. I walked out of the theater, looked at my wife and said, "Damn honey, I wish I was James Bond." Cheese free believable Bond, refreshing.
» up
100. Craig Rocks!!!!
by Ron, 2006-11-20
I saw Casino Royale last weekend and I have to say that Daniel Craig is the real deal! I was so blown away by his performance in the way he made the 007 role his own and also made the character so believable. Even though Sean Connery is the 007 standard others are measured by, Craig has taken the Bond portrayal to a whole new level.. When Craig was first chosen for the role, I wasn't familiarwith his work, but after I saw Layer Cake, I was convinced that with the right script to complement his massive acting chops, Craig would deliver. And considering the backlash he's received since he accepted the role, I feel that Mr Craig should savour this moment and the fact that he is now on his way to becoming the ultimate definitive Bond. Only Connery can be compared to Craig. The rest can go to hell!!!! Bourne? Bauer? OH PLEASE!!!
» up
101. Craig is definately Bond
by REdX, 2006-11-20
First, I want to get out of the way that I thought Pierce Brosnan was and is and fantastic Bond and the reason his films were becoming lackluster was not at all in part of his great performances. It was the overabundance of CGI and loose-knit storylines. I think if he stayed Bond, the only way they could've rejuvinated the series was by bringing all the Bonds back for one movie to explain that James Bond was not a real name but an identity issued to 00's to protect their famiilies... reason to bring them all back... well, we live in a time or terrorism, why not resurect the biggest terrorist organization of all time... SPECTRE... and needing previous Bonds who fought SPECTRE return to assist in their knowledge of how SPECTRE operated. However, after watching Casino Royale, I think Sony and EON opting to reboot the franchise with a dynamic and amazing character actor in Daniel Craig was alot smarter. He was f*cking fantastic in the role and the people boycotting this movie because of his hair color are missing out on what may be the best movie out of the entire series... but obviously I can't say that because it's a reboot and in essence the start of an entirely new franchise. I will not compare Sean Connery and Daniel Craig because they are two completely different Bonds and both great actors. Daniel Craig owns the remade version of Bond and I'm looking forward to his next outing.
» up
by neonne, 2006-11-20
Daniel Craig IS James Bond!! I went into the movie, not to sure if I would like this new bond. But I am happily surprised to say, I REALLY, REALLY like it. I really felt like the Bond series is back on the right tract. Finally, they have a James Bond who is believable. Unlike like the other Bonds, who were like English earls, the new bond is human, and not scared to fight like a man!! He makes mistakes, and still wins in the end. Daniel Craig really made the character his, and didnt just try to mimic Connery or Morroe. Because of that the movie had a n originality that was unseen with the Broson movies(sorry Peirce) The only flaw I felt was that they didn't develop the other characters enough. I would have like to know more about the villian, but still, I was really satisified with the story. Not to mention Daniel Craig is built like a greek-god!! With all these things going for it I think the new Bond should be a great success!! Daniel Craig, is the New Bond!! People Connery is an OLD MAN, let it go and end embrace change!! Daniel Craig, you are the BOND of the future!!!
» up
103. Hands down.
by kl, 2006-11-19
I just don't understand how so many people could've insulted Craig's performance WITHOUT EVEN FREAKIN' SEEING IT. I just saw Casino today. Great movie. Craig is fantastic. He was just as suave and cool as Bond should be, but still portrayed the slightly vulnerable and inexperienced side of a new 00 agent. I mean, Pierce was okay, but he's sorta' scawny next to Craig who looks like he isn't afraid to get down and dirty in a fistfight. I think it's just easier for the general audience to accept a brunette actor as Bond because that's what they're used to. Craig was at a disadvantage from the beginning and had to work ten times as hard to get people to take him seriously. It sucks when people are stupid. I don't care if they don't see the movie. Their loss. They're probably too dim-witted to even understand the plot or find the theater.
» up
104. Craig contender for Best Bond Ever!
by Todge, 2006-11-19
I wonder if those pricks at are now eating their worthless, empty and ultimately pointless words. I hope they choke on em. Craig is the best thing about the film, for once we have a Bond who is believable. His physique makes him look like he could actually take a few knocks an keep coming. He's got the ruthless aggression down (Bond was ALWAYS meant to be a bastard), he feels emotion and he gets hurt, and rather badly at points. He has an intensity in his eyes not seen since the glory days of Connery. I just hope they keep this standad up, one of the best Bond films ever.
» up
105. craig as bond
by abi, 2006-11-18
i have heard ppl sayin all this bout how daniel graig cnt play bond coz he is blonde, even ma best friend says he is refusing 2 watch it because he is blonde, but frankly i think he is bloomin gorgeous!!!! i almost had a fit wen i saw him naked in the film ma m8z had 2 hold me back from screaming, i was sayin 2 my m8z tht i wud hav killed 2 be ther at tht point. i think he made a fab job at playin bond... well done Daniel
» up
106. craig as bond
by abi, 2006-11-18
i have heard ppl sayin all this bout how daniel graig cnt play bond coz he is blonde, even ma best friend says he is refusing 2 watch it because he is blonde, but frankly i think he is bloomin gorgeous!!!! i almost had a fit wen i saw him naked in the film ma m8z had 2 hold me back from screaming, i was sayin 2 my m8z tht i wud hav killed 2 be ther at tht point. i think he made a fab job at playin bond... well done Daniel
» up
107. My Fave Bond!
by freakazoid, 2006-11-18
i just saw the movie today, and i think it's the best bond movie ever and not to mention that Craig is now my favorite Bond too! The movie shows the more humane side of Bond, that he can also make mistake just like everyone else, and he doesn't have to always look good, like in a fight, etc (unlike the rest of Bond movies). And the action is a lot more make sense now then they used to be in typical Bond movies. I never really like any Bond movies until now, this movie is definitely worth a watch!
» up
108. Casino Royale
by BondFanForeal, 2006-11-18
I have not made a contribution since March...been real busy. I got to see Casino today, and all I have to say is WOW. Daniel Craig is the first new actor to play Bond that I was already familiar with so I was was looking forward to seeing him almost as much as I was looking forward to the new Bond movie. I have to say that he saved the reboot better than anyone else could have. The frachise itself did not need saving. I would have gone to the movie, bought the game and hung the poster if Brosnan, or anyone else picked up where Bond has always left us off in the past. The fact is that Eon Productions decided to update and start over. That got me , a true Bond, fan a little bit worried, until I saw more than just trailers and sneek peeks. Daniel Craig is Bond now and I hope that everyone else will welcome his presence as I do. Congradulations Daniel, you have successfuly saved the reboot and brought James Bond's character into the 21st century. I can't wait until Nov. 7, 2008 to see what you do next.
» up
109. Not bad at all
by jeh311, 2006-11-18
Just watched Casino Royale tonight, and it was not bad at all, but very different from the other bond films. Craig was actually in some ways better than what i thought he would be.
» up
by Tom, 2006-11-18
WOW!! Best Bond film ever! It was super! 5 stars!
» up
111. Just Saw the Movie
by Matt, 2006-11-18
I just got back from seeing the movie as well...not bad! I think it was missing a few things, but for the most part, it was definitely Bond. Daniel Craig will make a fine Bond in future movies.
» up
112. BOND obviously
by Some Normal Person, 2006-11-18
Look, let me explain something as a person who is not a die-hard fan of James Bond, or ever was. On top of that, let me explain why i am here. I was on MSN one day, as millions across the world are on a daily basis, and on Windows Live Today, i saw a photo of Casino Royale and thought, 'oh o.k, this must be the new James Bond movie i heard about'. Now, cutting it short with my boring story, i ended up clicking on the photo, which then turned out to be a article about how much people hated Daniel Craig, and the movie wasn't even out yet. In that article, it mentioned a site called 'danielcraigisnotbond'.com. What i write next might piss a lot of people off, a lot, so just calm down and read on. Remember how i said i am not a die-hard fan, well i said it for a reason. Anyway, I'm on this site(danielcraigisnotbond), and i see things i never thought possible. I mean, i was literally puzzled somebody can waste their fuking own life on making that site. The more i read on, the more i was shocked in what the FUK these people were on about. Seriously, what the fuk is wrong with these fuking people? These people were talking about how UGLY the guy was, and how terrible he was as an actor, and how he didn't suit the fuking film. Well, you see, these stupid motherfuking ass licking faggots might of forgotten that Daniel Craig himself is an actor, more than any of them have ever achieved in their fuking lives. Filling up a site with all the NEGATIVE crap they find about the movie, and trying to desperately persuade you to think how bad this 'guy' is. I said guy because they were bagging this guy before the movie was out, so they couldn't of hated the movie. if you saw any of them, they would be skinny motherfuking ugly computer geeks that have nothing better to do all day than make a site over a fuking 'MOVIE' like their life depends on it. Who the FUK are they to call him ugly him the first place?(I'm talking so much about them calling him ugly not because i am gay, but because more than half of the site if filled with comments on his looks) Firstly, they are ALL probably guys, making them and the site filled with homosexual dead pig fukers. I mean you gotta understand, a normal human being firstly shouldn't be considered normal after looking at what is only a movie like it's their fuking life. That goes for people here on THIS site as well. These people are obviously fuking losers, with no girlfriends, no friends, no lives. They must be, its only logical. If somebody is so worked up about a movie, you gotta think if these people have anything else in their OWN fuking lives to worry about. I'll tell you why they are sooooooo PISSSED OFFF. it's because these fuking baboon ass fuking morons while watching the movie not only watch the movie, but imagine themselves as the one with the cars, girls and guns. Am i wrong? NOOPE. Evidence: 1) Since these people have so much time in their hands, they are fuking losers, making a James Bond film like an escape from reality. If they had the girls, or "A" GIRL for FUKS SAKE, the cars(No not a car on a computer screen), you think they would be so worried about a movie? 2) There UGLY. By calling somebody ugly, i won't do what they do. When i mean ugly, i mean not attractive enough physically or personality wise to make friends or have a relationship. Someone who sits down on a computer all day is probably FAT or SKKINY. Fat because they are sitting all day, and skinny because there sitting on a computer that is too far from a fridge, and since they are too busy making a worthless absolutely pathetic site, they forget to eat. HEY! It's still a good theory. I mean there must be a reason most computer geeks are skinny or fat. Anyway, probably have glasses for obvious reasons which i wont even bother writing because you should be smart enough to understand WHY. 3) IF there are girls on that site, this a message for you. GO PUT SOME FUKING MAKEUP ON, AND GO GET A ROOT. (A wasted message since their probably isn't any, but non the less). ALMOST DONE, If you've read this far. You might call me a hypocrite. I'm on this site, what you might call getting worked up over a movie. Well, thats your choice whether you think that or not. James Bond movies you gotta admit, is a load of crap. Absolutely unbelievable, stupid, unrealistic and most importantly, fuking SHIIT. But watching Casino Royale, they finally got over all that bull shit and actually tried. That is the main reason here. I loved the movie. The last James Bond movie, i forgot what its called that fuking crap with the giant satellite laser fuking crap. Seriously, like honestly, WHAT THE FUK was that? This fact makes me wonder how the fuk somebody is mentally ill enough to get worked up over such a shit movie. But thats another story. The only thing that matters is simple. Casino Royale is a good movie, and has Daniel Craig in it. A site dedicated on hating Daniel Crag which is in Casino Royale which is a good movie makes me unhappy which then, persuaded by hate for these people, am wasting my own life looking on a computer screen writing this crap which wont change anything. Take care.
» up
113. Just Saw It Also
by Amar, 2006-11-17
I just got back from the San Francisco showing. (First day, first show). This movie is great! It far exceeded my expectations and I was a bit sad to see the movie end. Its like finding an old friend and not wanting to let them go. Daniel Craig is amazing as James Bond. Is better than the rest? Too early to tell, but he's certainly impressed me so far. I think all the haters out there who think he was the worst decision, should go right now, find a crow and eat it. Craig brings humanity, ferocity and humor to a role that was dying its last breath. Its not the Bourne films and that's a good thing because Bond should always be the trendsetter. I can't wait now for another two/three years for the next one. Congratulations Mr. Daniel Craig. You've earned a drink and a pat on the back from me.
» up
114. The British Bourne
by Halen Stone, 2006-11-17
When you see a movie that has an invisible Aston Martin you don't tend to be engulfed in to that movie. That won't happen with this movie. In a similar (yet different) way that the Bourne movies allowed you to believe that the things happening on the screen could actually happen, this Bond film really brings a sense of realisim that most other Bond films just missed. To put is simply, aside from George Lazemby's Bond film, all others where actually SiFi films. Not anymore. Move over Bourne and Jack Ryan, America has a new Hero!
» up
115. bond
by shelby, 2006-11-17
i have never been a fan of bond before, but seeing casino royale last night has changed my opinion forever. daniel craig is a fantastic actor and suits this role superbly. the film was fresh with real stunts in which daniel craig got hurt, and no one who has seen that film can honestly say they knew what was going to happen or how it was going to end. i thouroghly enjoyed it and will def be seeing the next two he has already all the boycotters out there get a life. you will eat your words as a whole new generation of bond evolves.
» up
116. Just saw it!
by Andyou, 2006-11-16
Went to an advanced screening at the Manns Chinese in Los Angeles last night and the movie rocked! Definitely the best Bond film in years, if not decades. (My friend thought it might be the best ever because even the great Sean Connery films couldn't compete with the exciting stuntwork of this one.) The first several minutes of the film clearer establishes that Craig is an excellent choice for Bond. Lethal, brutal, not a pretty boy but has a sexual charisma nonetheless. Finally a Bond with some testosterone! The movie is a bit too long but that's a minor complaint, and has nothing to do with Craig's masterful performance. He is James Bond and a naysayer (after seeing the film) would have to be in complete denial to suggest otherwise.
» up
117. Why Craig is going to be an amazing Bond
by Mishan, 2006-11-14
He will bring so much more to the character than any single other actor has. I mean after seeing Enduring Love, Layer Cake and Munich I was completely sold on the idea that he was going to play 007. And why do I think this? Well first of all he can actually act! And, to quote M, he will bring much more to the role than just being an "overdeveloped trigger finger." Go Daniel Craig! You can count on me to see Casino Royale! :-D
» up
118. Umm.. YUM!
by Linda Kennedy, 2006-11-13
All I can say is YUM.. Daniel is incredibly hot and sexy. That little blue speedo shot is quite... shall I say, impressive! All drooling on my part aside, Daniel is a great actor, all the work I've seen him in he has seriously rocked. For you weenies who think he's not good looking enough (I mean pah-lease, his ears are too big?.. spare me!) I can only say, more for the rest of us. In a world where Cruise and Pitt are considered the "hottest," I'd take Daniel any day, and, I hope, repeatedly on Sunday. Well I'm drooling again, but my buns will be in the seat for the new Bond, in the meantime I'll be wearing out my Layer Cake dvd. If you're ever in Tucson, AZ Daniel, I'll buy first pint. xoxo!
» up
119. Craig is Bond and way more
by sybille, 2006-11-12
May they eat their words, all those pathetic "craig not bond"-people! Daniel Craig is a terrific and very very powerful actor. The first time I saw him was in the BBC-Production "The Ice House". It was stunning! After that I was addicted and I've seen Craig in EVERY part he EVER played and I knew he would be equally overwhelming as a new Bond. Craig is one of the finest actors of his generation. I love his charismatic acting and I admire him!
» up
120. Craig / Bond...Why Not?!
by Deryk, 2006-11-10
I think that Mr.Craig has enough edge to pull off what will be the first Bond flick that I will look forward to in years. Brosnan was cool, but all his contributions seemed like copies of each other. Casino Royal's new look is well executed, high impact action mixed with convincing emotion. Mr. Craig definetly looks the part of someone who could kill with just a look. Don't people realize that to boycot the Bond legacy will only destroy it.
» up
121. Dan's The Man
by Chris Gelderd, 2006-11-07
Daniel Craig IS James Bond. Such an exciting and talented actor who has been given his chance to show us all what he was born to do, in playing 007. I love his attitude to fans, and to the passion of creating a decent and powerful James Bond film, and watching him in the trailers and TV spots, I am too hyped to mention, far more than I was for the usual Brosnan outings. All I can say is that Daneil, we love you and admire you and we can't wait for the next Bond film with you back in the tuxedo where you belong with ice cold killer eyes, suave machoism and the rugged and exciting attitude that makes you OUR James Bond!
» up
122. james bond
by ednafrikovski, 2006-11-05
Daniel Craig is great actor and I'm sure he'll manage as James Bond. I don't know why everybody hates him before they get to see him as Bond. I personaly am looking forward to see it because it's a great story. And besides, he's sooooooooooooo sexy! And has perfect voice and hands!
» up
123. I think Daniel Craig will make a great Bond ...
by Dave, 2006-11-03
I've been impressed by Daniel Craig's abilities in other movies and I'm sure he'll make a great Bond. Seems like some of the younger folks don't realize Connery is almost 77 years old and the Bond movies started over 40 years ago. Go get 'em Daniel and don't worry if some unemployed folks who still live in their parent's basement boycott your film. They were hoping for Shatner to play Bond (which might be interesting). Have another Martini and don't sweat it. It's only a movie after all...
» up
124. new theme
by roy, 2006-11-02
heard it today. initial misgivings gave way once i listened to it properly! cant wait for the 16th.
» up
by Michael, 2006-11-01
Daniel Craig is absolutely Mr. James Bond 007. Please watch the new music video of Chris Cornell "You know my name"! Casino Royale and Daniel Craig will reach a big success.
» up
126. Watched the new trailer... Slpendid!
by Yail Bloor, 2006-11-01
Cannot wait for this film! Craig is indeed Bond. Looking good! :-]
» up
127. It's a New Bond Film- Period.
by Matt, 2006-10-28
I'm 23, and the Bond that's dominated the Bond film world has been Pierce Brosnan for the last several years. I've seen some of the old Bond films with Connery and Moore, and I happened to like Brosnan too. I'm just excited a new Bond film is coming out, so I figure we should give Daniel Craig a chance. From what I see on the trailers, he looks like he'll do a nice job at it.
» up
128. A new Pro Craig site
by Tommy, 2006-10-28
Hi guys! I have set up a site in support of craig!
» up
129. Deanna B
by Tommy, 2006-10-28
I sent a E-mail to The CraigNotBond people and Sony with my comments. If you haven I really push and urgh you to! Tommy
» up
130. Its nearly time
by Dan the Man, 2006-10-27
I just sent the following email to following listening to that hilarious clip on You Tube... The clock is ticking to the 16th November, Enjoy the read: Dear craig not bond people, I am an Englishman, university educated and well read. I do not drink Bollinger for breakfast, nor take part in fox hunts, polo matches, nor attend society events. Just a working class boy from Sussex, made good. I now live in Somerset, and work in IT. I have held my tongue on your treatment of Daniel Craig up till now, but now I have seen fit to break my silence. I have just heard this snippet of the interview with Deanna, which I found on You Tube. What I heard, edited though it was, made me rather angry. Deanna Brayton is not even a James Bond fan! This makes all your arguments about the choice of Daniel Craig in the role of James Bond completely null and void. If your such a fan of Pierce Brosnan, then why not watch some of his other offerings: The Lawnmower Man - utter tosh if you ask me Death Train - derivative and a rip off of so many other action films The Fourth Protocol - I love the book, and this was OK. The Thomas Crown Affair - brilliant, infact better than the original I could go on. Brosnan's portrayal, although very suave and sophisticated was so laden with cheesey one liners and hampered by poor CGI at the end; that any decent, layered characterisation was overshadowed by the gimmicks. Invisible cars and laser watches do not make a secret agent. GoldenEye and The World is not Enough were exceptional, and up there with the best, but Tomorrow Never Dies and Die Another Day are up there with A View to a Kill and Moonraker for sheer shoddiness, poor script, direction and laboured performances. Brosnan is now I believe 53 years of age? (Please correct me if I am wrong). This is too old to play James Bond. I am 30, and he is old enough to be my father. I'd expect him to get a hernia if he performs another stunt. Daniel Craig is the right choice for this role. He is not ugly (no, I don't fancy him as I am straight), he is an accomplished, well trained and exceptional actor, with extremely high film, tv and stage credentials (way better than any of his predecessors, bar Dalton and Connery). He has the right ruthless and dangerous edge to him (No, I do not work for EON). And whether you like it or not, he is James Bond in 2006 and for the forseeable future. No boycott or petty hate campaign can change that fact. Come November 16th, that horse you sit so high on will throw you off. Enjoy Casino Royale, I know I will. Regards, Daniel Billing...a James Bond fan.
» up
131. Deanna Brayton says "she is not a bond fan, but she is a fan of the great Pierce Brosnan"
by The nam with no name, 2006-10-26
» up
132. Deanna B's House of Cards
by mercurio, 2006-10-17
It's fun to see, in this last stretch, the shabby house Deanna built--with her ridiculous web site--crumbling all around her. Just like the house in the trailer. The Glory Days are back again thanks to the vision, guts and class of all involved in the making of CR. In 40 years the franchise has knocked Bond films out of the park less than a half-dozen times by my count. Thank God, here's one more. And, not to be indelicate, but judging from the photos of Mr. Craig in his swimsuit, DB has clearly bitten off more than she can chew.
» up
133. Deanna Brayton is indeed a moron
by mystery.anonymous, 2006-10-17
As the people on the message board of 'Bond 22' already have said and noticed, miss Deanna Brayton is indeed a total moron for creating a site called I mean, she must be absolutely out of her mind saying that, making sure the whole James Bond fandom trips over her dirty lies. Because her dirty lies pile up like a bunch of shit. And with all respect, saying someone has a low IQ does say a lot about the person who wrote it's IQ. In this case, Deanna Brayton's IQ. And in what way is a spelling error connected to a high or low IQ? Tests have showed I have quite an IQ, but since I am not a native-English speaker, my spelling errors when writing in English are countless. What in fact is the use of Deanna Brayton's site? To me, it's all reversed psychology, saying someone must absolutely don't do something, to make sure they do. Only Deanna Brayton does not seem to understand that her site causes a reaction similar to the reversed psychology reactions. So, Deanna Brayton, if you read this, please answer my e-mail and then go and watch Casino Royale on it's release date. Then, and only then, will I listen seriously to your comments on Daniel Craig. Mystery.anonymous.
» up
134. I saw the trailer and I know: he is it!
by Christian, 2006-10-07
Today I watched the trailer for the new James Bond movie and I also saw a Making of, and now I know: Daniel Craig IS the new James Bond alright! He will be smarter than Pierce Brosnan!
» up
by MARTA, 2006-10-03
Regards from BARCELONA. Again, my absolute support to Mr. Craig. For those people who do not support him in this rome as James Bond, I recomend them to watch a film: layer cake. He is superb actor. It's time to show James Bond as a man with a licence to kill, not an elegant womaniser.
» up
136. Daniel Craig Is Better Than Connery
by Casino Royale, 2006-10-01
Daniel Craig will be the best 007 in the Bond history thus making Connery fade away from our collective minds as James Bond....Daniel looks bad ass and he is what is needed as the new modern and dark Bond to make the hero trully beleviebale in the post 9/11 days....Daniel Craig is Bond at his best! I do not care what others may think, he lacks but this Bond does look suave and fit for the part...If Ian Fleming was still among us, he would have green lighted Craig as Bond instead of Roger or Sean!Casino Royale will be the greatest Bond thrill ride yet...See you all,November 17!Cheers Daniel and hats off!
» up
137. Give Daniel Craig A Chance
by Kay Kay, 2006-09-30
Give this guy a chance!! He looks like a good actor so he needs support for taking on the role playing James Bond after the old one decided not to do any more James Bond films. I'm am looking forward to see the new James Bond movie Casino Royale!
» up
138. In defense of DC
by mediaboy, 2006-09-28
i've just posted an article to "Trailer Trash" in support of Daniel Craig. Check it out.
» up
139. The Braytonites
by mercurio, 2006-09-27
Bravo, Ripple. How fitting it is her last name starts with Bray. She and her crew, The Braytonites, have been around for centuries, trashing all artists who dare buck the grain. They jeered at Da Vinci. They spat on Van Gogh. They stoned Dylan for going electric. And they didn't like Elvis much either. Picasso was thinking about her when he painted a girl with a block for a head. Hats off to everyone who ain't afraid of the big change comin' in November.
» up
140. Deanna Brayton
by Ripple, 2006-09-27
For some reason I had imagined Deanna Brayton to be a young, misguided fan who would hopefully cast off her adolescent lust for Pierce Brosnan and finally grow up. However, upon hearing her voice I now realise she is more like Annie Wilkes, the fat, middle-aged, crazed No 1 fan from Stephen King's "Misery". There is no hope for this psycho bitch. Roll on "Casino Royale" - can't wait to see it!
» up
by Marta, 2006-09-20
Regards from BARCELONA, SPAIN. I'm absulute sure Mr. Craig will be a perfect James Bond, he's an excellent actor, and I don't understand these critics before watch the film. My absolute support to him. Marta
» up
by Mattiman, 2006-09-18
The latest contribute I've posted, is a mail to the webmaster of, not the one of this website. It's a mail where I bescribe that they overreacts a little bit.
» up
143. Mail to the webmpaster of
by Mattiman, 2006-09-18
SHAME YOURSELFS! You already made out for yourselfs that Craig is not a good Bond. How could you know? The film is not even released! I know, I had my thoughts about Craig in the beginning, but since the second trailer was published on the net, my no-feelings were gone. Because, be honest - and I think your smart enough- the latest movies sucked bigtime (no commentary on Brosnan, he played him well), but the they went way over the top. Bond became a parody of himself. Now, with Casino Royale, the filmmakers took a turn of 360 degrees and made Bond look more realistic, rough and cool than he has ever been. My opinion and advice: wait until 17 nov before crying out loud. Greetings, Mathias
» up
144. Renaissance II
by Mattiman, 2006-09-18
Several weeks ago I saw the second trailer. And suprise, suprise...I think the Bond-franchise will finally get the positive turn with this movie. 'Cause, honest: the latest movie was really down below...I'm a Bond-fan since I was a kid (what is actually not that long ago), but I don't care about the changes the producers did with the movie. Craig is a fantastic actor, with the right kind of attitude the new, more brutal Bond needs. Bond WILL return!
» up
145. Well Said Dougal
by Dan the Man, 2006-09-15
It just depends on who you think James Bond is as a character. Fleming's Bond was a dark haired man, but in reality, he would be in his mid 80's now, or even dead! In order to maintain a realisitic outlook for the franchise a younger man was needed. Brosnan is almost as old as Moore was when he finished with Bond, and we know what consequences that had. Bond shouldn't be drawing his pension on screen. That said, continuity is important, but it shouldn't be the be all and end all. As a Doctor Who fan, continuity is thrown out the window all the time, much to some peoples disgust. The actor for Bond should be the best man available. If people like Clive Owen or Ewan McGregor dont want to play him, then thats their choice, not the no-hopers at Craignotbond. (McGregor is blond btw). Long live JB and all who play him!
» up
146. To the nay-sayers...
by DougalC, 2006-09-14
A 007 rebirth is actually something the series could use. As great as the movies are, it's hard to have continuity when Bond is always 40-ish while Q went from being in his 50s into his 80's :-) And all the Craig nay-sayers who harp on the fact that he's blonde: look at Roger Moore! His hair wasn't that black sheen that Tim Dalton, Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan and George Lazenby had, and he played 007 longer than anyone else!
» up
147. poor, sad, Deanna B
by mercurio, 2006-09-13
The headmistress at the psycho Web site has gone completely bonkers. Be careful, boys and girls, she's after every one of you who post on pro-Craig sites. The unfortunate wallflower's fave weapons are these: 1) The stylistic rap on the knuckles: grammatical slip-ups and spelling mistakes. (In one hysterical rant, DB misspells "unfortunately" and fails to hyphenate 'so-called'. 2) The false accusation: I was charged with having "potty mouth" although I'd kept things clean. 3) The superior sneer: I have the IQ of a "gumball" because, among other things, I referred to the FIFTY acting credits Craig had won before starting as Bond. DB's retort? "Didn't know he had any. Where?" It's easily proven, just look on the Web. 4) The outright lie...Well, every word she utters--including 'and' and 'the' --is a lie. Here's a proposal for Kitn: Quit trashing Craig's appearance and post your photo on the Web. The laughter and giggles will echo for years.
» up
148. daniel craig in RENAISSANCE
by Pat, 2006-09-11
I wish you could actually see Daniel Craig's body in this movie and not just hear his voice b/c he looks smokin' in this new Bond flick.
» up
149. A Winner!
by UNCLEagent, 2006-09-09
I have been watching the trailer for the past few days. Craig's performance is spectacluar; he's not just throwing out quips - the guy can act! This casting choice hit the nail on the head. We have a winner.
» up
150. CR Trailer
by Dan the Man, 2006-09-08
Fantastic new trailer. Looks so colourful, visceral and based in reality. DC looks brilliant!
» up
151. new trailer
by sam, 2006-09-08
The new trailer is amazing it looks like not only a good bond movie but just a great movie.Daniel craig even though he is not the same as the previuose james bond looks like he does a really good job at putting together the elements that made james bond such an infamous role. Great job Daniel, And the writers/creaters of this movie i hope we stay with this kind of movie for years to come
» up
152. Casino Trailer
by J.Marshall, 2006-09-07
DC looks amazing. The trailer is one of the best of the BOND previews ever created. Congrats to Barbara and Michael for an inspired choice. IF Daniel is looking in-good job mate. Toast one up to you.
» up
153. Ignore them!
by Dan the Man, 2006-08-31
I implore everyone just to ignore the idiots at these anti Daniel Craig sites. They have no concept of change or progression, or of how the movie industry moves or works. They just want to stay in the past, fearing change and the unknown. Do people argue and complain everytime there is a new Doctor Who? Yes, now and again they do, but it all turns out ok doesn't it. DC will be fantastic, and I can't wait to see him in action.
» up
154. Daniel Craig in RENAISSANCE
by John, 2006-08-31
Daniel Craig is in this awesome looking new Frnech anime film called Renaissance. i watched the trailer recently and it looks really cool-the style and feel of the film. and craig's acting talents will only enhance the movie i think. anyone else on here heard of this movie?
» up
by anoynomous, 2006-08-30
I was just reading the hate mail portion of and what was interesting was that every response by the webmaster was some kind of personal attack like saying that all pro Craig fans have low IQ's because of a word that is missed spelled or that they all have dirty mouths. What I don't get is how they expect to get Pierce Brosnan back if by the time they start filming the next on he will be approaching 60 years old and the next couple of movies occur early in Bond's carreer.
» up
156. maybe why they're down
by jto, 2006-08-29
You may wish to see for a discussion with about their homophobia hours before their site went down for "major improvements."
» up
157. A believable Bond
by papasalas, 2006-08-22
When I first found out that Craig had been casted, I thought: "What? are those people blind?-he does not look like Bond! I dont think I will be watching that film " ...but then, I watched Munich, saw the CR trailer and learned about the new focus of the film. Now, I am excited about the movie. The whole thing was getting silly: invisible cars?? come on! Craig looks tough, mean and muscular. He looks like he can kick some ass. No ofense to Mr. Moore, but did anybody actually believe him in the role of a phisically violent spy? Craig is a good actor and not just some pretty face...I welcome Daniel Craig as a believable Bond.
» up
158. Craig
by ukjeff, 2006-08-21
I think this wiil be an awesome movie with an awesome bond
» up
by bill007, 2006-08-20
Why not Craig as Bond? I have vivid memories of going to see Bond as a young boy. I have read each and every Bond novel, after which, what I saw on the screen was good entertainment, but had long since lost the essence of the novels. The earlier Bond movies relied more on the plot, not the gadgets, which have been getting increasingly out-of-hand. Nowdays, Bond had become more like Superman than Super-spy. Now, as for this Daniel Craig chap. To me, it now makes perfect sense to pair the "return to basics" with a fresh face. Brosnan simply would not have fit in. Craig even resembles Connery in the early days. As for Craig being blonde, I'm sure Flemming himself would have allowed that. Hopefully, Bond 21 will show us James Bond has matured into reality, leaving fantasy behind.
» up
160. Finally!!!
by Host, 2006-08-18
That's what I call a good message! No more naysayers. Now we can truly look forward for Casino Royale!
» up
161. they're down
by mercurio, 2006-08-18
Here's some news you might enjoy. The CraigNotBond site is down: "Under Construction." Here's hoping they've been slapped with a massive lawsuit. While speeding down the freeways of Internet abuse, they left the right to free speech behind about ten months ago. If anyone knows anything, please fill us in. Meanwhile rejoice and breathe the air that has just gotten cleaner. ---Mercurio---
» up
162. Daniel Craig is MY Favorite Actor
by T-1000, 2006-08-18
I know Daniel Craig will be great. I can't wait for this movie to come out. Just wish the time would go faster. I hate waiting
» up
163. Daniel Craig is MY Favorite Actor
by T-1000, 2006-08-18
I know Daniel Craig will be great. I can't wait for this movie to come out. Just wish the time would go faster. I hate waiting
» up
164. As Bond As You'll Get
by Tremaine, 2006-08-15
Personally, I think Daniel Craig looks great as Bond, and I haven't looked forward to seeing a Bond film this much since Goldeneye. I thought Die Another Day wasn't nearly as good as it could have been (read: if FHM were a film...), but this new reinvention of the franchise looks incredibly promising. Casino Royale is my favourite Bond book, and as far as I'm concerned Craig is as much a Bond as any of the others, if not more so. Certainly from a physical point of view, he's more muscular than any of them and has looks that any secret agent would be proud of. I'd even go as far to say he looks better than Brosnan in his last couple of outings- he's got real strength and darkness behind him- something that the Bond series always should have incorporated more than it has. I'm not a big fan of over-emphasising his chauvanistic tendencies or need for expensive British cars and/or to sleep with two beautiful exotic women in less than two hours (although given the chance I wouldn't object to taking that on for myself...), so getting back to some real gritty action and hard spy work is a welcome return for me. If you're really a Bond fan, you'd at least be willing to give him a chance, and then pan him if you really wanted to. I seriously doubt any of the boycotters will actually decide not to go see the film. He'll get you, one way or another ^_~
» up
165. why are people so anti?!
by steerpike, 2006-08-15
I think he looks great and I really dont get why so many people are anti daniel craig when there's hardly been a consensus on bond's looks through the years in film! I mean for goodness sake, roger moore was ginger (and a pillock - but hey that's my issue...), and here are people moaning about daniel craig, when actually theyve never seen him perform in the role. I mean the guy is an actor...IT'S NOT REAL PEOPLE!
» up
166. Craig as Bond
by Nilden, 2006-08-14
Hello, I have only seen the trailer for the new Bond movie and I think Daniel Craig looked great. He had allot of charisma, and seemed a little colder then the other Bonds, which I really would love to see. Yes I will miss Pierce Brosnan but I beleive its time to try something new. A new Bond will be great and exciting! And what is all this negativity about Craig being blond? Why not go for a "blond" Bond? Roger Moore wasn't exactly dark.. It is really imature and very rude to judge the actor before even seeing the movie! It just shows how ignorant these fans really are. I also felt for Craig when he was really hurt by all the critisim. I for one who actually prefers dark haired Bonds, am really excited to see Daniel Craig as the new British spy. I wish him all the luck!
» up
167. He has my support
by Coolio Hunt, 2006-08-12
He begging & asking these Bond fan to give him a chance in yestersday news. I was say nasty things about them yesterday what they were doing to him. Well He has done good in Casino Royale. I certinely sure he will come back as 007. That anti Craig web should be censored & destroyed.
» up
168. cant wait!
by ann, 2006-08-11
I love Daniel Craig in everything I have seen him in and when I heard he was chosen to be the new Bond I thought 'Perfect!' Shame on all those nay sayers who havent even seen what Craig will do with this role yet. I woiuld like to remind all those doubters that this same thing happened to Tom Cruise when he was selected to play Lestat in Anne Rice's The Vampire Lestat. All the people that said nasty things had to eat humble pie when even Anne Rice admitted Cruise was the right choice. Do not count me as a doubter-- I cant wait to see Craig as Bond!
» up
169. Excited to see Craig
by William, 2006-08-11
I have to say this is the first time in a long time I have been anticipating seeing a James Bond film. I think Daniel Craig has given some very interesting performances and I am looking forward to what he will do with this role. I don't understand why there are people so upset that he was chosen. When the film industry is more focused on a "personality performance" rather than talent, it is nice to see that they did go and choose someone who has talent. I look forward to Daniel Craig.
» up
170. Why not give this actor a chance?!
by Raffy Canlas-Philippines, 2006-08-11
Hello fellow Bond fans! I can't begin to understand this so-called controversy over the new actor to portray the role. Why if they don't like the upcoming movie, those critics should simply not watch it for all I care. I've come to like fine actors and actresses myself but just because he's changed his hairstyle doesn't me I'm not gonna watch his films ever again! To Mr. Craig I'm sure you've done your best in your 1st installment and I hope more so in trhe next. We'll keep an eye on your performances, not to the color of your hair. Thanks!+Raffy Canlas, from the Philippines
» up
171. An exchange of e-mails with Craignotbond site
by Ripple, 2006-08-10
This is what I initially e-mailed to the people running the Craig Is Not Bond website: Subject: Craig Is Bond! And you're a bunch of sad tossers. Have you nothing better to do with your lives? There are so many worthier causes in the world you could be dedicated to. IT'S ONLY A MOVIE FOR FUCK'S SAKE!! The reply came a few hours later from (aka Deanna Brayton, who calls herself a Press Director): Well, one can certainly see that you have not ever taken up the cause of proper English, let alone getting a point across without the use of profanity. I can see that you are very well educated...NOT. And for your information, I am dedicated to a great many causes of which I am very active in. And yourself??? What cause are you fighting for???? I am sure none. Once again some poor village is short an idiot. Kitn To which I responded with the following: First of all, I apologise for swearing. I am in fact well educated and can write eloquently enough when inspired. Secondly, I must apologise for missing the whole point of your website. You're cleverer than I thought! I was under the impression that you were genuinely aggrieved by Daniel Craig's selection to play 007. I realise now that your website is a smart piece of anti-promotion for "Casino Royale"! It's the old maxim "All publicity is good publicity" swinging into action. Fantastic! Don't worry, you won't have to work too hard in persuading me to go see the film. Of course I don't expect it to be on a par with the profanity-laden masterpieces of Martin Scorsese but I certainly expect it will be a vast improvement over "Die Another Day". What a shame Pierce was saddled with such rubbish Bond scripts following his marvellous debut in "GoldenEye" (which is a great film!). Having said that, Timothy Dalton in "Licence To Kill" remains my favourite of the entire franchise. By the way, I'm a volunteer aid worker for UNICEF. I don't fight, I just help And the response from Deanna? Oh good are a total idiot and you most certainly do NOT know how to spell , let alone show any signs of being well educated. Normally I wouldn't respond in this way, but I am sorry, you are absolutely one of the stupidest people I have ever heard from ! Kitn! Geesh I did respond to the above message but unfortunately neglected to save a copy of what I wrote. Basically I told her how much her last message had made me and my friends bellyache with laughter. I then apologised to her for lying about being a volunteer aid worker for UNICEF and explained that it was a subtle but cheeky Bond reference (Roger Moore being a UN goodwill ambassador) but she obviously didn't appreciate it. However, I said, my offer of help was genuine and sincere because she and her cronies really needed it. I advised her and everyone involved with the website to seek professional help from a psychotherapist. I said she sounded like a jilted Daniel Craig fan! Oh, and I also asked if she would help correct my spelling mistakes because I couldn't find any!! Deanna never replied back.
» up
172. alternative 007 site
by mercurio, 2006-08-08
A Trojan horse was slipped onto this: the 08/02 from "George" refers Craig fans thoughtfully to the 'great new James Bond site:' Don't bother, fans, unless you're up for still more cheap Craig bashing. 7 of its 15 posted articles trash Craig and Martin Campbell. To give you the general flavor: one of the half-wits alleges that Campbell has directed the worst films of the past decade. Uhhh, excuse me, sir, does that include Zorro 1 and Goldeneye? The site goes on to refer us all to other great Bond sites, such as Sinking Ship and CraigNotBond. Hang tough, friends, till November. All the sliming in the world won't stop Royale or Craig from rocking!
» up
173. 007
by Derek Flint, 2006-08-05
I grew up in the 60's with Mr. Bond and have been enamored ever since. The greatest scene in the history of filmmaking is the end fight scene between Bond and Oddjob. Why? Because Bond was in such a tenuous situation and he used his wits to extricate himself. Don't we all wish we had that ability at all times? I wish Daniel Craig much luck and success.
» up
174. Daniel Craig
by George, 2006-08-02
Looking forward to Casino Royale in november. Great new James Bond site:
» up
175. Neider
by sela, 2006-08-01
Meine Meinung ist, dass die meisten schlicht und einfach neidisch sind, dass Daniel Craig die Rolle des James Bond bekommen hat. Er ist auch nicht dunkelhaarig, aber wer sagt, dass James Bond dunkelhaarig sein muss? Daniel Craig ist sehr männlich und er strahlt eine gewisse Härte aus. Er wird der härteste Bond sein. Da wird sogar Sean Connery nicht mithalten können. Daniel Craig, Sie werden Ihre Sache sehr gut machen und ich freue mich sehr darauf, Sie im Kino zu geniessen und hören Sie bitte nicht auf die Kommentare der Leute, die Sie nicht mögen, es gibt genügend andere, die sich auf Sie freuen!
» up
176. Connery?
by wizofice, 2006-07-31
I, too, loved Connery as Bond and treasure the movies he made in the role. But... Do people realize that at first there were some fans of the book who didn't like Connery? They thought he was too "rough" to play the gentleman spy. In fact, Connery used this to his advantage in his audition. While others were showing their refined side, Connery showed up looking as tough as possible. They decided it would be easier to tame a wild man than take a dandy and make him seem dangerous. I submit that this is part of the reason why Connery was so successful in the role. It's also what some people are complaining about regarding Craig. Not only is Craig good at playing tough guys, he's an excellent actor as well (probably the best to play Bond so far). I am looking forward to this film.
» up
177. email to
by, 2006-07-31
I was disgusted to read the tripe on the website so i wrote them a nice little email to explain why Daniel Craig would be a good choice. Copied below. Dear I for one totally disagree with your site, if you look at what an accomplished actor Daniel Craig is id think you'd agree that he will definately make his best effort in what will be a very different Bond film from all the others. I am of the opinion it is a good thing that he isnt a model, playing parts such as criminals and psychopaths will give him the extra edge he needs to play a good Bond. Making him as nasty as rivals 'a la Robert Carlyle' will make the character exciting. Ok, so he is blond, big deal, this really should not matter so much. Why is this such an issue when can Bond start off as a hard Scotsman, with Connery, then be played by an Australian before becoming a slightly effeminate and smarmy Englishman before eventually being played by a ruthless Dalton and then an Irishman? What is important is how Craig plays the part and you wont know this until the film is released. The last Brosnan film was absolutely rubbish, there were little redeeming features at all and a big jump start is required to stop Bond becoming tired. This is where Craig can make a difference, i believe he will bring something new to the part. Whether this is showing Bond as human and who has flaws, especially with his relative inexperience when first issued a OO license, or if he gives a much grittier performance then this will be very refreshing and rejuvenate the Bond brand. After the debacle that was Lazenby, Bond producers will always be extra careful to whom they offer the part, have faith, they know what they are doing. A change in focus to the early Bond years requires a change in character not clone. An actor who will merely attempt to replicate old Bonds in some form or another would look awful. Brosnan may have a couple more films left in him as Bond but that doesnt mean he should. Moore's last couple of efforts were relatively poor and Brosnan has seen with his own last experience that the wheels are coming off. Whilst Clive Owen may have been an equally good option and fit a more traditional mould i believe Daniel Craig is definately the way forward, i am confident he will win around the sceptics and I for one will look forward to the release of a bond film for the first time since The World Is Not Enough back in 1999. Cheers Tim Fish
» up
178. Daniel Craig
by Dan the Man, 2006-07-27
Daniel Craig is James Bond. This site is a well made example of how fansites should be. Well Done. Nothing like the rubbishly produced Craignotbond site. I should know as I work in the Internet industry. Pierce Brosnan's films have only one shining jewel...his first...Goldeneye, otherwise they have died in a sea of excessive smoothness, forced charm, and awful CGI. Long live the stuntman, the hard working visual effects teams and the new James Bond. Brosnan is old enough to be my dad (I am 29) so, its the right time to have replaced him. Daniel Craig's negative critics have not thought outside the box on this one, and need to grow up. Boycotting CR isn't going to help their cause, as it appears that hes signed for its sequel. Haha!
» up
179. I love Craig
by Fancymama, 2006-07-21
I saw Layer Cake and I didn't follow all of the movie the first time, but because of DC I watched it again. I still don't get all of it, but because of DC I will watch it again and again even if I never get it. And then I am going to watch a many number of his other movies, again and again, and I have never voluntarily watched any 007 movies except Sean Connery's and I am so excited about THIS 007 movie that I am wishing my life away waitng for November to get here SOON. I want to tell all of you DC dissers you are so ignorant about the whole 007 thing that I really hope none of you show up to see DC because you could ruin it for all of us who just want to see a good James Bond regardless if his hair is blonde (or blue). And if you do come to see DC I hope you choke on your popcorn and puke on yourselves. Go, DC,Go.
» up
180. Those lying bastards--ctd.
by mercurio, 2006-07-19
Check it out: The gutless mollysnoggers at craignotcom have new heights of lowness. According to these cretins: 1. The producers of CR are disenchanted with the film and plan to plan to scrap Craig for the sequel. (The producers, in fact, are delighted and have booked DC through 2012.) 2. Craig's past acting credentials have been inflated. (He has nearly fifty screen credits so far and is highly regarded by critics and peers. When Connery took on the role, he'd been a former milkman and had made one Disney film!) 3. Public reception to film footage seen so far has been overwelmingly negative. (Puh-leeze! In the theater where I saw the trailer, the crowd whistled and cheered.) As Klaus points out, small wonder these creeps don't have a message board.
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181. The right man for the job
by MandalorianWrath, 2006-07-19
I have been to this "famous" anti-Craig for Bond site, and I was struck by the narrow-mindedness of their whole policy of boycotting the movie. What's that ? They want to boycott a movie because Bond is not dark-haired ?? I mean come on, as you put it "it has to be more than about hair colour". All my sympathy goes to Daniel Craig. I am confident he will pull off a great Bond, and I sure hope the producers won't fire him only because of the bashers. The pro-Craig community exists ! Bond has been portrayed by more than 6 actors, his face doesn't matter, only the character matters. And he has to evolve with his time. Craig is the perfect 21st century Bond: killer look, tough guy. When the announcement was made I was surprised at first, thinking that it was indeed a change. But when I saw the pic of him at the casino table on the official site I was blown away : This guy is our nowadays Bond. We have to give him a chance. You will praise him or bash him after you've actually SEEN the movie. He has my entire support.
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182. The franchise is done for
by BigDick, 2006-07-18
Craig is more a Bond villian than bond, watch him in road to perdition so far so good that is his performance to date.I have no beef with Craig but with the fucked up producers and the birth of stupidity ideas in their head is killing the franchise pls don't the most beloved character of cinema you wankers.Read Ian Fleming's description of Bond and u will see Craig is none existent.One thing though i pray it won't be a flop. Cheers
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183. Daniel Craig Is Awesome
by LaMonica, 2006-07-14
Daiel craig is an awesome an awesome actor and will probably be one of the best Bonds ever. I find that the producers have grown quite tired of the cartonnish aura that Bond has taken on over the years, and is looking to make him more real , and no less fantastic. Daniel Craig I think can do that.
» up
184. Those bying lastards!
by Klaus, 2006-07-09
Those craignotbond nutcases have to resort to lying now to prove their point. Their 'myths' page actually contradicts their argument (Daniel Craig actually does have a passing resemblance to Hoagy Carmichael), and they're trying to claim the producers have made Bond an ex-SAS man, rather than from the Navy. I especially like their 'refutation' of the fact Daniel Craig really does fit the description of Bond in the Fleming novels, which has to resort to the most contorted sophistry to get even unconvincing, when the honest refutation would be to quote the text; obviously they can't, as Feming's words describe DC, but they probably haven't read them anyway. They call themselves fans? How sad can these little brained losers be? I also notice they don't have any message board or way of posting comments, probably because they cannot take any criticism, or the fact that all their arguments are utterly bogus, and based on prejudice, incompetence, stupidity, and an inflated sense of their own importance.
» up
185. First Bond Movie I've been excited about in a while
by Ed, 2006-07-08
Personally the last several Bond movies have done nothing for me, aside from overload the senses. As great as Brosnan can be, he never really did it for me as Bond. My first choice was always Clive Owen, but after hearing the rumour of Craig I got excited. The guys a great actor, Layer Cake, Munich, The Road to Perdition need I say anymore. This will be the first Bond movie I've genuinely been excited about seeing, more so than a lot of other Hollywood blockbusters out this summer. The Bond movies have become stale, and need a serious makeover. With The Bourne movies leading the pack for well scripted,exciting,superbly directed spy films, Bond needs to be recharged. Craig is the perfect candidate in my book. Critics of Craig that harp on his looks, as opposed to his talent are seriously pathetic. Bond was never meant to be ultra pretty in the first place, but grittier. A modern day Steve Mcqueen look- a -like couldn't be a better choice. November can't come soon enough!
» up
186. Amigos De 007
by AlbertoBond, 2006-07-04
Daniel Craig+ is spoken well of him The Exhibition of Cinema of Amsterdam exhibited 20 minutes of James' new movie Bond, Casino Royale that left good impression among the assistants. As the critic of Variety, Craig publishes it is impressive as Bond who is involved in "brutal" fight scenes that never show before a dark side seen in the Agent 007.
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187. Craig could be the first Bond
by SMERSH, 2006-07-04
Like most of all Bond enthusiasts I grew up with Sean Connery or later Roger Moore starring and being the 00 agent. After Connery the image and ideal of the film character declined until the appearance of Pierce Brosnan. He is the best film Bond, because he combines all the attitudes of the former actors in himself. He has the alpha-male sexappeal of Sean Connery, the British gentleman attitude of Roger Moore and a certain complexe and rough character like Timothy Dalton (did I forget someone? what was ist George Lazenby contibuted to Bond??? ;-) just kidding). Pierce Brosnan IS James Bond. But he is not Ian Fleming's Bond, he is Broccoli/Saltzman's and the moviegoer's Bond. Closest to the literary character was Sean Connery, but even he was to clean and sleek compared to Fleming's protagonists. When I first saw Daniel Craig I presumably had the same feelings and sorrows like almost everybody: how can this (sorry Craig) ugly guy success after sex idols of their time Connery, Moore and Brosnan??? He can because he is the true Bond. Even if the first movie flops. He is the real Bond not the superhero, brilliantly looking, best mannered, womanizer, etc. He is Fleming's Bond; a human, self-reflective, sometimes doubting himself or the world, distrustful to women but in the same time longing for fulfilled love. There are plenty more points one could add. And all this twilight character is imprinted in Craigs face, the whole character of Bond is imprinted there. If you truly call yourself a Bond fan you should not even think about boycotting the movie. If you still do you should start reading the novels, maybe you will realize that you did not understand Ian Fleming's James Bond then.
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188. Bond.
by Emily, 2006-06-29
When I was six I followed this series like a little child always does - laugh of the amusement, and love the explotions. I still do. But I find it so annoying that people are judging by height, hair colour, and so on - it's daft. I feel he'll be a refreshing change to a series, who has been by late - going down. There has been a low script, and then the over the top cgi-effects. This time around Bond is going to get dirty. Thank God.
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189. Craig is a great actor.
by JohnnyDrake, 2006-06-08
When I first seen Craig replaced Brosnan as Bond I was a little shaken too. Then I rented the movie Layer Cake and I liked it. Craig gave a fine performance in the film. He was really able to get into the character. I think he has alot to bring to the table portraying Bond. Connery, Moore, Brosnan, and Dalton support him as Bond. I'll stick with them and support Craig. These boycotters need to grow up and learn that one actor can't be Bond forever. I'm going to see Casino Royale. :-)
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190. What a Excellent Choice
by Mack, 2006-06-07
I was optimistic after hearing that Daniel Craig was hiried to br thr new 007, however I must say after watching the trailer, I am really looking forword to casino royale , Craig looks like hes doing a fantastic job , It is really unfair to judge an actor before you see him in the part , so to all the craig haters out there, heres a piece of advice GIVE IT A REST
» up
191. An Experience that might leave me shaken and stirred
by JM, 2006-06-05
I saw the trailer and I think Daniel Craig will do good as Bond.. I don't get the Bond haters, Craig has not proven himself yet and people judge him early.. So what if he's blonde, 2 or 3 inches shorter than the previous 007, in my book what matters is how he plays the role..
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192. Craig is a refreshing change
by Fidel E. Martínez, 2006-06-05
I, too, was not impressed when I saw Daniel Craig being selected to play James Bond, but since, have hada chance to see him act, and see pictures of him. He looks more English, if less pretty, than all of the other Bonds combined, which is not to say they did not do a fantastic job. The producers could travel the world and find a Sean Connery or a Pierce Brosnan look-alike, but Daniel will be playing neither, he will be playing James Bond, and in a grandiose way, I believe.
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193. Trailer excites moviegoers
by Peter London, 2006-05-29
Yeasterday I went to the movies to watch Da Vinci-code and more importantly to see how the Cadino Royale teaser trailer would work on the big screen. Daniel Craig aroused excitement among the audience. Many whsipers were heard:"We have to go and see that one", "He looks great", etc. Daniel Craig is definitely Bond for the moviegoers in FINLAND. We will be waiting.
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194. Craig IS Bond
by Agent 1770, 2006-05-27
Immer, wenn ich auf die CraigNOTbond-Webseite schaue, könnte ich ausrasten! Es ist einfach eine bodenlose Frechheit, wie Daniel Craig dort ins Lächerliche gezogen wird! In jedem Casino-Royale-Interview kommt Craig absolut charismatisch und bondig rüber! Schön, dass auch noch diese Seite hier ins Leben gerufen wurde. Ich bin seit über 20 Jahren Bond-Fan und Craig hat von mir vollste Unterstützung! Whenever I have a look at the CraigNOTbond-Webside I could go mad! It is simply unbelievable how they try to make Daniel Craig ridiculous. Craig appears absolutely charismatic und bond-like in every of his Casino-Royale-interviews. Thank god, there is also THIS webside. I have been a Bond-fan for 20 years now and I absolutely favour Craig as new James Bond.
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195. craig is great
by estriga, 2006-05-25
Craig is great! He was already great before the "Casino"! He's the perfect man for the job. He has that special touch that gives the charater an humanity never seen before. He makes bond look real, and at the same time keeps him seductive! Go for it, Craig! You're Bond, and from what I've seen, you're possibly the best ever.
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196. Casino Royale Rocks!
by Squiss1, 2006-05-25
Have to admit I wasn't particularly impressed when Daniel Craig was announced as the new Bond but I soon changed my mind. The trailer was amazing and Daniel looks HOT in all the production shots! He is a perfect Bond and the movie is so gonna rock!
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197. le film, Casino Royale
by Agent 007, 2006-05-24
Bonjour. Je ne peux pas attendre jusque novembre à 22. Le film semble étonnant. Daniel Craig est très bon dans le rôle. Je veux voir tous les ordres d'action avec Aston Martin db5 et nouvel Aston Martin. D'ailleurs, le sequnce du buldozer semble bon aussi. Je juste absolument ne peux pas attendre !
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198. great actor!
by Jan Hoffmann, 2006-05-23
Hey.Daniel Craig ist erstens ein ausgebildeter Schauspieler was er auch schon in diversen Rollen unter Beweis gestellt hat und zeitens passt er sehr gut in den Originalroman von Casino Royale rein. Ich bin den Roman gerade am lesen, habe ihn mir in der Handlung vorgestellt und er super darein gepasst. Gerade deswegen weil er nicht so geschniegelt und gestriegelt daher kommt wie sein Vorgänger, welchen ich als Bonddarsteller ebenfalls Klasse fand, nur hätte Brosnan nicht in Casino Royale reingepasst. Brosnan bleibt der Bond der 90er, doch Craig ist der neue Bond und das ist auch gut so. Kann mich sehr gut mit ihm identifizieren und freue mich riesig auf den Film. MfG Jan Hoffmann aus Deutschland
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199. Bond is definitely back!
by Big-T, 2006-05-22
After watching the first trailer of Casino Royale i have no doubt: Daniel is Bond! His mean are telling it unmistakably! Perfect!!
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200. Deja vu time, dude!
Licence to Kill, which starred Dalton in June 1989, had failed to recoup its initial investment after seven years. Wow! This is almost like history repeating itself. Deja vu time, dude! Craig should not make his performance dry like Timmy's was or then all 007 fans will have a tough time to wait till the next Bond film is made. Hope Casino Royale has Over the Top Action and double entrendres galore otherwise Bond is doomed. And we will have to wait for the studios to get their act together after the flop and make a Bond film again after 6-7 years. Hope Babs and Wilson know what they are doing and don't make a Frank Miller's 007.
» up
201. Bring It On
by pokerchip, 2006-05-15
I fell for DC in Tomb Raider, but he really blew me away in Road to Perdition and Layer Cake. The trailer kicks ass--he is tough, sexy, gorgeous. Bond is definitely back!
» up
202. Casino Royale Trailer
by 007, 2006-05-14
Do you not agree with me?
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203. Daniel Craig
by 007, 2006-05-14
I think the Casino Royale teaser trailer looked awesome. Everything in the trailer looked awesome! I don't know what people are thinking, but it has the aston martin db5, a new aston martin, and the bulldozer scene looks good too. It looks like an action paced movie. I can't wait to see it.
» up
204. Bond
by James Bond Fan 007, 2006-05-13
Craig will be an excelent bond, he will raise the bar for Bonds to come, so why do people keep saying he is a bad Bond?
» up
205. flasher
by sang-seuk kim, 2006-05-12
Daniel Craig good!!!!
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206. Give Craig a Chance!
by Robert Chatwin, 2006-05-08
I am a huge James Bond fan, and have enjoyed all the James Bond films for many different reasons. Pierce was great as Bond and I thought the The World is not Enough had recaptured perfectly what Bond was all about, but then came Die Another Day and it was the first time that I left the cinema feeling disappointed and let down. Following the previous film, we found in Die Another Day that M actually didn’t really care about Bond and would have left him in Prison, and that anyone can come out with one-liners (not just Bond) in order to make him look stupid. Previous Bond stories have sometimes been weak, but always based in reality (even in Moonraker: it is possible to go into Space), but suddenly Bond has an invisible car, which quite frankly, went too far. Madonna was crap in the film, and the Bond song was one that I would never want on any James Bond compilation, furthermore the direction and CGI effects made the film look like a low budget movie reject of XXX. I said at the time to my friends that the only way they can save Bond now is to go back to the gritty Bond thriller Connery started with Dr No. Dalton brought his own personality to the Bond thriller in Living Daylights, as did Brosnan in Goldeneye to an extent. When I heard that Daniel Craig was going to play the new James Bond, I hadn’t seen any of his films but had heard a lot about his acting ability - so I was excited. Then I read about the intentions for the film and that they were indeed taking a different tact, bringing it closer to the original and first novel. I kind of like the idea that Bond is being revamped because, unless Broccoli is stupid, she will ensure that Bond will become the man we love to see by the end of the film. And Craig himself is apparently a Bond fan which will ensure he will put passion into the role. It wasn’t until I realised people were criticising Craig that I began to question his suitability as Bond, but I actually cannot be bothered with the comments about his face, or how tall he is. I think on that front, seeing the end product is the only way to know if he can fit the James Bond mould, and make us really believe. I am confused with the story line a bit. It seems this Bond is starting out as a 00-agent in modern times, and this raises many questions about continuity, which has always been important for true Bond fans. If too much of the Bond we have come to love has been changed then fans will not accept the film, and this is a big danger that really depends on how well Bond 21 has been written. But I think a new, moody, arrogant, dark and gritty Bond could work well, and add an exciting new dimension to the character unlike any Bond transition seen before. I am certainly willing to give Craig a chance.
» up
by Little Phill, 2006-05-07
Sorry haters, but the teaser looks great, to say the least!!! I was impressed the first time I saw it and I still am. The poster looks good, too...
» up
208. New Casino Royale Trailer
by rafeman, 2006-05-03
An official english Teaser Trailer in high quality hits the net: Check it out on ->TEASER TRAILER.
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209. Bond/Craig Posting
by Mark Netter, 2006-05-03
I just posted a short piece on my entertainment & politics blog regarding high hopes for Casino Royale. The permalink is ->Link and for the record, I understood Craig could be Bond after seeing Layer Cake
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210. Haters have no justification..
by TrickyMack, 2006-05-03
First and foremost, before we go into any discussion about who should or should not be cast as James Bond and before we stand up and shake our fists, either in anger or delight, we have to face one very certain truth.... A new type of Bond movie is being made. Let’s start with October 14, 2005. This was the day that an unnecessary circus had started its long line of annoying and repetitive shows. This was the day the world would finally be in on the (worst kept, yet) very exciting secret of who would be the new James Bond. We all knew weeks earlier that Pierce Brosnan was out, which was a sad departure as I think he was able to redefine the character in his own unique way. He was in two of my favourite Bond films (for two different reasons). I enjoyed Goldeneye as it was really my first Bond cinema experience and Tomorrow Never Dies because it had an easily believable Villain in today’s media control society. But let’s face it; Brosnan has had a good run. It’s time to let someone else have a crack at doing the coolest (and dare I say saddest?) super spy in cinema history. Internet rumours had been spreading for months, saying that names like Eric Bana, Hugh Jackman and Clive Owen were all on the drawing board at some point. Casting an already well-known actor as one of the most loved cinema characters can be dangerous. The actor who is James Bond should not be an unknown, but at the same time he should not be well known either. Whenever a Bond film is released, the poster at the cinema or the cover of the DVD or at the start of the movie, it always features the following: “Pierce Brosnan (or whomever at the time) IS Ian Fleming’s James Bond 007” or similar. If a highly regarded actor or well-established celebrity was placed in the most famous of tuxedos, you might as well change it to “Hugh Jackman In Casino Royale…” To be James Bond is to become him. Some may argue that this is the job of any actor, “becoming” their chosen character, but James Bond requires the actor to make certain sacrifices. There is something truly iconic about this character that when I think of Connery, Lazenby, Moore, Dalton and Brosnan, I can’t help but immediately think of that Commander Bond with his Walther PPK. But as soon as Clive Owen comes to mind, King Arthur certainly does not. When it was announced that Daniel Craig, the little known actor (outside of the UK) who was now the new look Bond, was immediately the victim of cold and at times very vicious attacks. Why? Because of he has blonde hair or because he isn’t as tall as his predecessors? Three words immediately come to mind that perhaps Daniel Craig may have also thought: “Get over it”. To those people who feel it appropriate to sit back on their high horse and criticise a man before he has even been given the chance to produce the goods, shame on you. If you are an avid sports fan, should you publicly put down a decent football team before they even play the final because of previous matches or because of the way they choose to look? Let’s be accused of being cliché by saying – “Never judge a book by its cover.” Daniel Craig is a remarkable actor. I class Layer Cake as one of my favourite films from last the year. His performance was cool yet vulnerable, badass yet a cracker of a hero. Seeing him with a gun after learning he was now Bond put chills up my spine, in a very exciting way. I do not know if he will make or break the Bond franchise. Saying I don’t care is not fair because I enjoy Bond films. His performance may or may not be good, either way we should give him the chance to do what we have let his 5 predecessors do. Give him the gun and the enormous sex drive and see what he does with it. Daniel Craig, do not be shaken and do not be stirred. Please just be James Bond.
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211. hes ugly ???
by Seifer666, 2006-05-02
I always thought beauty was in the eye of the beholder, tons of women find men who may be thought of as ugly extremely attractive. Judging Daniel soley on his looks is a horribly narrow minded. Lets see him act, lets see his performance before we critisize him. Those old idiots at probably freaked out when they cast Roger Moore as bond. They are afraid of change and will eat their words.... GO DANIEL !!!!
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212. 'Leaked' Trailer - Enjoy!
by Lockt, 2006-05-01
213. craig definetly is bond
by paul O, 2006-05-01
Perfect choice! Look the franchise was clearly running out of steam. Sure it made lots of money but it was over indulgent on rubbish special effects and bad one- liners. Pierce was a good bond, but he had a long run. Daniel craig has buffed up well for the part and has a smart cropped haircut. He now looks like bond more than ever and he is a brilliant actor. So all those idiots on the stupid anti craig sites will all be chewing thier own words. Wait and see Daniel craig is James bond!
» up
214. Craig is the right one
by MickPres, 2006-04-29
November will be the return of 007 after 4 years of waiting. To be prepaired for the new face of 007, I have used the last couple of months watching Craig's earlier movies. I must say he is a great actor! His movies are very different; from adventures , love stories to social dramas. My favourite is "Our friends in the North" It's a fantastic performance done by Craig. Yes, he looks a bit different from Brosnan, but still I'm convinced he has the acting ability to portray iBond. It's also nice to get a serious version of the Casino Royale adventure, until now it has been Barry Nelson's and David Niven's versions of the story we have had. In fact Craig looks a little bit like Nelson.
» up
215. why not !!!!!
by nathalie, 2006-04-27
I'm a big Bond fan. I've seen al movies more than once or twice or trice or ... I don't care if the new Bond is blond or short or tall or whatever, as long as he has that charismatic look..... And Daniel Craig has it...... not only charisma, but I think he's incredibly sexy ;-)) He really deserve to have his chance to be James Bond, and I'm sure he will play this part superbly. So Daniel, good luck
» up
216. brilliant
by angeleyes, 2006-04-26
This movie is going to be just the new transition Bond needs to keep interest up. Craig is a brilliant actor is and going to be superb at playing 007. I can't wait to see it and hope that everyone who loves movies and Bond will atleast give it a chance. I don't care if his hair is purple, he couldn't drive a bike, or whatever the so called "problems" are. Attitude is the ticket and when it comes to Craig he's got it by the truckload.
» up
217. Can't wait
by antonyfoy, 2006-04-26
Finally finally finally we have the Bond film I'm sure we've all been waiting for. I mean all the actors have brought their own qualities, even Roger Moore's Moonraker brings back happy memories as a kid on a sunday afternoon watching the telly. And when I got older i enjoyed far more 'From Russia With Love' and OHMSS. for different reasons. But come on - an invisible car?!?! and did you see the CGI waves Pierce was surfing on?!! As Sean would say 'shocking!' Needs a revamp and Daniel Craig will I think be the James Bond we all want and hopefully with a decent script - unlike the shite poor Dalton was given. Personally I liked Pierce but it had got that daft if you had put him in a really gritty serious one now it wouldn't have worked - were used to the comedy and terrible one liners. Daniel Craig a hard ass fella that'll shoot ya as much as look at ya! That is Bond - Hard as nails. Can't Wait!!
» up
218. The Perfect Choice
by Stargernate, 2006-04-25
Daniel Craig is perfect for the role of James Bond on all accounts. He is a great actor, handsome and DOES look like a Bond. The whole 'James Bond isn't blond' thing is complete crap! Bond is English, yet that didn't stop Connery (Scottish) and Brosnan (Irish) being brilliant Bonds. So if the actor's nationality doesn't matter, why should his hair colour?! And if you've seen the press released pictures, his hair has been darkened slightly compared to his previous films. Craig will be brilliant, and its ludicrous that websites like this have to exist to defend that point, but sadly there are morons out there who seem to think Craig won't be suitable. Guess what - you're wrong.
» up
219. Let him fail first, then talk!
by IShouldBeBond, 2006-04-24
I never saw any movie from Daniel Craig, but I saw several times all the bond movies (I own all the french VHS copies, English VHS copies, and complete DVD collection). Back in 1997 I saw all the then existing bond movies in 3 or 4 days to write a review that you can find on my website. So, based on this and on what I can read from bond fans all over the world, I can say that I am very happy to have a new bond and peoples that still thinks that Brosnan is the real bond (the worst one for me) should seat and see all the movies to understand what is bond. I as anybody else, can't say that Craig will be the best or worst Bond (but I can say his face is more believable as Bond than Brosnan's face is). He needs to show us what he can do first. For those who don't like the idea of having him as Bond, just think that if he's really bad, he won't do another one and this one will be forgotten. So don't stress and let the man do his job!
» up
220. What a Hottie!
by Ivannahumpalot, 2006-04-23
Daniel Craig is a great actor. And a yummy piece of manflest. He's just the right amount of manly cool. He's got my vote!!
» up
221. Dubious but Willing
by Ornithologist, 2006-04-23
I would agree with the comments that Craig is a good actor- after having seen Layer Cake, Road to Perdition, and Munich I think that's a given. But the role of Bond has never been one that's demanded great acting skills. It demands someone who can blow up a chemical weapons plant, gun down/physically attack thirty+ terrorists, make an escape in a stolen plane, and then make love to a gorgeous woman in about ten minutes of screen time. James Bond is the slickest mother-f**cker alive and I'm just not sure if Craig is up to the challenge. The guy is just too ordinary (and, yes, I'm aware that this would be a positive trait for a real spy but we're talking about Bond here- this is a spy who nine times out of ten introduces himself by his real name. We aren't going for realism). That said, I will be absolutely be going to see the movie and I hope he proves me wrong and does a great job.
» up
222. Pro Craig
by vlmecc, 2006-04-23
Having seen Craig in "Munich", I can state that I thought he was great! Blond or not, I think he will make a great Bond. I like his rugged looks - neither handsome nor ugly - he looks tough enough to be Bond for me. And I think that Ian Fleming would approve. I agree with memom. I was terribly disappointed with Roger Moore as Bond. I think he made James Bond a buffoon! I look forward to "Casino Royale" and Daniel Craig in the role. He may not be Sean Connery, but he'll do!
» up
223. Daniel Craig is IT
by jabwlrsb, 2006-04-23
Have you seen him in Layer Cake? Hot, Hot, Hot, HOT... He is obviously a very, very accomplished ACTOR - he could assume just about any role. Bond will be far from the challenge of his career.
» up
224. Why Not?
by memom, 2006-04-23
I don't see what the big deal is about Daniel Craig playing Bond. For me he fits the profile just fine - even if he is blond. He'll fit right in with Sean, George, Timothy and Pierce as 007. If anyone should have been bouycotted as Bond it should have been Roger Moore - who was blondish too but, just wasn't/isn't the actor one would care too see.
» up
225. inconspicuous agents
by soho, 2006-04-23
Anyone who knows anything about the covert world of secret agents is that you cannot be memorable. You cannot stand out because it is a small world and people remember memorable. I have enjoyed all the bond movies the same as the next guy, but c'mon the leads are too handsome. It will be refreshing to see someone who not everyone agrees is "pretty" handsome. A rugged, man's man - just like Lazenby. Go Craig!
» up
226. Killing A Hero
by Tmac, 2006-04-23
As a 17 year old kid, bringing this wannabe into the scene is like telling Master Cheif to win the war without a gun. But on a more serious note, I am willing to give Craig a chance, but how can you excpet a blonde haired, skinny, and plain ugly actor to fill the role of the svuaest man alive? You can never change the first impression, and although craig *might* be able to act the part, Bond is all about dashing first impressions
» up
227. Daniel Craig as Bond
by riki, 2006-04-22
I can't wait to see Daniel Craig as James Bond. You didn't put one of his best, sexiest performances on your list of his movies - "The Mother." He was amazing in it, and I make it a point to see everything he does since seeing it. His performances in "Layer Cake" (although I had a hard time understanding the cockney accent, which makes it all the more real) and "Munich" were great. If anything, I think he's selling out a bit by doing James Bond - I like his small, indie flicks much more. He's too good for James Bond, but I'm still looking forward to seeing it.
» up
228. Why are we complaining?
by lambslw, 2006-04-22
Nobody has seen Daniel Craig play Bond yet, so nobody knows how he'll do it. Every character is different. He's done well so far, let's just see how this goes. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.
» up
229. Blonde Bond
by Bond...Joe Bond, 2006-04-22
Blonde is good. Shaken, not stirred. Wit with style and ducking a punch. Gadgets and a Walther PPK. The proper tux being brushed off after kicking the bad guys ass. These are the things I think about when you say Bond.....James Bond. I'll be there to give him a chance. Joe
» up
230. Not Box-Office Hit Worthy
by Morder, 2006-04-22
It's apparent that this guy doesn't fit the role of James Bond. No, Im not boycotting Casino Royale, I hope to see it in theatres ASAP. But I would highly doubt this movie to be a box office hit with this character portraying the role of the sauve James Bond. Ahem. Sean Connery Rocks.
» up
231. Give the guy a break!
by Babs G., 2006-04-22
I for one thought he did a great job in Tom Raider, and Road to Perdition. I think he should be given the chance as all the other Bond men. Sean Connery is my fav and I think that the newer generations need to have their idols as well., Maybe they will watch Daniel Craig and then be compelled to watch the rest of the Bond movies and make their own choice as whom they liked better. And Daniel Craig certainly fits the Bond persona. We know he's fit; did you see that body coming out of the shower in Tomb Raider? He's a good choice!!!
» up
by StacyLovesBond, 2006-04-22
I think that Daniel Craig is great choice for the new James Bond. He is a very talented actor and ruggedly handsome to boot. Who cares if he doesn't have dark hair like his predecessors? Everyone thought that Brosnan was too small physically to be Bond, but he ended up being liked and accepted as the then new Bond. I say out with the old and in with the new!
» up
233. Be prepared to give him a chance.
by Cmd D. Bond, 2006-04-22
Having grown up as a huge Bond fan, I have to admit that the last installment did loose it's edge. Although I think that Brosnan was a great Bond, there are parts in that film where frankly I cringe. I don't think the fault lies with him though.To many people slate the actor when it's the writers at fault. Having recently read Casino Royale, I'm really looking forward to a back to basics Bond. Also having seen Archangel, and more recently Layre Cake, I honestly think Daniel Craig has what it takes. Ok so he's blonde, but lets face it the man can act, and he has that hard edge that I think you need for the role. I think Brosnan could have done that if given the chance, but hey we've got a new Bond. Let's see what he can do. In my experience people who try to boykot something like a film, or a new actor, are only acting up because they have nothing better to do in their sad little lives. I have faith in Craig's ability. Give him a chance.
» up
234. I've met Connery, my brother's met Rog(er Moore)
by CaptainShoulders, 2006-04-21
Hi . I'm an Edinburgher . Like many others, I've met / come across Connery in person . My own brother, now a Swiss natural, has likewise met / come across Mr. Roger Moore . My personal view, and our shared view, is that Connery has been a high-profile Scot, for which we ARE grateful, but, that he CRAVES adulation, in a sort of un-manly way, which creates a paradox ( the most macho Bond being the most needy diva ? ) . We also know and feel that Roger is the opposite: he is so daft, and self-deprecating, that he ought to be much more widely regarded as a role model for the long-lost values of modesty, self-mockery and ( surely ) decency . Roger has done untold work for The Variety Club and for UNICEF . We, as a world apparently teetering on the precipice of self-immolation ( somewhat Bond-like ) need more self-criticism, self-deprecation, and altruism among our disastrous, catastrophically-inadequate, supposed 'leaders.' DANIEL, on the other hand, is-- and will be-- terrific . He LOOKS like a hero . And, if you doubt us, ask his beautiful Italian co-star . She will tell you that he is "un figo" ! [ A "stud." ]
» up
235. Craig IS Bond
by veronica, 2006-04-16
Hello ,Sweden talking! I´think that Daniel Craig is a perfect choise to be the next Bond.He may not have the looks that Brosnan had but he sure have something ,a sexy,dangerous apperence.That is what Bond should have ,not just good looks,but also a more dangerous side.. I really would like to be the next Bond girl to get between the sheets with Daniel Craig...Who knows what secret weapons he has to offer...
» up
236. how to dismantle a james bond
by codenam v, 2006-04-08
(german version): Die britische Zeitung "Sun" weiß es genau: DANIEL CRAIG, der neue, sehr umstrittene (weil nicht als Sean Connery-Look-A-Like oder cooler Schönling á la Pierce Brosnan verwendbare und noch dazu - Not Amusing! - teutonisch blonde) Darsteller des James Bond, ist im Privat- und Berufsleben ein Weichei. Er kann nicht mit Rennbooten umgehen, er legt schon mal den Sicherheitsgurt bei 50 km/h an, nasse Füße sind ihm ein Greuel, bei Stunts verletzt er sich schon mal in ungeschicktester Weise (wenn er überhaupt selbst Stunts ausführt!), wahrscheinlich hält er sich beim Schießen mit seiner Faustfeuerwaffe die empfindsamen Öhrchen zu und, was natürlich besonders schwer wiegt, er kann nicht pokern. Nun mag man einwenden, daß es marketingmäßig nicht sehr weise ist, diese Details aus dem Leben eines Mimen, der glaubhaft die bekannteste Doppel-Null Großbritanniens verkörpern will, in dieser Weise in die Weltöffentlichkeit entkommen zu lassen. Andererseits: Hat schon einmal jemand versucht herauszufinden, wie es mit dem privaten Heldenmut z.B. eines Connery bestellt ist? Oder reicht es, sich mit locker sitzendem Drittgebiß nuschelnd für eine nationalistische Partei einzusetzen und Schottenröcke mit nichts drunter zu tragen, um den aufkeimenden Blasenkatarrh, geboren aus schottischem Feuchtklima, als Zeichen maskuliner Härte zu deuten? Don't Be It, Dream It! Spinnen wir den Gedanken weiter, der hinter der Forderung nach Authentizität im Privatleben steckt: die Demontage eines ungeliebten Schauspielers, der so gar nicht dem seit den sechziger Jahren des letzten Jahrhunderts geprägten Klischee entspricht und eine Neudeutung wagt. Überlegen wir uns, was es bedeuten würde, forderten wir von allen Darstellern ihre Rolle auch im "Sweet Home" zu verkörpern: Was hätte Alec Guinness alias Obi-Wan Kenobi erdulden müssen? Jahrzehntelange, harte Jedi-Ausbildung auf der Skywalker-Farm. Lichtschwertkämpfe im Fitnessraum. Oder Christopher Reeves: Was für einen Aufschrei hätte es geben müssen, wenn sich die Schere seines Friseurs nicht aufgrund der stahlharten Haare des Superman verbogen hätte! Schweigen wir von Harvey "Damien" Stephens, dem Antichrist aus "The Omen", der nach Logik der CRAIG-Hasser nun eigentlich auf dem Sessel George W. Bushs sitzen müßte. Unnötig auch zu erwähnen, daß bei aufmerksamer Verinnerlichung der Rolle des Hannibal Lector ein Anthony Hopkins keine Auszeichnung für sein Lebenswerk, sondern einen Ehrenplatz in der Klapse bekommen hätte. Bleiben wir also auf dem Boden der Tatsachen. Bier ist Bier, Schnaps ist Schnaps und ein Schauspieler ist nicht die Figur, die er darstellt. Oder, um mit Sir Laurence Olivier zu sprechen: "Why don't you try acting?"
» up
237. Repentant Disbeliever
by Andrew W, 2006-04-06
I have to admit that I was one of the skeptical ones when I heard about Daniel Craig in the role of James Bond. I had only ever seen him in Tomb Raider, and was pulling hard for Clive Owen in the role. I'm not the type that lives in the past, I just wasn't convinced based on his recent track record (of which I was admittedly underinformed) and because of my own biases toward Clive Owen. However, once I saw the picture posted at the top of this website on another page (, I WAS SOLD. He's the first Bond since Connery who really struck me as truly gritty. I think a picture's worth a thousand words, and that one sure made a believe out of me. I'm going to give Craig a chance and bring all my friends to see Casino Royale.
» up
238. The True Facts
by The Commander, 2006-03-29
Let's also set the record straight on malicious, ridiculous charges aimed at Daniel Craig: 1) He chipped a tooth in a fight scene and, so, must be a sissy. Say what? Jackie Chan, by his own admission, has broken every bone in his body--and he still can't act to save his life. Mr. Craig, who CAN act, comes out ahead on this score. 2) Further word on that one: Sean Connery, it's said, howled in indignation and stormed off the set when Odd Job chopped him too hard once. 3) He must be taking steroids to have grown so buff. Yes, he was rail-thin in Layer Cake--which was probably filmed in 2004. But he'd bulked up for Munich--which was 'in the can', I'd guess by last summer at the latest to allow for post production for its fall release. This would have allowed Daniel Craig, no slouch, a full six months to get in the shape he's now in. Good luck to our new James Bond--and let's wait for the movie!
» up
239. He will do a great job
by Luisa, 2006-03-29
Hi everybody, I am a fan of Daniel Craig since I saw him in Layer Cake where he really was stunning. I really don't understand this 'anti-daniel-craig' feeling which is going on in the media. I mean most people even don't know him or the work he has done so they should just give him a fair chance to proof himself worthy of portraying Bond. And I am very confident that he will do a great job, as he is a very talented actor. In the end he will convince the people of ‘his’ Bond and not only because of his amazing blue eyes!!!
» up
240. Craig is Fleming's Bond
by bond=daniel craig, 2006-03-29
I think that Craig is the perfect choice. He's just the Bond Ian Fleming wrote about. I agree with Dan Giambrone. Daniel craig is a perfect choice...
» up
241. New James Bond
by Jules Edward S. Naranjo, 2006-03-28
I like Daniel Craig as Bond and by showing support to him as bond also i like his movies.....
» up
242. A Great Choice
by Dan Giambrone, 2006-03-27
To set the record straight, Flemings physical description for Bond was as follows:- 6ft tall, slim build, black hair, blue-gray eyes, a thin scar down one side of his face and with dark, cruel good-looks. None of the previous Bonds have been a perfect match, in either their appearance or character. So don't be so shallow in dismissing Daniel, just because he has blonde hair. For me, Dalton was the best Bond, as he played the character as a human and not a super being. He was outstanding and I believe and hope that Daniel will bring the character back to his roots and as a result, be an excellent Bond. Good luck!
» up
243. new bond
by jeh, 2006-03-26
People have surprised me before, craig might pull it off and come close to the older bonds. I'll give him a chance.
» up
244. Halo!
by Victor, 2006-03-24
Halo! Un dein einer vost actung Casino Royale und blittzen doner un schaffcton.Ein vost der barnoff un 007 Bond est weirhorst.Daniel Craig ist einer un shortarse ginger git ist Barbara Broccoli expecton un visitationer un der men in whit coats.
» up
245. ...and those blue swimshorts
by Melissa, 2006-03-24
I have to add that that picture of him in those blue swimshorts is the sexiest picture of any man I have ever seen!!!!! YOWZA!!!!!!
» up
246. Yeeeeessss! for Craig
by Melissa, 2006-03-24
I think Daniel Craig will make a superb Bond. He's a find actor and most definitely a hunk. Look at those gorgeous eyes!!! Speaking of Bond, I have to say that I find it quite sad that actor Michael Billington, who tried out for the Bond part for years, was never chosen. Instead he got the part of the spy in "the spy who loved me". What a brilliant Bond he would have made! So handsome and classy. Anyway, that was some years ago and sadly he passed away last July of cancer. Best of luck, Daniel!! I can't wait for the movie!! I'm with you-if other people don't like you, screw 'em!!
» up
247. Daniel Craig
by Xenia, 2006-03-23
I'd like to tell the world why I DON'T think Daniel Craig will make a great James Bond. Lacks: 1/ sex-appeal 2/ behaviour /"Screw em", when interviewed about people disliking him/ 3/ skill etc. I recommend to look at site /found at GOOGLE-Images for Craig/, an interview from Oct. 2005. If that's how 'Bond' should appear at the public... JESUS' SAKE!!!
» up
248. Craig is the best choice since Dalton
by Kenneth Fromreide, 2006-03-22
Daniel Craig is defently the best choice since Timothy Dalton had his opening in ``The living daylight`. The best bond film along with ``For your eyes only`` and ``From russia with love.Die another day was really pathetic.The producers has now found a man that can bring back the realisme,that the bond films really needs.Daniel craig is defently the right man.I`m a happy bond fan:)
» up
249. class
by spartan, 2006-03-22
Everything I've read seems to point in the rite direction. Less mindless explosions every two seconds and more of an engaging DARK picture. Craigisnotbond supporters should be on their knees thanking Broccoli that they didn't pick Colin Ferrell.
» up
250. Support from Portugal
by Sofia de Melo Araújo., 2006-03-22
I have seen Daniel Craig in quite a lot of pictures and personally I believe all Bond fans should be wild with joy that such an amazing actor even heard their proposal. All the best to all of you.
» up
251. Craig should be the best since Connery
by Tom Worrall, 2006-03-19
After seeing a lot of behind the scenes stuff from Casino Royale, I'm really hyped up and am 110% sure that Craig will be the best Bond yet! It's brilliant that he's going back to the Fleming aspect of Bond. Of course, I've supported Craig since he was announced as James Bond. Craig kicks butt! And for those pathetic people who can't face the fact that Craig is James Bond, as Craig himself said "screw 'em"
» up
252. A Hommage to Connery
by Samedi, 2006-03-19
Daniel Craig will return to the classic Bond performed by Sean Connery in the 60s. That will take a turn from the material an special-effect-overkill of the last bond-flic to a cool and atmospheric Bondmovie that can be called face to face to From Russia with Love!
» up
253. Let him make his job
by 006, 2006-03-17
I think Daniel Craig could be a good choice if he plays the role authentical and achieves his potential. I must say he has an interesting face that can play the facettes of Bond in a very good and exciting way- OK, he is not this typical model, but stuff it! What counts is style, coolness, good humour, charisma and brutality at the right time and this all can be Daniel Craig as Bond if he wants and i think he wants! Besides, the last Bond film was not one of the best films in the series: too much (extreme) action, the end was horrible, the beginning good, but all in all "overloaded". Where on earth were fists and a little bit reasonable action scenes? And why Madonna in this sort of film? -Only PR? Pity. My opinion: Pierce was good, Daniel can be as good as him or maybe better if he and the story wants. Let us surprise! New Bond, New Film, New Image- New Chance!- and Bond (hopefully)back to the roots with a highly visible touch of the 21st century. Good luck, Daniel. You can do it.
» up
254. Back to Ian's Bond!
by Daniel Roach, 2006-03-17
Being a fan who fell in love with Fleming's original novels, I've waited for the day when the Bond franchise would return to the cold, driven, troubled spy I read about. I gave up hope with "Die Another Day" that it ever would and now comes Daniel Craig. I can't wait to see what Craig can do and I trust Martin Campbell when he says that Craig is the best ever. "Casino Royale" should be a real ride!
» up
255. Este Bond si que mola!
by Esther ad, 2006-03-17
Tanta polémica respecto a Daniel Craig está siendo una publicidad gratuita excelente para la nueva película de Bond. Millones de espectadores querrán comprobar por si mismos las maravillas ( o supuestas desgracias) del nuevo Bond. Físicamente creo que Craig tiene mucho morbo, es atractivo con un toque de dureza que lo hace irresistible.Me encantaria ser su chica Bond!
» up
256. Craig will rock and rule
by The Commander, 2006-03-16
To come anywhere near the level of hysterical abuse being heaped on Our Danny Boy, The ODB, you'd have to go back to the day Bob Dylan went electric. The signs so far are just as clear: this film wil also be a welcome, needed kick in the keister of the old and fat Business of Bond. We now have a brilliant director, an Oscar screenplay, a ferocious team commitment to getting this one right--and we have The ODB. Support him, let him do his job--and we WILL get the Bond we deserve!
» up
257. Craig, Daniel Craig
by Hawklord, 2006-03-16
As an original Bond fan who read the books as they were published and anxiously awaited each Sean Connery movie, I can say that I am excited about Bond again! I gave up on the Bond movies when Roger Moore took over. Only George Lazenby came close to Connery as Bond. I think Daniel Craig will make a much better Bond than Moore, Dalton, and Brosnan! I'm glad the Bond franchise is going back to it's roots and getting away from all the gadgets. I'll actually go to the movie theatre to see Casino Royale instead of waiting for the DVD! All you nay-sayers, give Daniel a chance!
» up
258. endlich mal wieder
by Ares4, 2006-03-16
endlich hat die produktionsfirma mal genug mut aufgebracht, einen bond-darsteller einzusetzen, der kein weichgewaschener schwiegermamma-liebling ist. bin überzeugt, dass craig besser wird, als alle bisherigen......
» up
259. Go Daniel!
by Sara Gale, 2006-03-15
feel really sorry for Daniel. I think all the criticism that he is recieving is ridiculous. It's a waste of energy to boycott something you've not even seen and it's really disrespectful to the actor when all he is trying to do is make a good film. No one has even see him play the character. Actors are supposed to change themselves to become the character that they are playing so how can you say that he isn't Bond? His job is to become him. And plus each actor brings something of their own to the role and think it will be fascinating to see Daniel be Bond. I can' wait! And even if some people are still unhappy once they seen Casino Royale then i think people can criticise him if they see fit, but i believe in him and i think that he is doing his very best to make a great film and that is what i'm most looking forward to. So, Go Daniel! Good for you for trying to ignore criticism. I admire you for persevering and I'm looking forward to seeing Casino Royale when it finally hits theaters. And I think you will make a great James Bond and even if other people don't agree I admire you for not being afraid to give it your all and be the best James that you can be. ((I am Sara Gale. A fan of Daniel Craig's James Bond.))
» up
260. Craig will kick arse.
by 8pussy, 2006-03-15
I'm gratefull that we are finally getting a Bond who can act. It's been a long time between martini's; (sorry). Seriously the only Bond who could act was Sean Connery. Daniel Craig is a godsend as the new bond. I don't understand why all the craigisnotbond jokers are so upset with his looks and haircolour?!! it's so trivial in the bigger scheme of things.
» up
by Dougie#bondfan, 2006-03-14
Personally I think Brosnan went one film too soon. I think Craig will be great though and wish him well for Casino Royale and many more Bonds. I can't understand all this anti-Craig nonsense. I'm really looking forward to the new film, I'm not bothered about the "look". From the few pictures I have seen, Daniel certainlylooks the part.
» up
262. Pierce Brosnan vs Spy Kids?
by Mark, 2006-03-14
Brosnan's Bond movies should ALL be re-titled; Spy Kids Episodes 4,5,6 &7, because that's about as exciting & believable he was at playing the Bond character. If Daniel Craig acting is what they say it is, then he will be the best Bond since Connery.
» up
263. A Great Choice for Bond part 2
by BondfanForeal, 2006-03-14
If I wasn't allready sold before, I definately am now. Layer Cake alone sets the pace for what kind of Bond Craig will be, but now that I have seen the E.T. and Extra clips on the web I am sure Craig will not let the TRUE Bond fans down. Who cares about the blond hair or blue eyes, that actually adds a needed updated look to the 21st century Bond. If the internet existed back in the late 60's, George Lazenby would have received just as much opposition, as Dalton would have in the late 80's. People fear change and seem to have gotten to used to Brosnan. Craig reminds me most of Dalton, though not my favorite Bond, a more serious approach to the role. Best of luck to Craig and the Eon Productions.
» up
264. The Teasers Teased Me As Much As Craig's Trunks :)
by Teresa, the Portuguese Girl, 2006-03-14
I saw a teaser in a French site ( and the Sky News video report in the Bahamas, and I was impressed. I’m counting the days till November 30th (Portugal release date). The videos only made me more certain that Daniel Craig is the right man for the job. 007 is still alive and kicking ass.
» up
265. Finally a fresh, new beginning
by Ry, 2006-03-14
It´s nice to see a counterwebsite for craigisnotbond. Although I think we, the fans of bond, don´t really need one. We already have a new and promising Bond, so we don´t need to petition and cry about the choice for a new Bond. We got what we wanted and no one can change that. That´s why we don´t have to do anything and can only enjoy reading people flaming Craig. Normal human beings don´t care if the hair is light-coloured or if the eyes are blue. They just dont. They care about acting. I´m also certain that 99% of all the few people that don´t like Craig being the new Bond will definitelty see the new Bond movie. Welcome to the real world.
» up
266. Daniel Craig
by Vaidas, 2006-03-14
Daniel Craig is an incredibly talented and charismatic actor - and I assume all those who are doubting him, simply havent seen any of his movies! You go Dan!!!!!!!!!!!!
» up
267. Craig as James Bond
by Karl Johansson Phd, 2006-03-13
If you are a fan of the original Ian Fleming Novel of Casino Royale written in 1953 Craig does not fit Fleming's description. Craig maybe the best actor of all time but the truth remians that Craig is quite simply not Bond, his characters in all 20 or so of his films are flat and lack real body. James Bond is an exaggerated version of an old cold war MI6 (SIS) agent the acting ability is not required there needs to be more of a physical presence. Craig has a chance to disprove me and I hope he does, for the sake of modern British cinema.
» up
268. craig is bond
by snake eyes, 2006-03-13
Craig in "Munich" was better than all of the other Bonds combined. I'm a huge Bond fan, but the cartoon-like quality of most of the performers through the years makes watching these films in adulthood an almost grueling experience. Based on what this guy Craig did in "Munich" I would say that he has the toughness, complexity and emotional intelligence to out-Bond everyone. I think Brosnan played the role as a facile extension of his Remington Steele character. There wasn't any real edge to his characterization of a ruthless secret agent. Dalton seemed tongue tied by bad scripts, as though anything short of Shakepeare bored the hell out him. Moore treated the whole thing as a joke and failed to convince as a tough guy. Connery was great, but I think Craig is a better actor than Connery. The fact that he is not a sensationally handsome man like Connery works to his favor, because he must rely that much more on his talent, and his evident understanding of the dangerzone of the human soul, to create a real person. He will rely less on gimmocks and more on the dimensions of CHARACTER. "Casino Royale," baby. Anyone who doesn't understand that this guy is Bond is stalled in dementia-land. -Snake Eyes.
» up
269. Craig is a Badass
by chris, 2006-03-13
Craig is the first Bond since Connery who looks like he could actually kick someone's ass and get the job done. Also he is a great actor. So piss off you doubters.
» up
270. Craig will make Brosnan look like an amatuer
by LTKILL, 2006-03-13
Pierce Brosnan's Bond, was extremly BLAND. I'm so happy the producers got rid of him. As for Daniel Craig, i have a feeling his version of Bond will be darker and more ruthless than any other Bond. Hopefully they will leave the un-funny gags and one liners from Brosnan's crap performances for good this time around. I cant wait for Casino Royale, and have total faith that Craig will prove all the haters wrong. (Even though he has nothing to prove to these losers)
» up
by NDH, 2006-03-13
» up
272. Craig's 007 `the greatest'
by Jordan White, 2006-03-13
I am convinced that Craig is the best actor who has ever - and I mean ever - played James Bond". Quote from director Martin Campbell Eat that!
» up
273. Craig IS Bond of this new generation
by David Hay, 2006-03-13
The new Bond, Daniel Craig, is a great choice from the producers. He may be blonde, but that doesn't mean he's a bad Bond. His ruggedness and personality of Bond is what will make the series become successful in the new millennium. And who knows, he may be the best Bond yet!!! This is what I'm waiting for at the end of 2006, in Casino Royale.
» up
274. Because Pretty Boys Don't Turn Me On
by Teresa, the Portuguese Girl, 2006-03-13
I've read some of Fleming's books and when I went to the movies I felt a little cheated with the way some actors made Bond seem soft, funny-ha-ha-look-at-me-doing-this-humanly-impossible-stunt-while-my-hair-looks-perfect, and childish. For those who say Mr. Craig is not a good choice because he is blond: we don’t know if Bond has dark or blond or red hair, in Octopussy Fleming only says that he is a tall man and that his eyes are blue-grey (by the way, the color of his hair doesn’t matter, we won’t judge his hair but his acting skill). And when they insult him by saying that Daniel Craig is ugly I start laughing. Why? Because a real man doesn’t need to be ‘pretty’. Do they really think that James Bond could be played by a pretty boy? Look at Mr. Connery. He had charisma, a face of a sexy rogue and a smile that… (I don’t know how to describe it in English…). Daniel has got that special something that will make him a truer 007. His Bond will be hard, cold, mysterious but also sweet in a rough way. His blue eyes are intense. Imagine those eyes looking straight at you in the big screen… Daniel Craig is not a pretty boy. He’s a real, hard, and sexy-as-hell, man. And yes, his James Bond will turn me on.
» up
275. Daniel Craig
by Allison Brown, 2006-03-13
Daniel Craig will be a great James Bond. He is just one cool guy. I does'nt really matter what any one say's. He is the new Bond. Deal with it. I for one will be watching him..I have been lucky enough to notice his many tallent ssince his first film. He is every- thing a Bond should be, and more!!!! Yummy! He can count on me..
» up
276. Blonde Bond "the greatest"
by B.J. Haddock, 2006-03-12
Daniel will be a favorite James Bond ,very soon.He has a most convincing voice.Fabulously smooth body. The bluest of eyes that talk to you. He's most seductive and will be easy to watch.Can't wait to see him in his new role asTHE JAMES BOND 2006.
» up
277. Good Bond
by christoph Mor., 2006-03-12
Daniel Craig will be a good Bond, because its a new Bond movie and no one how he play this role. If Craig make 2 or 3 Bond movies the boykott will turn into a positive web site. The bad Bond fans will also say; "Okay he is a good actor, I love him!", like Brosnan. So give Craig a Chance!
» up
278. daniel craig
by travis, 2006-03-12
Daniel Craig will make a better Bond then Pierce Brosnan, If you have not already seen the video clips to the new Bond film your missing out. Daniel Craig looks great as James Bond, He's doing most of his own stunts, So far I'm seeing Daniel do more than what I'm used to seeing Pierce do.
» up
279. Trehearn-Wainwright
by Jacqueline, 2006-03-12
Daniel Craig is an edgy and intense actor. You only have to look at Some Voices and Enduring Love to know the depth of emotions he can convey. It's about time the Bond films had an actor who can bring a dangerous feel to the role. I hardly think a spy would be a comedian all the time. Darling Tim Dalton was ahead of his times. He too was intense. Pity the Cold War was over when he made his 2 films. We were forced to return to fairy floss Bond films. Daniel Craig is not only very talented (not one dimensional like some), he is also very sexy. I like the rugged look. He is drop dead gorgeous,- I can't wait to see the finished product.
» up
280. EON knows Bond better than you.
by Gray Click, 2006-03-12
Daniel Craig is James Bond because EON Productions casted and is filming him. They know better than any of us. I was skeptical at first, naturally, rooting for Clive Owen. Now, I am convinced Craig is a more grit of Bond than Owen would ever make. Call me crazy, his features nod to a blend of Connery and Moore with also the dark eyes of Dalton. It is a leap from Brosnan, but so was Moore from Connery. I believe, especially from seeing these new publicity stills online, they are making the best film they can in this new century - with an upgrade to the character but a nod to the old school panache. Die Another Day was arguably horrible, but as a Bond fan I still appreciate it. If you are a Bond fan, ALL 007 movies are good. Casino Royale will be one of the best.
» up
281. D. craig will be great bond
by Richard Baker, 2006-03-12
i think daniel craig will be an excellent bond. why? 1. he's got a animal sex appeal. i've got that from birds. 2. he's much more believable at the physical stuff than any previous bond 3. he can be much more convincingly nasty than any previous bond 4. he can act 5. bond is not about hair colour, its about attitude. he's got it. i support craig for bond
» up
282. No todo es CRAIGNOTBOND
by Mike, Brana y Vero Gutiérrez, 2006-03-11
A los que somos verdaderamente fanaticos de James Bond, a los que sabemos quien es el Dr. No; Karl Stromberg, M, Cubby Broccoli, y sobre todo conocemos y hemos leído la obra de Ian Fleming, nos tiene muy molestos la cobertura sezgada que se le ha dado al nuevo interprete de nuestro agente secreto favorito. Si revisamos la cobertura en internet, nos sorprende que sólo se le de atención al grupo en contra de la elección de Daniel Craig, en el cual, por cierto, a diferencia de los grupos en pro de una de las estrellas de "Munich", no se pueden subir comentarios. El Legado Bond es la segunda franquicia más exitosa en la historia del cine mundial, en terminos de la taquilla global. Es una institución que ha durado más de 40 años en el mundo del cine, y como tal "algo bueno ha debido de hacer" Se ha hecho hincapie en distintos medios, que Craig se accidentó y perdió dos dientes; que se quemó con el sol de las Bahamas, que no sabe manejar con palanca al piso. Dejenme contarles algunos accidentes Bond del pasado: En 1961, durante la filmación de "Dr.No", la joven Ursula Andrews también se accidentó cuando filmaban la escena en que su personaje, Honey Rider, conoce a James Bond en una playa. Si, esa que están pensando donde emerge del mar en un bikini blanco y luego tienen que correr para escapar de las lanchas del villano. Su pierna sangró profusamente. Pues bien, le pusieron hielo, detuvieron la hemorragia, desinfectaron la pierna, maquillaron la piel y a seguir filmando. Según los detractores de la elección de Craig como Bond, Sean Connery es el epitome del 007. Piensen otra vez, el director Terence Young le dio un curso intensivo de "como ser Bond", que incluyó una visita a su sastre y el ordenar a Sean que durmiera vestido para que su cuerpo se acostumbrara a la ropa de lujo. Así que, por favor. Primero se ve la película, luego se juzga. ( Saludos desde la Ciudad de México
» up
283. craigisnotbond's 15mins of fame.
by Andrew, 2006-03-11
The sad #*$ks at craigisnotbond got their 15 minutes of fame and all of a sudden there on some powertrip. There really excited about the hits they've generated and state that alone proves the public don't want Craig; what a crock, i visited the site out of curiosity to check out what these tossers are on about, just like the rest of the public. These wackos don't represent the moviegoing public so i would'nt take anything they say seriously. Daniel Craig is a better acter by a mile compared to the the other Bonds (maybe not Connery) and that's what matters, not the colour of your hair. He will go on to make great movies, like Connery long after his Bond days are finished. Can't say the same for Pierce (typecast) Brosnan.
» up
by Layercake, 2006-03-11
Layercake Layercake, Layercake, Layercake, Layercake,Layercake, L4yercake etc.. Just watch Layercake if you need convincing. Craig vs Brosnan Craig: For=CAN ACT against=Not the best looking Brosnan: For=Good looks. Against=Lack of acting ability probably due to good looks.
» up
285. Realism (no invisible cars!)
by Jim, 2006-03-11
Previous Brosnan Bond films have been ridiculous(invisible cars?) Brosnan is terrible yet people still like him for some reason. Anyone who likes Brosnan probably hates Craig despite only seeing a few press shots. The superficial nature of Brosnans acting coupled with over-the-top product placement and terrible storylines have really ruined the bond lineage. Goldeneye was the last great bond film. Layercake is brilliant and proves Craig can act. Craig killing his boss in Layercake was fantasticly done. I actually want the Layercake guys to write the script for the next one...
» up
286. Better than Connery!
by Grant, 2006-03-11
Just saw Craig is behind the scenes footage on the net, and i will say he WILL be better than connery. He has a cool swagger walk, is rough and tough, and thats just judging from a few seconds! He will smoke it in as the best bond of our time. Craig is putting everything into this movie.
» up
287. Give Daniel a chance
by Matt, 2006-03-11
For all the Daniel Craig haters, how can you possibly knock this guy if you haven't even seen a teaser trailer for it yet. From what I've seen and heard this bond is going back to basics and we are getting a more darker, smarter and realistic bond that we have been waiting for for such a long time. The critism for this guy is almost savage and the newspapers have not helped with their made up stories about a troublesome film shoot. Daniel Craig is rugged, he looks the part, a great actor, and I think that when the film is released all the critics will be proved wrong and in time he will be rated as one of the best bonds.
» up
288. the blomde bond
by B. J. Haddock, 2006-03-10
I believe Craig will be the most seductive Bond yet...He is for real. An excellent actor. The most gorgeous blue eyes.Manly physic making a great look to his body. He really is perfect for the role.People that are negative towards him just don't see "it".I betcha he'll be the greatest..Liz
» up
289. craig is not bond
by richard, 2006-03-10
what a good argument....... if i disagree with you, my message will be deleted. mmm very good i would have liked to have seen pierce brosnan do one more bond film. but i would have liked to have seen clive owen take over the role. cliveisbond
» up
290. Shut Down
by SJ Moran, 2006-03-10
I feel we should shut down They feel Daniel Craig is not a good Bond BEFORE they have seen the film. Craig is a great actor and was fantastic in Layer Cake. He may have blond hair but I saw Roger Moore with blonde hair in A View to a Kill. All the other Bonds think Craig will be good. So I say "Give Craig a chance and shut the website of fake Bond fans known as SHUT IT DOWN BEFORE THE END OF APRIL IF WE CAN. cRAIG FOR BOND!!!!!!
» up
291. Craig is perfect.
by Nik, 2006-03-10
Funnily enough, I was reading Casino Royale when I saw Layer Cake. That scene just after he has shot someone, where Daniel Craig is adjusting his tie in the mirror, just screamed James Bond, as described in Fleming's first book. Then a few months later they announce him as the new Bond! It seems great minds do think alike. Now I tend to oppose anything The Sun does or says as a matter of principle; but add in the bunch of saddo numbnut losers at craignotbond and I just have to stand up and be counted. To the creators of craignotbond: you're not funny, somewhat ignorant, non-creative, unimaginative reactionary pygmies. And liars to boot.
» up
292. Daniel Craig haters.
by Paul, 2006-03-10
All these Daniel Craig haters are in the minority, they remind me so much of Star Wars geeks who dress up as princess Leia or some other character and post 24/7 on message board's. They constantly whine about how Lucas sold out on Episode's I & II. THEY HAVE TO LEARN THEYARE IN THE MINORITY! Casino Royale will be HUGE,even all the haters who say they will boycott it will still see it (human nature). Daniel Craig is a versatile and gifted actor and will bring much needed life to the character. If anyone doubt's this, rent Layer Cake. Personally, Roger Moore is my favourite Bond, i've never liked Brosnan's wooden and extremely boring performances.
» up
293. Daniel Craig as 007
by Scott B, 2006-03-10
After Daniel Craig's performance in Layer Cake, I for one am expecting him to be the best Bond to date. I'm not a great follower of 007 as in i don't have the videos or DVDs, i have no posters etc etc, but i do enjoy the films and Daniel Craig will bring a great deal to the role with his outstanding talent as an actor. Those who would seak to snub him simply because of his looks are irredeemably shallow or supremely stupid. Or both! I can't wait to see his performance and i'm very confident that the half wits over at craignotbond will wind the necks in eventually.
» up
294. Craig is right for the role
by Metalasaurus, 2006-03-10
Daniel Craig is a good choice for the role of Bond. He brings the hardened, cold and calculating look to the role. This will be the Bond Ian Fleming created, not the Bond some silly movie producer made up that's all flash and no substance. The only other actor who has ever portrayed Bond in anything approaching the way Fleming invisioned him is Timothy Dalton (my personal favorite Bond).
» up
295. A Great Choice for Bond
by BondfanForeal, 2006-03-09
Anyone that has seen Layer Cake or any spy footage of Casino Royale should have no doubt in their mind about how Craig will do as the new 007. In my opinion, he might even be the next best Bond, second only to Sean Connery. I wish him the best of luck and look forward to adding the Casino Royale movie poster and dvd to my Bond collection. November can not come soon enough!!!!
» up
by KODE, 2006-03-09
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297. The Sun pictures
by Niwram (again), 2006-03-09
Have you seen the first stills from CR in The Sun today? Awesome! You should put them up on this site!
» up
298. Nobody does it better!
by Renard, 2006-03-09
I have seen some films of Daniel Craig. He played very different roles and he played them brilliant! I think we 've got the most talented actor for Bond since Sean Connery! He looks very dangerous and special. He will convince everybody with his look and talent that he is definitely JAMES BOND!!! Looking forward to see the first film footage!!! Keep it up Daniel!
» up
by NDH, 2006-03-08
» up
300. bond
by barrie,dalkeith scotland, 2006-03-07
daniel craig is a fine actor and will bring a darker, tougher bond to the screen.pierce brosnan was good but die another day was camper than an austin powers flick.all those moaning will be eating humble pie come november.
» up
301. He's gonna be great!
by Hawkfu, 2006-03-07
I think Craig is great and I can't wait for him as Bond! I loved Pierce too, but Craig will bring more of a hard edged dramatic weight to a role that needs something new. The whole take on Bond for Casino Royale sounds refreshing and has rekindled my interest in the character.
» up
302. A petition to Eon, circa 1961:
by Andrew, 2006-03-07
We, the undersigned, fans of Ian Fleming's James Bond, wish to protest against the casting of Sean Connery as the 007. Mr Connery is a working class Scot, a million miles away from the refined, cultured upper-class gentlemen agent of Fleming. His look is not at all as the writer describes, nor is his accent and already-receding hairline appropriate for the role. Mr Connery is primarily a television actor, with a shaky and unproven track-record in cinema, and we are certain his charisma - which, in interviews, seems non-existent, where he seems uncomfortable with the public demands of the part - will not prove strong enough on the big screen. Why has nobody approached David Niven, whom Fleming himself suggested? He has the refined manners and proven track-record we would expect from the silver screen's first 007. We hope you will consider this request in the spirit it was meant - an attempt to avoid disastrous mis-casting that will, we are sure, bury any potential franchise/sequel opportunities.
» up
303. Craig as Bond
by Steve, 2006-03-07
All for Craig as Bond. Was not overly impressed with Brosnan except in Golden Eye. In addition, Brosnan did not make Bond, Bond made Brosnan. (I hate greed)....the franchise will survive and the nay sayers will cave in and watch.
» up
304. A discovery of the year - Daniel Craig
by Ramune, 2006-03-06
I'm still recovering after the "Munich" experience - have seen Daniel before, but his performance in this movie left me absolutely speechless. A terrific movie, and to me personally Daniel contributed most to that. He's so charismatic and talented and I just could not imagine anyone else as a new James Bond. A really perfect choice, which will definitely add a new dimension to the character. Just cant wait to see it. From now on - Im a loyal supporter of Daniel Craig!
» up
305. Great actor
by |Dirty Mind|, 2006-03-06
Daniel Craig is a great actor. I saw him in "Road to Perdition" and "Munich". Those are two movies with great actors like Paul Newman, Tom Hanks and Eric Bana. But did Craig ever look bad next to these guys? No, because he's a great actor. Brosnan was a nice guy, but the movies with Brosnan were not realistic. A car that could disappear? I don't think that's what the Bond-fans are waiting for. It's good that they took Craig. That means they want a more realistic, back-to-basic 007. So please give us Craig, a dry Martini, a casino, some nice women and a 60's Aston Martin. And not another Moonraker.
» up
by Boss, 2006-03-06
I don's care what colour hair Daniel's got, he looks awesome. It's a bout time Bond got his balls back and Daniel Craig is the man for the job. You think you come out of the SAS looking like Roger Moore? No, Craig looks like he eats gunpowder and... passes... bullets. I applaude the comparitively daring casting choice and wish Daniel the best, not getting behind him his petty and pathetic.
» up
307. A new Enemy?
by Ernst Stavro Blofeld, 2006-03-06
Is it true? After all these forest rangers like Brosnan, Dalton and Moore now a serious Enemy?
» up
308. Uncalled for Nastiness
by Minxy 66, 2006-03-06
Pierce Brosnan was a great Bond and brought a new dimension to the role and I think Daniel is an 'aspired choice'. He is very diverse, gorgously handsome, a great actor and completely different from Pierce - what would be the point in someone similar that would not bring anything new to the role. I am just delighted Daniel chose to accept the role and can't wait to see the film. Daniel - Do not be detracted by small minded individuals. Your a fine choice.
» up
309. Bond. James Bond.
by Jonna, 2006-03-06
I've been watching Bond films since I was 8 years old. They're the only reason I ever mastered English the way I did. And now Daniel Craig is next in line... And I applaud the studio for their bold choice. JB is not just about looks (which differ from 'is he gay?' Moore to 'that's a man, laddie!' Sean Connery) but about playing a respectable 3D version of what has mostly been used as a 2D character over the past decades. To those of you boycotting: Have you ever SEEN Layer Cake? Bond is Back! Let's enjoy that, yeah? BTW love the site...
» up
310. We gave Pierce a chance
by Andy, 2006-03-06
Couldn't resist the pun! Well.. it's simple. As a fan of 40 years standing and an appreciator of ALL the fine actors work.... They were all DIFFERENT! Roger vs Sean anyone? But it's all BOND. Craig is a great actor and change is good, whilst respecting the past. Look forward to what should be a great film! It's in good hands.
» up
311. A Real James Bond
by SteRooke, 2006-03-05
Finally we have a proper Double O Seven who will play it like Ian Fleming intended, more along the lines of Connery's forst 2 films...and people are complaining? Hugh jackman would have been a boring, samey Bond, he has a thick Australian accent 10 times more than Lazenby had (and he slipped his voice from time to time). He would have been a Brosnan clone, and sorry but Pierce Brosnan's Bond and films were just formulaic, yawn inducing tripe. I want a proper Bond.
» up
A fan made trailer that has been circulating for a while now.
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313. Parallel Universe
by Peter, 2006-03-04
I'm a visitor here from a parallel universe.On my 'Earth' the new James Bond film Quantum Of Solace has opened big to rave reviews.It stars Hugh Jackman and was directed by Christopher Nolan.When I landed here and found that Dan Craig was Bond on your world I made immediate plans to leave.That is after I stopped laughing.
» up
314. D as J
by Kalex, 2006-03-04
There are so many reasons why Daniel Craig should be James Bond. First; his appeal is universal. He has been an actor who has play gay/straight roles, period pieces and all genres. He is talented and he is amazing to watch... Not to mention one of the truly must "hung" actors in Hollywood. Try Tom Cruise for that one...
» up
315. Bond first time syndrome, as everybody else
by Vero, Mike and Brana, 2006-03-04
Daniel only have the "first time" problem, as the others 007. Michael Gambon, who co-starred with current Bond actor Daniel Craig in Layer Cake and Sylvia, was asked by Cubby Broccoli to audition for the role in 1970 to replace Lazenby. Gambon spoke of the situation in an interview: When he told me he was considering me for the part of 007 himself, I was amazed. I objected, "But I'm bald." "So was Sean — we'll get around it." he replied. "But I've got breasts like a woman," I continued. "Then we'll use ice packs before the love scenes like we did with Sean," he replied. While initially skeptical about Connery being chosen to play Bond (at one point dismissing him as an "overgrown stuntman"), Fleming liked his portrayal so much that he eventually added background to the character in the novels so that his father was Scottish. Accounts vary wildly in regards to which actor was Fleming's initial choice for the film version of Bond. Sources have suggested that Fleming favored Roger Moore, James Mason, and Cary Grant, among others. According to Sir John Morgan, Ian Fleming's step son-in-law, Fleming favored little-known actor Edward Underdown, who played an Air Vice Marshall in Thunderball. Salutes from Mexico City
» up
316. craig as bond
by chris, 2006-03-03
Daniel Craig is a superb actor whose style oozes with a subtle intensity. That very style makes him the perfect choice to play James Bond; it gives him a cool, calm, and calculated nature with just a hint of boyhood brashness- in my opinion, these are the quintessential traits for any outstanding Bond performance. Craig’s performances in his other works, notably Layer Cake, speaks for themselves and are a testament to the fact that he may very well be the finest Bond actor. He falls well outside the normal pantheon of those expected to play James Bond while at the same time manages to perfectly embody the role. His removal from the archetypical Bond persona is a crucial move away from the stagnant and rehashed previous outings of the suave super-spy. After all, any actor who is admittedly, and rightly so, afraid of guns and takes on the role of one of the world’s largest “action heroes,” proves that Craig is looking to put more into the tired role than just a considerable amount of spent ammunition. His admitted hesitation in taking the long sought after role shows his recognition of what has become of the Bond character over the years and hints towards his hopes of adding a much needed depth to a character which at its heart is very interesting. I feel Craig is certainly a fine enough actor to give possibly the most unique, most accurate, and most enjoyable performance as James Bond that there ever was.
» up
by Bond fans from MEXICO, 2006-03-03
Daniel: FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS desde MEXICO. Ya esperamos con interés "Casino Royal", y estamos seguros que vas a estar fantastico. Please, visit México in the Winter for the Latinamerica Premier. Vero Gutiérrez, Mike Szabo y Brana Alexander.
» up
318. Daniel Craig
by Lovely from San Francisco, 2006-03-03
Happy B-day, Daniel. You're great and you are going to surprise everyone one with your acting abilities. I know, I seen your films, and no one can act better than a Pisces. Celebrate, sexy thing, YOU!
» up
319. Back to Fleming
by Vincent Vernel, 2006-03-02
Thank God there's another decent actor who's playing Bond! I loved Timothy Dalton as 007, and I'm sure Daniel Craig will play the part even better. I don't know why so many people are clung unto dear-old Pierce. His movie became extremer threefold with every time!
» up
320. It doesn't get any better than this
by Carrie, 2006-03-02
Daniel Criag is definitely Bond. He's cool, suave, handsome and a fantastic actor. is a joke. Just because he doesn't have dark hair doesn't mean he can't do a good job. Casino Royale is going to be a blockbuster.
» up
321. Daniel Craig and Dalton is Bond
by Kenneth Fromreide, 2006-03-02
This day i`v been wating for.Daniel is a great choice.I thought Timothy Dalton was fantastic in The Living Daylights.What a great movie.And i now daniel Craig are gone blow us away in Casino Royal.He`s a fantastic good actor.I have too say that Die another day was awful.Pierce did a great job in Goldeneye,but the fact is that is was writen for timothy dalton.The people that don`t like daniel,is a funny club.Your not really bond fans or what??.And daniel.....You look great...Thanks for this page.Love from Norway.
» up
322. The Right Choice
by John, 2006-03-02
I just looked at, and it really made me laugh! Daniel Craig is clearly one of the finest actors this country has to offer, and his casting as Bond is ideal. Although there is a lot of fuss about his blond hair, I can guarantee that 20 mins into the film, nobody will care. Happy brithday Daniel!
» up
323. Daniel Craig is Bond!
by Henry Allen, 2006-03-02
I’m happy and very pleased with the choice of Daniel as the new bond-actor. I and many with me have a big confidence in him in the task of portraying Ian Flemings James Bond!
» up
324. Happy Birthday Daniel!
by Tom W, 2006-03-02
Happy Birthday Daniel! I'm very hyped up for casino royale as it's my favourite book, and I've seen some pics of the chase with the suicide bomber in the paper and got really excited!
» up
325. ¡¡Danos 'caña' Craig!!.Tu puedes
by Fernandito, 2006-03-02
Soy fan de Bond desde que tenía uso de razón... Casi;se podría decir.Que he crecido con "Bond". Me enganché ha Bond.Cuando por primera vez cayó en mis manos toda la (COLECCIÓN) en Beta de las películas de 007 del -25' ANIVERSARIO- Feliz cumpleaños Craig. Tienes cara de un Bond duro y muy al estilo del "007" de las novelas...creíble.Te falta la (Beretta 25) en lugar de la Walther PPK.Por favor Craig lucete.Si haces un Bond como el de las novelas.Te invito a jamón.Una pega ¡¡Fuma Craig Fuma!!.... Un fan Español
» up
326. Feliz Cumpleaños
by Jaime_Lazo, 2006-03-02
Felicidades Daniel Craig....que lo pases bien Doy mi apoyo a esta porque me parezca bien Daniel Craig como James Bond, sino porque no entiendo porque los fans de 007 hacen lo que estan haciendo, un fan de verdad de 007 tiene que apoyarlo aunque sean malos tiempos para la saga.
» up
327. Happy Birthday
by Tara, 2006-03-02
Happy birthday from Finland. I'm sure you are the GREATEST new Bond. Good luck!
» up
328. Happy Birthday Daniel!!
by Karen, 2006-03-02
Hope you have a great day, Daniel xxx
» up
329. Happy Birthday
by Jörg, 2006-03-02
Happy Birthday from Germany, Daniel und have a lot of fun during filming CR. I wish you more luck than George Lazemby because it is sure that you are the better actor. Note : in ten years i want to say: Connery 7,Lazemby 1, Moore 7, Dalton 2, Brosnan 4 and Craig 4. Good Luck!!!!
» up
330. Birthday, Happy Birthday Daniel Craig!
by Rafeman, 2006-03-02
I wish Daniel Craig a happy birthday and just the best for his career and his work on Casino Royale!
» up
331. A Bond With Edge
by blakjaxx, 2006-03-01
Ever since I saw Daniel Craig in "Layer Cake" about a year ago. I thought he'd be the perfect new Bond. I don't know why people are all up in arms about him being the new Bond. Is it because he's blond? Is it because he's not "classically" handsome? I think it's great that the James Bond of the 21st Century has gotten a blood transfusion, we need a Bond with some edge and not just the same ole same ole
» up
332. Daniel Craig could be the best Bond yet!
by Leslie (aka scarletumbrella), 2006-03-01
All I have to say is that those who are dissing Craig already for reasons I will never understand should watch his previous work and let his obvious talent speak for itself. The man is incredible to watch on screen. I should also add that ever since I heard the role was up for re-casting, I was a fierce proponent of Craig for the role -- I cannot even describe to you how excited I was when I learned he had actually gotten it!!! I won't let the inane rantings of opponents to his casting ruin it for me, but they sure are a rude and ignorant bunch. I just hope they do not influence Craig's own feelings toward making the movie, or that of the producers, etc. It's really a shame that only mainstream actors, even for a British film, get support from the general public. Layer Cake was a cinematic gem, for the most part due to the incredible acting of Colm Meaney and Daniel Craig in it. I can't wait for the new Bond movie to come out and silence the masses of naysayers. ^_^
» up
333. Craig is Bond
by Wolf, 2006-03-01
As much as I think there have been better Bonds, I fully support the decision to cast Daniel Craig to be the next Bond. Why? Craig probably wouldn't fit in if he were to play an over-the-top Bond like predecessors, but I have a feeling that the producer is changing direction - moving from a superman-like Bond to a human-like Bond, and Craig may just be able to fit that bill, turning an ultra-handsome mystique super spy into an ordinary looking man. Ultimately, the actor who plays the role and the role have to fit each other! Until we see the movie and the plot and the new Bond impression, you can't judge yet that Craig is not appropriate to play Bond. I will reserve my judgement AFTER seeing the movie
» up
334. The way forward
by mullins_OO7, 2006-03-01
Although I feel there was one more OO7 adventure left in Pierce Brosnan, it's time to move on already. I am 100% behind Daniel Craig. I think he will make a fantastic Bond, more like the character created by Ian Fleming. Maybe he isn't as handsome as Moore or Brosnan, but he does have a grittiness about him, which will fit perfectly within Casino Royale's story. And the guy CAN act! I do however think the film will under-perform because of the general public's stubborness to accept such a change in the series. Let's face it, Die Another Day was a poor film. Special effects and science fiction do not make a good Bond flick. Although the film was massive success, it flopped with us fans. We pressured Eon for a change. We now have that change and people are still moaning. You just can't please people these days! The sheer volume of moaning has taken me by suprise and the film hasn't even been released yet!! If it this happened after the film's release I could deal with it, but such negative attitudes are outrageous. Let's get behind Daniel Craig and Casino Royale!!
» up
335. Daniel Craig
by James, 2006-03-01
Glad to see the producers going back to a more rougher round the edges Bond (aka Sean Connery) with Daniel Craig. Brosnan was good but the recent films didn't really do him justice. It's sad to say that Brosnans coolest film to date is "The Thomas Crown Affair". Talking of which has anybody else noticed a similarity between Daniel Craig & the origional Thomas Crown, Steve McQueen, the coolest actor ever. Hope we get back to the glory days of the Connery era, and the script writers give Daniel a character with the Connery humour and not the extremes of Dalton or Moore
» up
336. Craig is Bond
by Davis, 2006-03-01
Some so called Bond fans will just have to get use to Craig as Bond and hope for the best. If you are a Bond fan I can't see how you can't be excited about some of the things about this movie. Sure the SAFE choice for the producers would have been to just recast Brosnan since he can get 300+ million in even bad Bond films, but isn't it better that Brosnan left now instead of leaving when it gets silly like in the last Moore film. That boycott site has a meaness about it that is really unnecessary.
» up
337. daniel craig
by alex, 2006-03-01
daniel craig has all the makings of the best bond ever, how anyone can critise casino royal before it has been made or seen is beyond me. he is rugged, charming, great body ,fabulous actor and if anyone has seen layer cake will know exactly what i mean. cant wait to see casino royal and i will be going more than once.
» up
338. Who else???
by Craigfan, 2006-03-01
Daniel Craig is just fabulous!!! Ive seen him in Tom Raider, where he was quite cool, but had to stand back besides my beautiful darling Angelina (if she had met me... bye, brad... :D) Ive seen him in Road To Perdition, acting briliant, brutal and gone completely mad!! Ive seen him in Layer Cake, absolutely cool, the guy has definitely some special look!!! And Ive seen him in Munich, his most Bondlike part up to now I think... and he was amazing, cold as ice, really edgy and always fast with the gun (a Walther PPK, by the way!!!)... Who else could reach his perfectly fitting style and acting talent??? I am definitely a big fan of the new Bond!!!!!
» up
339. Lets wait and see
by Joel Frank, 2006-03-01
Although the producers have also chosen an actor to fill 007's shoes that is probably the closest yet to what Fleming originally wrote about(minus the hair colour). I am worried as the public did not approve when Timothy Dalton played a harder edged Bond in Licence to Kill in 1989. Although Craig may not be the obvious choice for the role (ref Clive Owen, James Purefoy etc).... HE IS BOND! Hence, all fans should give him support on his debut. If he fails to deliver, that is the time to complain....for now lets wait and see!
» up
340. Thumbs Up - Superb Casting
by Jet Set Willy, 2006-03-01
Not only have EON returned to Fleming's first ever Bond novel for the next film, they have also chosen an actor to fill 007's shoes that is probably the closest yet to what Fleming originally wrote all those years ago (minus the hair colour). Daniel Craig is without doubt the strongest, most suitable candidate by far to portray Fleming's 007. He has the icy-cold penetrating killer blue eyes, the hard, ruthless face and body that Fleming often used as words to describe him, and the vast range of Craig's acting ability to support this. EON have been lucky to get Daniel Craig, and this is the first Bond movie that I have been truly excited about in many years. Ian Fleming's James Bond has finally returned!
» up
341. :D
by AusD, 2006-03-01
Brilliant! I can't wait for Casino Royale :o) I've been wanting a Bond like this for so looong!
» up
342. Let's see the movie first
by crazydutchgirl, 2006-03-01
I don't understand why so many "Bond fans' are convinced that Daniel Craig will not be a good Bond. Let's see the movie first, than and only than can you comment on his performance as our beloved secret service agent. And if you ask me, he'll make a great Bond. Just look at the recent pictures from the bahamas, Dr. No anyone??? And the picture where he steps out of a plane, he looks so like Sean Connery as James Bond. I'm looking forward to Casino Royale!
» up
343. Give Craig a chance
Gday I recently came across the website "craignotbond" and I certainly (and many others) were annoyed by its creation. What you're doing here is a good thing. im sick of these "supposed" Bond fans who seemingly don't have a clue what they're talking about. their attitude is childish. anyone who ditches a movie before they've seen it is a snob. they talk about CASINO ROYALE lacking big names. Let me tell you something: big names (like Halle Berry) didn't help us last time! DIE ANOTHER DAY is the worst film and without a doubt had one of the poorest Bond girls in the form of Jinx. So I'd much prefer lesser known actors/actresses in the roles. And it starts with Craig. I'm pleased Broccoli and Wilson have chosen well. Even though Dalton is my favourite Bond I can clearly see they're going for a Daltonesque approach. A tougher Bond. Hopefully this time itll work. But seriously we've (and that includes media) gotta give Daniel a chance! I mean come on. He hasnt even had a gunbarrel yet and people are already down on him like a tone of bricks! And even after CASINO ROYALE we probably wont be able to truely judge whether or not Craig will match the other Bonds, because every other Bond has taken time to adapt to the role (granted Lazenby or Dalton neither had time too). My advice? See the movie then form an opinion. Me? I can't wait for it. A return to roots of sorts and a new Bond. Though I was a little disappointed Brosnan didnt return, im extremely excited by the new appointment. In truth if these guys are as imature as they seem, it's probably a good thing they're boycotting. Just don't get the media in the same boat as you! And for those that are saying this site is ridiculous, in the end it probably had to be done, based on the fact that a group of "opposition Bond fans" created the "craignotbond" site. Personally, I'll support this website and support Daniel Craig with it!
» up
344. Visnjic No! Craig Yes!!!
by Ron, 2006-03-01
Visnjic isn't Bond for two main reasons: he's too tall plus he doesn't have a good enough command of the English dialect. Try and imagine Visnjic in a one on one scene w/ Dame Judi Dench.. The Dame would eat him alive!!!! As for Brosnan, he was a great Bond and he looked the part, but he was more smarm than charm and though his Bond is tougher than Moore's, that's not saying much as Brosnan doesn't look that tough anyway especially when compared to Connery's or Lazenby's Bonds. Craig fits the bill perfectly and he will go on to be a badass Bond. GO DANNY GO!!!! .
» up
345. Goran Visnjic rules
by Hrvat, 2006-03-01
I think that this site is ridiculous, you people are defending man that couldnt seduce 70 years old grandma. I dont have anything personal against Daniel Craig, and he is a good actor, but Bond must be tall, dark like for example Goran Visnjic, or like Pierce Brosnan was. I cant believe that anyone with helthy eyes could say that Daniel Craig is good looking, thats all.
» up
346. Daniel Craig looks like the Bond of the novels.
by Gus, 2006-03-01
Daniel Craig looks more like the Bond of the novels than Pierce Bronson or Roger Moore; Ian Fleming describes Bond"s appearance as that of a young Hoagy Carmchael. I just wish his hair was darker, that's all. Also, Daniel Craig isa good established actor. Enough said.
» up
347. Craig, Daniel Craig!!!
by Irish Bond Fan, 2006-03-01
Well done for setting up this site!!! A true james bond fan would never boycott any bond film. First I must say that as an irish James Bond fan I was delighted with Pierce brosnan obviously cause he was irish but I for one think that Daniel is the perfect choice for Bond. I have seen him in Layer Cake and Munich, two action thriller roles and he is brilliant in both. I cant wait for Casino Royale to hit the theaters. Let all us TRUE Bond fans make Casino Royale the highest grossing Bond film to date. Peace!
» up
348. brosnan huggers
by Mr Insane, 2006-03-01
i am tired of all these brosnan huggers who want to humiliate DC in any way,and the movie hasn't even come out yet,BROSNAN HUGGERS read this **** U!!!
» up
349. A Real 007
by Mathis, 2006-02-28
Aah! Finally a proper James Bond, with "cruel good looks", a "faintly piratical" appearance and a "tough looking" ruthlessness about him with "very clear blue-grey eyes" (all quotes from Ian Fleming). Ok so he doesn't have black hair, he has light brown hair big deal so did Roger. I can't wait for Casino Royale, it looks like it will be fantastic and old school. As Tatiana said below he is smokin' like the barrel of his Walther PPK but looks believably very tough. *rubs hands together* hohooo can't wait ^_^
» up
350. My View on Craig
by bondboy007, 2006-02-28
I at first hated the casting, I loved Brosnan and still do love him as Bond. I was angry when Criag was cast, now after seeing the photos of him as Bond and Layer Cake I love him as Bond. He will be physical and will be the most physically dominating Bond since Connery. The main thing I think that will help him gain support is a great script where the reboot isnt too big a player in the film and cast, all of which looks like is happening. Hopefully Bond 22 has a bit more style and class than CR so we dont get to all grit films in a row so Bond 23 can be gritty again. Roll on November!!
» up
351. daniel craig
by tc, 2006-02-28
Daniel Craig will make a great James Bond, He'll be a more grittier Bond, something I think this franchise needs. It's always good to have a change, Emagine where the franchise would be if it was the same actor playing James Bond in all 20 movies, it probably wouldn't make it to 20 movies.
» up
352. All we are give Craig a chance
by Jorge Romero, 2006-02-28
Hello everyone, I´m an argentine fan of James Bond movies and I totally disagree with that Casino Royale´s boicot web site. I just don't quite follow those fellas, I mean, they hadn´t even seen Craig´s performance yet. They´re just misjudging him as well. Daniel Craig is a good actor and we must give him at least one chance. He doesn´t deserve that bad treatment.
» up
353. Dangerous And Smokin' Hot
by TatianaRomanova, 2006-02-28
Daniel is going to bring a real physical side back to James Bond, he is handsome and sexy in a tough-looking manner but has that very commanding Englishness ;o) What a great actor to choose, what a bold decision. I have great respect for the producers now. I look foreward to seeing DC holstered up with a stiff drink :o)
» up
354. Face It: He is Bond!
by Clint S., 2006-02-28
Grow up people. Craig is our james bond. You might not like the senario but GET OVER IT. Sure you can stop loving james bond movies, but don't him down before he can show what he's worth. I'm pleased with the producers desicion(one of there better one's) and i think CASINO ROYALE is going to top the Brosnon's(not hard to top DAD). Fleming's bond is back.
» up
355. Craig is the best
by AlbertoBond, 2006-02-28
Craig is the best Craig is the best Craig is the best Craig is the best Craig is the best Craig is the best Craig is the best Craig is the best
» up
356. Craig as Bond
by Lew Cabos, 2006-02-28
Craig is a terrific actor and I am sure he will be just fine as Bond. All the naysayers to the contary. What does it matter what this group of one or two thinks
» up
by Dr.panecillo - Dr.bread roll, 2006-02-28
Hi !!.. I'm sure Daniel Craig will be a great Bond,- After films acting as Layer cake, Road to perdition and Munich- I,for one, have never doubted it. Craig takes to us for Bond & Fleming's essentials !! and, we must draw a lesson from our past failures- OHMSS and T.Dalton's Films are the nearest examples- Bond is more than a pretty face suited in a tuxedo.. Thanks God Suave agent is over! By way of conclusion, Bad Criticism of film before CR premiere is, this arguments doesn't "hold water" , -wrong way- ! To my mind, Craig is one of the best chap for the job. Finally, I'm spanish and a partner of a James bond spanish forum called "" and I'd glad to everybody to express whatever you want about JB in it !. Thanks everybody and good luck!
» up
358. hot
by pat, 2006-02-28
if you get hot in a movie like munich and these becouse an actour you never saw bevor, than you can be sure, daniel craig will be the right choise!!! ladies we looking forward to a yummy james bond.
» up
359. Question
by GB, 2006-02-28
What are you blathering on about,Connery is gone,time passes.What has that got to do with the price of fish?A lot of Bond fans can't bear the thought of Craig as 007.Deal with it.
» up
360. Craig IS Bond
by Kershner, 2006-02-28
From what I've seen, Daniel Craig is a good actor and is just what the franchise needs. And after seing those photos on the beach.... Man, the dude is real hot!!! hehehe
» up
361. Brosnan's time is over!!!
by Andy A 007, 2006-02-28
I would just like to express my full support and excitment for Daniel Craig as James Bond, and I have a message to all the childish Craig boycotters. Pierce Brosnan's time is over! I, along with alot of Bond fans out there, am sick of a pretty-boy as James Bond! I couldn't be happier with the choice! Wilson and Broccoli made the best choice possible with Craig. He will be a better Bond than Brosnan ever was!
» up
362. bond
by joopie, 2006-02-28
i think craig wont be sush a bad bond, he will be a suprise to all his 'haters', succes to him!
» up
by Maggie, 2006-02-28
I have loved Sea Connery to bits, I was happy with Pierce Brosnan, and I can hardly wait to see Mr. Craig in Casino Royal. I think he fits in perfectly, he is a great actor. Im sure he will be a great succes.How can anybody say otherwise, bevor one has seen the movie. All these sour-pussies dont HAVE to watch it, they can watch Rosamunde Pilcher...but I and my friends, we certainly will and we look forward to.
» up
364. Good Luck Craig from Spain
by Aficionadillo, 2006-02-28
Hello. I am a Web-master of a forum about James Bond in Spain. (In Spanish, of course). In our web people wants to give an oportunity to Craig. ( ) We want watch the film before bad opinions. Good Luck Craig Good Luck Bond Excuse me about my English ;-))
» up
365. A new beginning
by Matt Tighe, 2006-02-28
Aah, Friday October 14th 2005 - what a day, eh? I waited with baited breath to learn who would don the walther PPK and bring 007 back from the brink of overblown silliness and invisible cars. Secretly hoping that when this secret agent was unveiled, it would all just be a cruel marketing trick and Pierce Brosnan would indeed carry on the role. But, as that day played out - that was not to be the case. I too, like most fans was a little upset by the news that Mr Craig was to be our new man and scoffed at the idea that he would even fulfill the usual 3 picture criteria. “Bring back Brosnan” I cried for months, but Eon had made their choice. But, lo and behold, here I am only 4 months later - and I have to say, I totally agree with them! This is going to be a new kind of Bond movie with an excellent actor in the leading role. Craig may not exactly look the part in the perceived image of Bond, but I’m ready to give him a go and I for one cannot wait for November to roll around. This website “craignotbond” seems a silly and fruitless exercise and I for one, don’t want to knock this guy before he’s started. Granted, I wish Brosnan was still in the driving seat, but he’s not and I for one applaud Eon for going a completely different route with this. Just look at Craig in his previous movies and you will discover a sensitive actor with an exceptionally wide range. I’m sure he can nail Bond, if we just give him a chance. I have loved Bond since I was a kid (Tim Dalton was my first introduction) and have since enjoyed all interpretations of the character. Its time for us to just get used to another one . . . and I can’t wait.
» up
366. At least Craig
by Nightfox, 2006-02-28
In the beginning of the whole discussion and debate about who's an adequate successor had I the same opinion of most of the real bond fans. I found Daniel Craig, god forget me saying this, but an totally gun-shoe. Now, after a while, I got the impression that Daniel Craig isn't as bad as all saying. He's a real turn-out and mostly a perfect actor to follow the line of the James Bond identity. At least, why shouldn't have James Bond also blonde hair? It's not hair-thing, it ought to be more a gentlemen-playboy-thing. Isn't it? Kind regard. D.R.-E.E. Nightfox
» up
367. Craig will rock!
by Mark Ketelaar, 2006-02-28
Peeps, just be glad the producers had the balls to pick someone who's not so obvious and slick. The flamboyant Moore/Brosnan-type Bond wouldn't last five minutes in the field. They're unbelievable. Go back to Fleming's novels and learn what kind of a guy Bond is. Craig is the right man, his face shows character. Him not having the right looks is just bollocks. It's all a matter of cinema: If they can make Tom Cruise look hetero, they surely can make Dannyboy look good!
» up
368. I favor Daniel Craig
by Coolio Hunt, 2006-02-28
Commander Bond
They should censor the anti-Craig Web. What ever it is they should except or get lost. I Favor Daniel Craig for the Role. After Casino Royale release I hope he does five more Bond movies. He be the Best Bond
» up
369. Accept a Change
by Phlyer, 2006-02-28
Accept a change, folks. Craig is a good choice, but people seem to have problems accepting changes. Sure enough, Connery was a great Bond, Moore did it is way (elegant too), Brosnan was good but getting a bit tiresome towards the end. In comes Craig. What's wrong with change? Give him a chance. And let's be honest; if any other star had injured himself during shooting, people would have said "wow, doesn't he have courage to make the stunt himself". So - wait and see, BOND will be back with a whole new look and you'll like it.
» up
370. Craig as Bond
by B, 2006-02-28
I like the idea. Bond is getting a new look, and change can be a good thing. Daniel Craig is a really good actor. As said on this website, his role in Munich proves he is the right man for the job. He also did a good job in Layer Cake. I say at least give the movie a chance, for those of you who still can't deal with the fact that Sean Connery is long gone, then just stick with the older movies. As for the rest of us, we will be enjoying the Bond franchise.
» up
371. Just you wait
by Paul Atkinson, 2006-02-28
I'm a long time Bond fan and post regularly at Bond related forums. I'm sick of the bashers, who are arrogant enough to judge without seeing the film. I have accepted he's going to be different than any Bond before... But I think that's just what the franchise needs after the disaster of Die Another Day. Craig will portray 007 in his own fashion, but (from recent "paparazzi" snaps) I pick it'll be a cross between Dalton (casual dresser and rougher than others) and Connery (very cool attitude)! I'm excited to see how well he does. Finally... I don't give a toss what the critics think or what the Craig-bashers have to say... I've made my own mind up - to have an open mind and go in expecting the very best Craig, EON, and Fleming can offer!
» up
372. Craig is the best possible choice
by Tom, 2006-02-28
Daniel Craig is a very good actor. I think that by looking at his choices of roles that he must have really seen something special in Casino Royale that made him want to do it. He is a good choice to play a great character. Anyone who wants to boycott can go right ahead. A hunch tells me that there won't be many of them and that the ones who do will be missing out. More room in the theater for the real fans.
» up
My on-line bulletin is about Cine History. Daniel is an interesting choice for James Bond. Lock this world wide reaction -in both side: yes and not-around the world. Somebody remember similar actions for Timothy or Pierce? Bond is Craig.
» up
374. Whatta Man!
by Julia UK, 2006-02-27
i know this sounds awfully shallow, but i saw those pics of daniel on the beach and... WOW!!! this is one 007 film I'll be happy to go see! He's simply beautiful and waaay sexier than that boring and sickly brosnan guy. james bond definitely has a new fan here.
» up
by Michael Szabo, 2006-02-27
I don't know much about Daniel work before MUNICH. But after see his portrait as STEVE my opinion is clear and simple: he is a great actor, and a great choice for a Secret Agent character. The "Real Spies" are men like Daniel, with comun faces, not pretty boys image. Somebody remember Kim Philby?, the most famous european spy in the 20 century. I am editor in chief for an on-line bulletin. We tell in our next issue about:craig is
» up
376. Sean Connery was also a NOT BOND
by Vero Gutiérrez Lozoya, 2006-02-27
I work as a critic in Mexico City magazine "24xsegundo" (24xsecond) In our february issue, I publish an article about James Bond franchise history. Surprise, surprise: in 1962, Ian Flemming said CONNERY IS NOT BOND. His words were: "he is like an stuntman" After DR.NO, Flemming was so please with Sean. For that, he wrote Bond parent was from Scotland. Daniel will be a great Bond.
» up
377. Perfect choice. Fantastic.
by Thomas Gennard, 2006-02-27
Brilliant. I must admit that Roger Moore and Dalton were great Bonds and where as the others all had their good points, I feel Daniel Craig is going to be a breath of fresh air!!! Its made a few of the lads I know mad that folk are jumping on the 'Anti Craig' bandwagon. It just seems that people really havent got a clue. Craig was wonderful in munich and the BBC epic 'Our Friends in the North'. So Dan, we support you for as long as you are in this role. You are Fantastic man!!!
» up
378. Give craig a chance!
by Willie, 2006-02-27
Despite all the controvesy of the behind the scenes conflicts. I'm more than willing to give Craig a chance. I'm very intriqued,to see this film and I'm loving the new pics that are coming out. Ya know the anti-Craig site even puts Lazenby up in higher regard than Craig. They've forgotten that for decades his film was ignored and recently has been excepted,as a good Bond film. So get off the high horse! I mean really! W.
» up
379. Daniel Craig is Bond
by 007Stef, 2006-02-27
Daniel Craig is Bond. Nothing can change that. HIs skills in his job are outstanding. He is the character he's any of his movies....hes not Daniel Craig, he's XXXX or Steve....thats him. He will be James Bond,and do an outstanding job at it. i cannot wait. even those boycotting will go see it and realize.
» up
by Champion Alonso, 2006-02-27
Daniel was not my first option, but now HE IS 007, and I support him 100%. I believe Casino Royale will be the best Bond movie in 35 years.
» up
381. Give him a chance!
by Jan, 2006-02-27
GO Daniel, GO! Give him a chance. As long as you can't see him acting as James Bond, you can't judge about him.
» up
by KODE, 2006-02-27
The people behind seem more upset that Brosnan was fired than Craig was hired.
» up
383. PRO-Daniel Craig
by PUSSFELLA, 2006-02-27
Are you Kidding me????? We true-heart Bond fans have to wait four years for the next two hour 007 film? (Casino Royale) What skin is coming off the noses of these people who want to be "killjoys"! I just hope EON makes a "serious" 007 adventure ala From Russia with Love, Daniel Craig and Martin Campbell will do a bang-up job.
» up
384. Connery's Hair
by daltons weekly, 2006-02-27
When he had any, was cut short. And so is Criag's. Ergo, Craig is the new Connery. Yay, Go Craig!!
» up
385. Connery's heir
by GoldenEye, 2006-02-27
It's difficult for every new Bond actor to become James Bond. It's difficult, because every actor who will be elected as James Bond, will be compared to the original - Sean Connery. Although I also think that Connery was the most convincing Bond, he was the Bond of the 1960's. And now we're in 2006 and there's a new Bond, Daniel Craig! So, why should we discredit Craig, before we haven't seen anything of him acting as James Bond? I'm convinced that Craig is the perfect choice as Brosnan's follower and especially as the actor who's going to renew Bond! So, you detractors and grumblers: Give Craig his chance to show himself and his suasive interpreation of Bond... James Bond!
» up
386. Craig is a Neanderthal
by Dan, 2006-02-27
Are all you people blind? Craig has the most neanderthal face in entertainment! He looks like he was stomped upon by Gov. Jesse Ventura. Too ulgly. He's done already.
» up
387. Bring back Roger Moore
by MAZ, 2006-02-27
Bring back Roger Moore!
» up
388. YesYesYes
by XXX, 2006-02-27
Craig is BOND!
» up
389. Daniel Craig
by sam, 2006-02-27
Daniel Craig will be great i too morn the loss of peirce brosnan though he is the second best bond of all time behind sean.But daniel might be better youve gotta give him a chance
» up
390. bond has to change
by tj, 2006-02-27
I think it's great for a change. Looking at some of the pictures coming off the set,Daniel looks Absolutely yummy! These saddo,s wanting a diifferent Bond Are stupid, times change, we have to have a Bond for the 21st century to compete with films like the Bourne Movies , which i hate to say, but have made the Bond movies look staid and out of touch. I think he will be fab, a more grittier and down to earth bond ,Relying more on his wits than gadjets. I bet Daniel and the film makers will have the last laugh. And isn't it sad that on the craig not bond website they do not have a section for us to write our opinion, just that you must agree with them. Get over it guys, a true Brit is Bond again!!!!.
» up
391. Craig Is The Next Level
by Ron, 2006-02-27
IMHO, EON have made the right choice in choosing Craig....Craig is a very bold, provocative step in the right direction and come November, he will answer his critics in style. Seeing the latest CR set photos confirms what I've known all along - that Craig's portrayal will be a throwback to Connery's classic Bond (DN, FRWL, GF & TB) that we all love and will do for the rest of our lives. Craig already has the talent, the ability, the chops and the look. DC will expand on those qualities w/ a more relevant, grittier, complex and darker style w/ his kick ass/take no prisoners/in your face/approach. Brosnan was a step up from Moore's portrayal and Craig will be a step up from Dalton's portrayal w/ more style, panache and attitude. I cannot wait until November. GO FOR IT DANIEL!!!
» up
392. Get the hell ot of her, anti'Craig freaks!
by Niwram, 2006-02-27
What the hell is wrong with those idiots frome the anti-Craig site posting on! You have nothing to do there, frikking idiots! Keep going with this, and we're going to fill with pro-Craig messages! GET LOST!!
» up
393. An objective Dutch view to a kill
by Gert Waterink, 2006-02-27
There are many losers in this world. Mostly, those losers are conservative, affraid for change and dumb. Those losers work for tabloids or they don't work at all. All the negative news towards Daniel Craig still proves one thing: the James Bond franchise is invincible. Otherwise we would have seen anti-Christian Bale websites about the latest Batman film. Still, this did not happen. Bond is alive and kicking. People all over the world are concerned about the future of James Bond, and they have every right to do so. This also goes for the so called Craig-haters. One important difference between the Craig-haters and all other Bond fans is this: Those hatefull people are only criticising the new actor, forgetting the whole damn movie They completely forget the fact that Casino Royale will also be the last ever Bond novel adaptation ever (This also happened with that other Bond juwel: On Her Majesty's Secret Service. It is the most faithfull film adaptation ever!). It is complicated to adapt the first ever Bond novel, which is already 53 years old. To make the best of it, it is highly necessary to hire a new Bond-actor. So, Imagine this: Pierce Brosnan getting his first 00-number, when he already has performed in 4 previous Bond movies as the 7th agent of the 00-section: 007. People forget this fact, especially those Craig haters and semi-fans working at tabloids like Daily Star and Daily Mirror. So, give Daniel Craig a chance, and give some objective criticism after the premiere of Casino Royale. Meanwhile, take in mind that Casino Royale's adapted screenplay is written by Oscar winner Paul Haggis (Crash, Munich). And to finish this: Please honour Ian Fleming, he'd love to see the development of this movie.
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394. Craig not Bond !!!
by Hamster, 2006-02-27
Daniel Craig will make a terrible James Bond! Boycott Casino Royale!
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395. He looks like a tougher Bond from the latest photos
by Ulysses, 2006-02-27
Seeing the latest Casino Royale photos I am looking forward to this new Bond. I admit I was kind of suprised at first of the casting, but Craig was very good in Road to Perdition. He looks like he is in much better shape and seeing him hanging off that van looks killer. I think this new Bond should be interesting not the same old same old. Brosnan was a great bond for sure and is a box office pleaser in even bad Bond films, but seriously spies hitting their mid 50's would be getting desk jobs and it's a good time for a change. Also I saw that craignotbond site and it is sad imo, they exaggerate many things.
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396. support
by jeff, 2006-02-27
I feel bond fans should show the producers some respect.They have not got much wrong down the years.Daniel Craig must be given a chance .The early photos from the set he looks the part and with the bond team behind him he will probably be great.
» up
397. Looking Foreward To This!
by AusD, 2006-02-27
I can't wait for Casino Royale, Daniel Craig looks great just check out the latest photos from the set in the bahamas: He is an excellent actor with an uncanny ability to morph himself into the most diverse roles in an astonishing manner. He has a great voice, deep, commanding and very elegantly English. I have no doubt that he will be the best James Bond since the early days of Sir Sean Connery.
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398. Craig is the Bond of the novels!
by JimmyBond, 2006-02-27
The novel of Casino Royale that I own has a image of Bond that doesnt match any of the current Bond actors, except for Daniel Craig! He has the looks, and he has the skills to be a great effective James Bond.
» up
by Judo chop, 2006-02-27
Lazenby wasn't skilled enough to be Bond. Moore wasn't serious enough to be Bond. Dalton wasn't funny enough to be Bond. Pierce wasn't tough enough to be Bond. Any of these arguements could be strongly made, and yet all of the actors above WERE Bond and brought something to the character. If you call yourself a "Bond Fan", either admit that nobody has ever been Bond since Connery, or stop your bitching about Craig's looks. He's going to make the cynics eat their words come November.
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400. Craig Is Bond
by Chris Davies, 2006-02-27
Craig is an excellent choice to play 007. I support him and Casino Royale 100%. He embodies perfectly that cold cruel streak that Fleming infused his character with. For those who fear a darker grittier Bond, don't forget, Connery had that side too - See the casual assasination of Professor Dent in Dr No.
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401. Meh Dräck!
by 0011, 2006-02-27
Daniel Craig is Bond. No doubt, no one would be better in the Rolle as James Bond as Daniel will be. I saw him in "Layer Cake" and from this moment, I was just impressed of him. He can show the gentleman such as the killer, like 007 is it. I don't know what the problem about his looks is. Hey, he ensnared Sienna Miller and Kate Moss! The discussion about his hair color is just childish. And if his hair is his only disadvantage: be lucky and don't care. DC will show us a much more Fleming Bond interpretation. I like that and I know, the viewers will also like that. No more CGI action, more mud, more story, more character. Daniel Craig is Bond. And he'll always be.
» up
402. Craig is Bond?
by The Man Himself, 2006-02-27
The only way Craig can be Bond is by using CG to make him look like Pierce Brosnan, Roger Moore or Sean Connery. He's not a bad actor, but he's got a face straight out of Planet of the Apes. Sorry guys, he's too ugly to be Bond!
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403. Powermidget - Good riddance !
by limeyfreak, 2006-02-27
Craig has got the choice by default ? What utter rubbish. Forgive me if I take Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan, Steven Daldrey, Nicole Kidman, Michelle Yeoh, EON and Steven Speilbergs opinion over yours. They actually know what they are talking about and believe he will be amazing. I am still in awe at the FANTASTIC choice of Craig as Bond. He has everything Fleming wanted, and I cannot wait for the release of what I believe will the best Bond for over 30 years. Craig is king.
» up
404. Craig as Bond
by powermidget, 2006-02-27
Not in a million years! Craig got the job by default and hopefully he will crash and burn making this his only film. What a butt ugly man, I for one (of many) will not be spending any money on this dog of a movie.
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405. The man is Bond!
by KODE, 2006-02-27
Kudos to you for an excellent site. Ever since I saw Layer Cake on it's release I thought that Craig was the natural choice for Bond.
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406. Daniel Craig is gonna be a great bond
by spring, 2006-02-27
I am finding it hard to see why people wont give daniel craig a chance, sure his hair is blone ish but he has everything else. Anyone who has seen layer cake can not say he is not cool enough to play bond and i saw the jacket and did not know he was even in it til weeks later (thats how good an actor he can be). brosnan was great as bond but we needed to try something different and picking someone like craig is the right thing to do. I am really looking forward to the new bond and i bet the poeple that want to avoid the new film will end up seeing it
» up
407. Can hardly wait...
by Dave, 2006-02-27
I can hardly wait for this. I was very excited when it was announced that Daniel would be taking over the role of Bond. He's the right man for the job.
» up
408. EON Made the Right Chioce for Bond
by Forever 007, 2006-02-27
EON Productions made the right choice in Daniel Craig for the role of 007. They chose quality and depth over pure good looks. EON listened to their die hard fans who longed for a character driven Bond film with a sense or reality. Daniel Craig is the perfect fit to bring this to the big screen and I'm very pleased with his selection. The cinematic Bond and the literary Bond have mostly been miles apart and it will be refreshing to see an original Fleming story for a change, rather than the over the top fantasy films of the Brosnan era. Lets face it, Bond was getting so incredibly boring with the last 3 films and the series had to change to survive. Do fans really want another "model" Bond? Another pretty boy with limited acting chops? Bond is moving forward not backward and I think EON deserves a lot of credit for making a very gutsy decision in replacing Brosnan with Craig. I was afraid the Jason Bourne films were going to catch up to Bond. Not now, especially after seeing that pic of Craig on the beach. He looks like he would kick Bourne's ..... When it's all said and done Craig will have the last laugh. Bravo to EON and knock em dead Daniel!
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409. Daniel Craig will excite and thrill...
by Danny Parker, 2006-02-27
Here is an actor who has the acting chops to bring a totally new dimension to the character.After the insipid Brosnan years (a great Bond without a great Bond film), Craig will be like a breath of fresh air to the franchise. He might not be as pretty as Brosnan but after seeing the recent pictures of him filming in the Bahamas, i'm in no doubt whatsoever that will nail the character and more. These are exciting times to be a James Bond fan, so let's stop the silliness, all unite to get behind our man and look forward to what should be the best Bond film in many a year.
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410. craig
by pussy galore, 2006-02-27
Craig is the best Bond we've had in ages. Just like connery he's got that trace of brutality in his features. And thank god he doesn't look like an ageing male model like brosnan or - even worse - a horsefaced clown like roger moore.
» up
411. Thumbs Way Up
by Ray T (aka "Sensualist"), 2006-02-27
Daniel's pictures and previous work speak for themselves. Funny how the two negative posters on this site can't spell and have horrible grammar. LOL The DC detractors seem somewhat uneducated/under-educated. Looks like they're in serious need of some propper schooling. Go get 'em, Daniel! The majority of fans are behind you 100 percent.
» up
412. Daniel Craig will be great!
by WillP, 2006-02-27
After seeing the latest pictures from the set of Casino Royale I have no doubt that Daniel Craig will be nothing but a great James Bond!
» up
413. Script ust Serve Us
by Matthew HOBBS, 2006-02-27
It's not only the actor that makes a Bond film but the script. Connery, Moore, Brosnan all suffered at one time or another from a script that was a little less than it coud have been. The direction they're taking CR sounds like the grittier, down to earth, back to the roots type of movie I've been hoping for - and considering the length of time it's been in development have high hopes that the script will serves us something special. As for Craig, I'll wait to see the film and make my judgement. But who cares if he has blond hair? Moore had light hair in LALD & TMWTGG! And what's all this noise about a tooth being broken? I don't recall all this puff and wind when Brosnan hurt himself during DAD!
» up
414. Remarks from a happy fan
by Maurice ('Lounge Lizard'), 2006-02-27
The casting of Daniel Craig, a spirited and soulful actor, makes me proud of being a Bond fan. I believe Craig will be able to make Bond an intriguingly complex character again, whilst also possessing the killer eyes and the cool voice. And he has a quality that was observed by Kingsley Amis in his 'Bond Dossier' some 40 years ago- he could play Ian Fleming's Bond as the 'everyman-as-superhero'. Fleming's Bond was not born a superhero (like Connery, Moore or Brosnan), he acquired his skills through rigorous training and disciplined exercise. That's what makes the character cool and attractive in the first place- and I think Craig embodies this quality perfectly.
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415. CR will be his signature
by Saint Mark, 2006-02-27
Daniel Craig will show the world in November if he's up for the part of 007. He's an accomplished actor beyond the shadow of a doubt but unproven as 007 to the general audiences. Let's hope EON and Craig can deliver and that they do what they said and go in a new direction. With CR Craig can prove he's worthy and will get the fans to do some more. If he would fail, I'd place the blame more at EON their script, their PR and their failure to do a decent job. So untill November we can all but hope he's good enough. Let's pray he'll fullfill our hopes.
» up
416. It was time for a change
by John Romanelli, 2006-02-27
Die Another Day was a grand sendoff for Pierce Brosnan. It was the 40th anniversary, the homages to all of the films. It was the grandest spectacle of them all. History in this series of films will tell you that after an adventure that strays a bit too far from Fleming, we get a gritty, down-to-earth spy adventure to follow. Witness On Her Majesty's Secret Service after You Only Live Twice, and For Your Eyes Only after Moonraker. Given that we were going to get a back-to-basics story, the time was perfect to do Casino Royale - the film every 007 fan has been waiting over 40 years for. But would Casino Royale - an origin story - have made sense in the Brosnan world? Of course not. Given that Pierce is now as old as Roger Moore was when he made A View to A Kill (ahem), it was time for a change. Sure, I liked Brosnan - a lot - but I'm over it. We've moved on. Personally, I thought Clive Owen was the guy for the job, and if you ever want to see what it would have been like, go see The Pink Panther. But he didn't want the job! I have seen Munich. Daniel Craig is a fantastic actor. If you've seen pictures from the set, his hair is dark, so forget about the hair nonsense (lest we forget, what color was Roger Moore's hair? It was lighter than Craig's!). Daniel Craig will give us Ian Fleming's James Bond, Agent 007, and I for one can't wait to see it. I have faith in Eon Productions - they have entertained millions of us for over 40 years.
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417. the james bond i was looking for
by Sub_Zero87, 2006-02-27
Sean Connery, Roger Moore and Pierce Bronsan were the 3 leading Bond actors and they were great portrayers of Bond But my 3 least favourite Bond movies are 1. Diamonds Are Forever 2. A View to a Kill 3. Die another Day These are the last official Bond movies for Connery, Moore and Bronsan. For me actors can only play bond for a certain amount of movies. Goldeneye is one of my favourites but each consecutive Bronsan movie seemed to be a little bit more stale. Casting a new Bond gives the franchise a new start. There were only a few things I wanted to see in the new actor 1. British 2. start acting as Bond in mid to late 30's 3. not too much of a high profile actor 4. taking the role seriously and professionly Characters are not made famous by their hair colour or their height but their personality. It is also an actors job to act as different personalities. I believe that Daniel Craig has the characteristics that I have explained here and I believe every person that is or was bond fan should see Casino Royale with an open mind and judge Craig after seeing the movie.
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418. At last a spy film
by David Lemon, 2006-02-27
While Pierce Brosnan definitely looked the part and his first two outings were great fun, I think he was ultimately ill served by 'by the numbers' scripts and a poor confused send off in 'Die Another Day'. Daniel Craig might not immediately look like everyone's idea of James Bond, but he's a great actor with tremendous on-screen charisma-he single handedly made 'layer cake' watchable. As long as they write to his considerable strengths (rather than fall back on generic Bond traits-contrived one-liners, tension free set pieces etc.) I believe the critics will fall silent come November.
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419. Why has everybody a problem with his hair?
by BJ007, 2006-02-27
As a german Bond-fan I can hardly understand those, whose only criticism about Daniel Craig are the facts that his hair is blond and that he can't stand weapons and martinis!! Come on folks, this is only a role that survived because of the actors who embodied it just didn't it take very serious! Why does no one say that Connery is terrified of spiders or sharks?? Bond is literary character and as such it should be considered! Craigs hair is not blond any more, as we can admire on recent photos and he definetly does not look like monkey or some italian comedians, his body is hard like rock and I am very optimistic about Casino Royale! Sure Daniel made some mistakes at the PC, this could be considered as a kind of digging his own grave and it probably was, because all the things he admired at the PC are now warmed up in the media, everytime something goes wrong during production! I admire the courage of the producers of taking the risk to cast Craig and redefine the series and as a true fan, I am very optimistic about Casino Royale!
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420. Died Another Day/High Expectations
What was Die Another Day all about? You could be forgiven for thinking that EON, being an environmentally friendly company decided to recycle the scripts of the previous 19 007 adventures and hide it under a 40th Anniversary film. Don't get me wrong - I really like the film - especially as I got to see Pierce Brosnan Lee Tamahori Michael Wilson Barbara Broccolli Peter Lamont Lindy Hemming Rosamund Pike and Toby Stephens when filming the Blades Club scenes in London's Pall Mall - and the Aston Martin/Jaguar car chase is excellent but when it came to watching it... I felt like I'd seen most of it before. I think that after this the series does need a good dose of new blood and like most 'icons' the best way of doing this is to go back to the roots of the character. Take for example the Batman film series Batman Forever a bit rubbish compared to the Tim Burton films in the series and Batman and Robin - well the least said about that the better. But with Batman Begins - and a new Batman in the guise of Christian Bale the series has been re-invented and appealed not only to the die hard Bat-Fans but also to a new generation of fans. I think that EON are doing this with Casino Royale. Daniel Craig, as anyone who's seen a slice of him in Layer Cake is an excellent choice for playing a younger Bond - he's definatly handsome according to my wife - but he just seems to get a bad press for not looking like any of the previous on-screen 007's. I'm sure that in the film we'll see him transform from a young impressionable secret agent to the world-weary man of the world Bond that we know and love. Using Batman as an example again Bruce Wayne wasn't born Batman and events in his life that made him become Batman made some great cinema - and I'm sure that the change from James Bond into 007 will make equally as good a film. I also think that the casting in Casino Royale is interesting. Like with Brosnan's first film Goldeneye the cast is mainly made up of European actors who although well known in their native countries are not so well known on the international stage. But it worked well in Goldeneye - look at how Famke Janssen's career sky rocketed since she appeared alongside 007 (and I for one can't wait to see her in X-Men 3!). Eva Green looks like everything that a Bond Girl should be! Can't wait to see some filming pictures of that woman! All in all I have high expectations for Casino Royale and Daniel Craig in the role of 007 - and I'm sure that EON Productions/Daniel Craig will not dissapoint! PS: Have a look at that website - it's a great interview I did with Wing Commander Ken Wallis who flew Little Nellie in You Only Live Twice!
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421. "The difference between insanity and genius is measured only by success."
by 007, 2006-02-27
When Babs and Mickey chose Daniel Craig as James Bond, I was amazed and proven terribly wrong. Until then, I always said that they don't have the balls for the job. Just look at the last movies. They were bondian in a certain way. High budget - high profit thrillers with lots of boom-boom and an agent jumping on CGI waves. With the choice of Craig, they proved that they know the series and the heiritage they have to manage. Craig is a terrific actor, (in opposite to Moore and Dalton), someone who's surrounded by beautiful women (something the most of you beautiful looking Brosnan fans cannot claim), someone who has certain adjectives which will make him unique and extraordenary. He's not a smoove guy - no - but James Bond is neither. The guys screaming that "Die Another Day" was bs were in a vast majority. They shouted "back to the roots" and now they don't want a guy being much closer to Fleming's description (also in his real life) that Brosnan ever will be. However - as I said: Success decides and I have no doubt that Casino Royale will be a success... David
» up
422. Bad PR, great Bond
by Huw Turbervill, 2006-02-27
Daniel Craig brought part of the negativity on himself. He should have shown more enthusiasm at the press launch. And he was perhaps naive in thinking that his comments on guns would not harm the PR of the film. There definitely seemed a media conspiracy to blow the film out of the water, but the tide seems to be turning. The Sunday Mirror, who ran the story about him losing his teeth, was much more upbeat seven days later when they published pics of him in the Bahamas. After a sticky start, it seems Craig and the film are going to get a fair crack at the whip ater all. He is a fine actor and will be a good Bond, and all the talk about going back to basics with Casino Royale's direction sounds enormously encouraging after the commercial excesses of Die Another Day.
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423. how can you...
by the colonel, 2006-02-27
how can anyone say they are a bond fan if they wont even wait to see what craig will be like, how can anyone be so shallow that they are basing their arguement on the fact that craig "doesnt" look like bond. who are you to say what bond looks like, last i checked Roger and Dalton wernt twins. for me i saw craig in munich, layer cake and eduring love and thourght he was great (saw some of archangle too). if he does do a bad job then fine but shooting him down before even letting him have a go is just wrong. casino royale will be great and hopefully do better than any of Brosnan's just so all the "fans" who are complaining can have it rubbed in.
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424. The king is dead long live the king
by Mr Whitepants, 2006-02-27
Lets face it throughout the history of bond producers have rarely gotten there first choice, Connery was not the number one choice, Dalton was not the number one choice, Brosnan was not the first actor offered Goldeneye, Daniel Craig was not the first actor offered Casino, but he is the actor who accepted, now everyone can either cut of their own nose to spite their faces by not going to this movie, and possibly kill any chace of there ever being another FRWL or we can stick to duds like Moonraker and DAD and actors playing Bond who are to old and fat to be believed can even get out of bed in the morning without pulling a muscle, never mind save the world from some evil maniacs plans for world domination and sleep with 18 year old models! Lets go forwards not backwards, yes Craig might not be anyones ideal choice, but like Connery he is the best of what was available at the time, were not going to get another situation where one actor stands out above all others like Moore and Brosnan did, Craig is Bond there halfway through filming Casino and all these people who say they won't go and see this film will in the end go and see this film, hell you all went to see DAD, just like everyone wasn't going to see the Star Wars prequels after the stink of Phantom Menace but you still did!
» up
425. Bond is Back
by avl, 2006-02-27
Craig is a great, exciting choice. All the negativity towards him amazes me - it's not much better the playground name calling. It was time for a change of pace and Craig will deliver a C21 Bond. Can't wait
» up
426. Go Craig!
by Joseph, 2006-02-27
Daniel Craig is a very interesting and brave choice for Bond. If you step back and consider that there have been 20 Bond films, is there really a good reason to cast another Pierce Brosnan? No. We already have those films. It's time to do something a bit different (not crazy different, though!). I'm convinced that I for one will like Daniel in the role - he's got the acting chops, he's got the screen presence and, as recent photos from the set show, he's certainly got the body. Go Craig! I really don't understand why people would want to boycott this... All that's going on is the producers finallly listening to a huge chunk of their fans - and making Bond film based closely on a Fleming novel. We haven't seen this since the 60s. Why would any Bond fan boycott this. Very, very silly indeed!
» up
427. Connery + Lazenby + Dalton = Craig!
by asio, 2006-02-27
What truly inspired casting! Just like his predecessor, Daniel Craig is an amalgam of many previous James Bond actors. He has the charm of Sean Connery, the bulk of George Lazenby, and the darkness of Timothy Dalton! I'm looking forward to Daniel Craig heralding in a new era for the great 007, and I hope to seeing him in the role for years to come!
» up
428. james bond is dead
by alex, 2006-02-27
yes he could play a good poeye ,its all what he is good for and my friends and there friends will boycott that movie so bad ... i actually talk to people on the street and change there mind about not going to see this movie ..waste of time , waste of money. i am fighting hard ...count on ouer boycott . i was a bond fan ...too bad it had to end like this .
» up
429. Love the new direction!
by Graham, 2006-02-27
It would be presumptuous of me to give a thumbs up or down on Daniel Craig as James Bond until I've actually seen him in the roll. That being said, I'm more then willing to give him a chance. I love the direction that MGM has taken so far with Casino Royale, and I can't wait to see a more back to the basics spy thriller. The casting of all the roles so far has been impressive, and lends an air of credibility to the script. I'm excited for the future of the franchise, and I can only hope the general public will be as pleased with a Bond film more focused on story and character development, rather then explosions, as I am!
» up
430. James Bond is Back!
by paul, 2006-02-27
Daniel Craig is a great choice to play 007. A change in direction is required which meant Brosnan had to go. Don't get me wrong, Brosnan was a great 007 but Die Another Day was not a good 007 movie. For me, this is the most exciting 007 movie since Timothy Dalton signed on for The Living Daylights for a similar ride. Hopefully Casino Royale will be more about characters than hardware, about Bond living on the edge. If so, Craig is proven to be up to the task. Make no mistake, James Bond IS back!
» up
431. Stick it!!!
by Jonny Ginsu, 2006-02-27
You people are just pissing us off more!! Stick it!! & that's from millions of die-hard 007 fans! Your boxoffice grosses will be just like Daltons' The unknown idiot, will be a disappinted, not an improvement! The producers lied about the Batman Begins copycat theory. The storyline is not an improvement, it's not going to change ours minds!!! We pay the admissions, & a blockbuster it won't be!!
» up
432. Craig is ideal 21st century Bond
by Mothy, 2006-02-27
Daniel Craig will make the part of James Bond his own. He will make Bond what he was intended to be. I simply cannot wait to see Craig as Bond in Casino Royale. Go get em' Dan!
» up
433. Give Him A Chance !
by Manu, 2006-02-27
Daniel Craig will make a great 007 ! This sentence tastes so good to be read ! At least something positive even if not yet proved, but I must admit the Bahamas pictures look great and I am not gay ;-) ! Martin Campbell did a great job on GoldenEye to bring Bond back after the end of the cold war, so why don't we trust him on Casino Royale as well ???? Finally I wish Daniel Craig all the best and am really looking forward to discovering Casino Royale on the big screen !!!!! P.S.: if needed, I have a licence to drive manual cars
» up
434. Film is different than still photos...
by Christian David, 2006-02-27
A quick & obvious note to those who critique DC's looks. I just returned from seeing MUNICH. A very good film in wich DC proves himself, every inch a fine actor. The other thing about him that is fine is his looks. He moves well, ON FILM... sounds great and makes the most of his physical presence, ON FILM. The stills I have seen of him look OK. He is not a male model pretty as Moore or Brosnan, but he has a no-nonsene masculinity. I do agree with some folks about his very short haircut, but lets see him in action before we bury the guy. I know a great physical presence does not equal a good BOND. Lazenby would have been better than Connery if that where true. How about we get together and chat after we see a teaser trailer this summer? CHEERS!
» up
435. Dan, Dan, he's our man...
by Liz "TortillaFactory", 2006-02-27
I'll admit I got that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when Dan was announced... "ew, THAT ugly guy?" But in the past months I have seen him slowly a great CBn poster has said, ONLY James Bond is James Bond. But Daniel Craig might be.
» up
436. Well Done!
by Ray T (aka 'Scorpion'), 2006-02-27
Brosnan is history. He did his part in continuing The Legacy. Eon has made a choice in order to re-invigorate themselves (and as a result, hopefully the film-making experience of the cinematic Bond franchise). This movie needed a man with the acting chops that our new 007 brings to the table. PB would not be able to have done that in my opinion. PB was a great James Bond. Time to move on. Long live the new 007. ps...would the admins of the great COMMANDERBOND.NET let me come on board again please :-)
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437. Congratulations on Your Site!
by Eddie, 2006-02-27
Hello. Welcome to the world of James Bond websites! Every campus has its Deltas and Omegas. Since we are obviously the Deltas, that must make you the Omegas. Oh well, try to have fun anyway. Call us when you pass 1 million site visits. We already did. ;) Cheers, P.S. -- This is really us. Just write us and ask us!
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438. The Best Choice!
by Valentin Zukovsky, 2006-02-27
Craig was the best choice EON could make. We need a new, harder-edged Bond and Craig is perfect. Hope he does at least 4 films!
» up
439. Wouldn't want anyone else!
by Andrew, 2006-02-27
Despite what anyone else may say I wouldn't want anyone else in the role of James Bond other than Daniel Craig. He has shown in his preformances in "Layer Cake" and "Munich" the level of cool, intensity and predator-like characteristics that are needed in the role of OO7. Craig is certain to bring out a side of the character that we haven't seen in years, perhaps since the era of Connery! He even looks a bit like Hoagy Charmichael! I can't wait to see Craig staring down Madds at the tables in "Casino Royale". Here's to a fantastic Craig tenure! Lets prove naysayers wrong!
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440. Della's Done With the Doomsayers!
by Della Leiter, 2006-02-27
Thank God you guys put this site together. It really is about time. I really hadn't heard of Daniel Craig until the Bond search began. Now that I've seen & read more about the man, I think he could do a great job on Casino Royale. I am also beginning to wonder about the motives of so many doomsayers. I understand that everyone has an opinion, but enough is enough. I myself am a diehad Dalton fan. I was sorry when he left the role. I was unsure about Brosnan taking the role. But I never even thought about trying to destroy the fanchise, which is exactly what these people seem to want to do. A great script, amazing supporting cast, and the ever present "Bond magic" made be a Brosnan fan. I have no doubt I will feel the sameway when I see Casino Royale.
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441. Della's Done With the Doomsayers!
by Della Leiter, 2006-02-27
Thank God you guys put this site together. It really is about time. I really hadn't heard of Daniel Craig until the Bond search began. Now that I've seen & read more about the man, I think he could do a great job on Casino Royale. I am also beginning to wonder about the motives of so many doomsayers. I understand that everyonre has an opinion, but enough is enough. I myself am a diehad Dalton fan. I was sorry when he left the role. I was unsure about Brosnan taking the role. But I never even thought about trying to destroy the fanchise, which is exactly what these people seem to want to do. A great script, amazing supporting cast, and the ever present "Bond magic" made be a Brosnan fan. I have no doubt I will feelm the sameway when I see Casino Royale.
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442. Daniel Craig Is James Bond. Deal With It.
Daniel Craig is the new James Bond like it or not. Pierce Brosnan is my favorite Bond and I'm disappointed he isn't coming back but I'm excited at the prospect of seeing a new 007. Daniel Craig is that man and I have thrown my support behind him. Here's hoping Craig is a great and successful Bond.
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443. craigISbond
by xwolverine2, 2006-02-27
craig = to bond layer cake should be enough words... bond is a natrual born killer...craig embodies this in EVERY WAY...connery did NOT. watch munich or layercake or shut up!!!
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444. The Right Choice
by Alycia, 2006-02-26
When I first heard they had picked Daniel Craig to be Bond, I wasn't thrilled (I wanted Clive Owen), but the more films of his I watched the more convinced I was. The final straw was Munich. He was a cold blooded killer, but he was also very funny. The more people are mocking him about being Bond just makes me want to support him more. So go on Daniel! Kick some ass!
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445. EON, Here's Your Chance!
by King Bond, 2006-02-26
If things carry on the way they're shaping up, this will be the best Bond film since O.H.M.S.S., or even the best ever. I've had just about enough of the xXx style Superbond/Pierce Brosnan films, and I can't wait to see (to use a cliché), the darker, grittier Bond that Fleming had in mind.
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446. Craig WILL Be a GREAT Bond Part II (SPOILERS)
by Lord Ash, 2006-02-26
d.So heres the deal part II: SPOILERS BELOW: Ive read the script review and i like it, theyve changed Vesper a bit but i still think its a raw and brutal script. The pre-credit stuff showing how Bond gets his "00" sounds fantastic! And yeah the carpet beating scene is there and humanies the character. BUT HERES what i want to see, and Haggis alluded to it in an interview a while back. Bond starts of raw, wild, a ruthless killer, hes NOT the suave Brosnan that we know. Hes different than that. However, after the "beating" Vesper, nurses him to health and "Forges him into the Bond that we all know and love" Those words are right out of Haggis' mouth and it gives me goosebumps! I would love to see at the end of the film after mourning Vesper's death, he has been refined, has leaned to "play the game" and is now in good grace with MI6. We see him on his next assignment, at a "function" where some beautiful dame asks who he is, and for the FIRST time in the movie he looks at her and the camera and says, in the Brioni tux, "Bond...James Bond" and the movie ends with crowd roaring its approval, thereby Bond being "forged into the Bond we all have come to know and love" This gives me chills. Feel free to expand
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447. Craig is a serious actor
by Richard, 2006-02-26
Daniel Craig is one of the UK's best actors, capable of great subtlety, great style, and genuine emotion. His casting as the world's most famous secret agent is an inspired and unpredictable choice, and he will bring all of his skill and artistry, as well as a considerable physical presence, to the role, bringing Bond closer in line to the character of Ian Fleming's original fiction. Casino Royale, as one of Fleming's best novels, is an excellent choice to bring Bond into the 21st century, and I fully trust the filmmakers to retain enough of the franchise's conventions - such as beautiful girls, suave sophistication and explosive action - that the film will seem less of a reinvention, and more of an inspired updating. Craig IS Bond!
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448. Craig WILL be a GREAT Bond
by LordAsh, 2006-02-26
Ok- Heres the deal, ive been going to the wall for Craig for a solid month now over on IMDB waging my war against fruitcakes like NetGeek and Goldfish (you al know who im talking about). considering i have a wife, 3yr old, job, and smelly dog, the fact that i am spending all this time on it is shocking. But heres why: when i saw those pics in Nassau i flipped out, no NOT the beach pic BUT the plane pic. I called over to my wife in the other room, "SWEETY!!....come here, your gonna go nuts!" Now my wife is a very busy woman and doesnt have a lot of time for this kinda stuff, but she loves the Connery films, admired Dalton, and thought Layercake was "Wonderful" in fact we both said at the time, "He'd make a great Bond" Lo and Behold! Anyway, she came in, me thinking she'd wonder why the hell im bothering with this, only to here, "My God! Its right out of Dr. No!"
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449. James Bond is BACK
by Hon James, 2006-02-26
James Bond is BACK. I am a fan of Pierce Brosnan. However I remember a time when people said Pierce was too old to be James Bond 007. Daniel Craig will be as James Bond in real life as in the latest film Casino Royale. he's suave and sophisticated and a new face and image for Bond.James Bond. the latest support and updates on James Bond.
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450. Search Over Daniel Is The Man
by carrington65, 2006-02-26
This anti Craig Thing is (and I can speak for the many TRUE FANS out there) Pissing me off. Have theese so called fans read the whole subject why Craig was cast as 007? Yes I'm pretty angerd the way Pierce was ousted. But if this is what it is all about then you are fools. Craig like Pierce (one of my favroute actors) is a fine actor and deserves all the credit he gets. My final points are I'm just happy that the search is over let the man get on with the job and how can people say he does not look the part. Fine maybe not in real life but he is an actor. At the press confrence he hit the nail on the head by saying he is going treat this like any other job and try not to get overwhelmed by it.Take it as when it comes. I just think theese people are just frightend of change. But many of us WANT it to change. Anyway he has official endorsmants from Connery,Moore,Brosnan,and even Christopher Lee a true Legend in his own wright and relatied to Ian Flemming. Craig does remind me alot about a young Sean Connery. In Layer Cake,Road To Predition,Munich he looked very Bondian. Daniel to me is perfect for the roll and very nice down to earth sort of bloke. He is does not deserve all this hurtfull negetive crap. As Pierce it was who encouregd and gave advice to take the part. As Brosnan said about his sucsessor in a recent interveiw "I think Daniel is a fine actor. I think he will hae the last Laugh". Good Luck Daniel. Hope to see you again as 007. I'll be first in the cue.
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451. Bond gets his self respect back
by Niwram, 2006-02-26
The anti craigs are in a majority. Over 60% of the James Bond fan base approve of the casting of Daniel Craig. As said it, "Fans embrace a more realistic version of James Bond". Before Craig was cast, I didn't believe that CR would be as serious and DTE as Campbell kept saying. But when they cast Craig, who is far from a prettyboy, I KNEW this movie was going to be different. The last few movies haven't felt like James Bond movies in any way. Bond was a man in his midlife-crisis acting like a teenager. The casting of Craig proves that this movie will be tough, DTE , and it wil take itself seriously, something the Bond movies haven't done since GE.
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452. Craig rescues franchise
by AJH, 2006-02-26
Frankly, am shocked at the seemingly vitriolic hate that has been directed at this man for merely accepting a job, based on the merit of his previous work, when none of the detractors bashing him could ever, in a million years, be Bond. I'm excited and relieved that finally a Bond film will not be the derivative rubbish it has been in the past, but rather will be headed by an gifted actor, who is one of the best English actors of the moment.
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453. Superb Choice
by Aston, 2006-02-26
Let's be honest, the Bond films have been running on fumes for years; I think Mr Craig could be just the shot in the arm it needs. Take heart, all you dispirited "Bond fans" - your hero is about to become cool again... and it's all thanks to Craig. Daniel Craig. :D
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454. Daniel Craig is hot
I find all these anti-Daniel Craig people to be ridiculous. I keep thinking how hurtful everything they say is to him. I wish I could just hold him in my arms, and tell him how lovely he is, and tell him that he is the sex. He's wonderful!!! I love him. I saw "Layer Cake" about 2 days ago, and when I saw him in "Munich"... GOSH! There is something about his eyes that make me go wild. Those beautiful blue eyes. I usually don't see James Bond movies in the theatre, but to support DC and his sexiness, I'll go see it! Oh, and I love the way he walks. Teeheehehe!
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455. Craig is Bond
by JCRendle, 2006-02-25
This site looks so much better - a great counter to the anti-craigs site.
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456. Craig is an inspired choice
by TrevorAclea, 2006-02-25
We won't know how Craig's Bond will turn out until CR opens, but the initial signs are premising. Craig wasn't a name that I'd have ever thought of, but he's an inspired choice - the moment I heard the rumours of his casting it immediately clicked and just felt absolutely right in a way that none of the other alleged candidates did. In fact, it semed such a daring and inspired choice I thought it would never happen and EON would play safe with a more lightweight choice. I've followed Craig's career as an actor over the years, and he's often been the best thing in the movies he's made. He's certainly one of the best British actors of his generation, and in many ways he's in a comparable position to Connery before he was cast as Bond. The most significant thing about his casting is that rather than go just for a look, despite all the names the media were promoting simply because they had worn a tux at some time in their life, EON went for someone with real talent. Hopefully that means that this Bond will be more than just a physically demanding part. It's sad how petty the objections are, and the way the haters are, by default, turning many Bond fans against Brosnan's better films. The casting of every new Bond has been controversial, but the internet has given rise to a new level of pettiness - ugly, unknown, doesn't look like Pierce, he only got the part because he's 'friends' with Babs, the film will be such a flop it will be out of theaters in two weeks, etc - that really looks increasingly ridiculous with each passing day. Regardless of how good or bad the finished film is, the series history will ensure that it won't be the bomb a handful of rather strange people are predicting. And at the end of the day, I'm hoping that Craig's performance will be a big part of making it a success. Sure, he might stumble, but the initial signs are very promising that his Bond could have some of the old school magic and give the series a new lease of life. I wasn't overly enthusiastic about DAD, which played too much to the series' weaknesses, but Casino Royale is the first Bond film I've been really looking forward to for a long time. And Craig's casting is a very big part of that.
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457. Munich
by Rafeman, 2006-02-25
I think it was a pretty goog sign, that whenever Craig appeared on screen in Munich, I wondered whether he was already practicing for Bond while he was shooting with Spielberg. Craig's performance in Munich was just cool!
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458. The right choice
by, 2006-02-24
Daniel Craig will just kick ass!
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