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by Deanna, 2007-01-16
The idiot behind Craignotbond is: -redacted by host-
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27. Finally a REAL MAN!
by lefrea, 2007-01-14
Thank God!
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28. Awesome
by Janek, 2007-01-11
Daniel Craig brought to Bond movies what had been lacking for so many years. A sense of realism. Its like Vesper said, MI6 targeted ex-special forces for their agent programs not pretty boys who put women before the mission. Craig shows that there is a no nonsense side to James Bond, someone who will do anything to get the job done. Daniel Craig for the next 5 bond movies? HELL YEAH!
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29. A convincing Bond
by Jaki-Jako, 2007-01-09
At the beginning I wasn't really at-ease with the idea of Daniel Craig as James Bond. But after Casino Royale I changed my mind and I was really convinced by the talent of Daniel. He knows how to give life to a character who was really more a device than a proper men in the former movies; he expressed well in the film the basis of Fleming's character: aggressivity, self-confidence, but a men who has also drawbacks: arrogance, disobedience... Jolly good and thank you, Mr Craig!!!
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30. beyond exciting
by ACE, 2007-01-06
I must be feeling the way people did when the first few Bond movies came out. Electrified. Daniel Craig has made Bond a "super" or uber-male that men might aspire to be, and girls aspire to kiss. So on that note, I have to add that he is so incredibly sexy. The funny thing is that his muscular physique inspired me, as a woman, to work out. I'm more inspired by his fitness level than Halle Berry (who Waterson also trained.) So that sense of awe has reinvented Bond. Otherwise wouldn't the James Bond character, for the most, have been too predictable?
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31. Daniel Crag
by Mr B, 2007-01-02
This new Bond film blew me away. Craig is how Bond should be. Connery had it in his early films but not like this. Amazing! I do have one issue, Craig does look big and lean, I’ve heard him say that it's due to 9 months hard training. I don't want to start anything here but I would like to know if is diet was natural; I don't remember him looking anything like this in his other movies. Maybe he has fantastic genetics. Inspiring!
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32. The best Bond movie ever
by tazi, 2006-12-30
I just saw "Casino Royale" in the cinema and I was really blown away. It was the best Bond-movie I've ever seen (and I nearly saw all of them). I think that Daniel Craig is the best Bond and I don't understand why the criticised him so bad in the beginning. I'm looking forward for the next Bond-movie WITH Daniel Craig. Daniel Craig - best Bond character for ever Sorry for my bad english, but I'm German
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33. The Best Ever
by Donny, 2006-12-30
Craig is Bond and Bond Lives! Casino Royale is without a doubt the best Bond film in the series. It is the closest interpretation of a Fleming novel and is an awsome piece of entertainment on it's own accord. Craig rules!!!
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34. better than Brosnan
by luminukka, 2006-12-28
I wanted to see the film because of the bad critics it got when the production started!!!! I wanted to go into the cinema and let me surprise what comes out!!! I was surprised: Daniel's better than Brosnan!!!! He was so bad!! But this "Bond" was so great!!!! I really don't understand why all these people criticised him so much. Thanks for this Film and I'm looking forward to 2008 and the next "Bond"!!!!
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35. My Addiction - Daniel Craig
by Wendy, 2006-12-26
Oh my gosh, WHAT a movie and WHAT a Bond in Daniel Craig! As a 007 fanatic, I have to say that Casino Royale took my breath away with it's incredible action, beautiful locations and OF COURSE Daniel Craig as the sexy, slick and steamy new Bond. Have seen the movie three times and am now suffering from D.C. withdrawal now that it's left the circuit. Congratulations Daniel - Youv'e beat them all!!
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36. surprised
by wendy, 2006-12-23
I was a Connery fan until I saw Daniel Craig .He was brilliant and very sexy. The film is non stop action and holds your attention from beginning to end.The best Bond film ever!
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37. Amazing
by seconds, 2006-12-18
I went to see Casion Royal at the weekend and I was blown away. I am the sort of person that gets bored half way through a film. I didn't even take my eyes off the screen for a second. Daniel Craig was beyond brilliant and have now fallen in love with him! I have watched other bonds and been slightly bored, mainly due to my short attention span but I couldn't believe how quickly the time flew! So good! I just want to watch it over and over again!
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38. great job
by channah, 2006-12-14
I was a bit reluctant at first, but Daniel persuaded me 100% he´s the one for this part - he is so real and human Bond, not just cool Mr. Perfect you can´t believe in. And as a woman I must add: damn attractive!!! ;-)
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39. Dear Mr. Craig!
by bo, 2006-12-14
How to send a message to worlds most wanted movie star...perhaps you read this lines...because i completely fell in love with your Bond...seen the movie four times and cant get enough...had a wish for christmas you could fulfill and make worlds women happy...your own homepage, with your next film projects, pictures, news etc. or whatever you like to tell to your fans all over the world...good idea? Think about wishes, yours sincerely bo... from bavaria (germany) (excuse my faulty english) :-)
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40. well done
by phil, 2006-12-13
well done Daniel.Excellent stuff.Dont make the same mistake Lazenby did.Do at least another 2 Bonds.It was refreshing watching this bond.Not too many gadjets and not too over the top.A great Bond. [ O.H.M.S.S fan]
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41. Those shorts
by Vesper Jane, 2006-12-12
Firstly, let us begin by praising the most amazing film of this century - OMG! it was fantastic. Daniel Craig is the most talented actor we have seen in a long time, proving all those critics wrong and suggesting that Bond should be nothing other than blond. We very much enjoyed this film and were very moved by the ending. Especially, we loved seeing Bond make mistakes and see the journey he went through to become the later man. We personally cannot wait for the next two films and more little shorts moments.
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42. Let me be your Bond Girl
by dani, 2006-12-12
...and the Oscar goes to Mr. Sexiest Man Alive...Mr.Bond..Daniel Bond..
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43. Hot Bond
by Nixie, 2006-12-12
He is so damn sexy! He is rough, rugged, more manly and more human Bond than anyother Bond. Beside his oh-so-great shaped-up body, he acts like he is a real Bond in life, not Bond as a fiction character, who always in good luck, full gadget and cannot be hurt. He stumbled, fell, got hurt, bleed and yet we can never get enough of him. Craig: simply, the best Bond ever.
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44. Craig, Daniel Craig.
by J.Pharrell, 2006-12-11
Let me start off by saying this is a fantastic site... well done. I support Daniel Craig 100% and all those that think otherwise can rot in a hole. He can undertake different characters, such as a mental patient in The Jacket, a builder in The Mother and now a killer in Casino Royale. In Casino Royale, he has done a fabulous job. Normally I'm not particularly excited over James Bond movies but at this one I was. He has successfully portrayed Bond's vulnerability as well as his ruthlessness and weakness for women. I look foward to watching the next Bond movie as I'm sure Daniel Craig will not let me down. Extremely well done, again!
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45. craig one of the best
by Arthur, 2006-12-10
all those danielcraigisnotbond supporters are bloody wankers, allthough I had my doubts about him, Daniel Craig is one of the best bonds ever in my opion, even though the movie has changed the bond series considerably.
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46. craig one of the best
by Arthur, 2006-12-10
all those danielcraigisnotbond supporters are bloody wankers, allthough I had my doubts about him, Daniel Craig is one of the best bonds ever in my opion, even though the movie has changed the bond series considerably.
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47. Daniel Craig IS the Perfect James Bond
by Mouse, 2006-12-09
I have seen the movie and as sceptical as I was, I am now the number one fan of Casino Royale ! Daniel Craig is the perfect James Bond. His acting proves it ...his looks prove it. He worked hard to make this movie the best James Bond movie to date and deserves much credit for that. "All the best Daniel, and we want to see you in many more Bond movies to come ! "
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48. he is great...
by onder, 2006-12-09
I have seen this movie twice.he is so charismatic and he looks great as best bond ever...Keep the great Craig.he is perfect...
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49. He great as 007 That last line.
by Coolio Hunt, 2006-12-09
Sorry about that last line. I should say, Keep up the great work Daniel. That all. He looked great in Casino Royale as 007.
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50. He great as 007
by Coolio Hunt, 2006-12-09
Well I've seen the movie more than once. I should see it again at least 4 times. It to show I'm supporting Daniel Craig as Bond. I will buy the merchanise like Diecast cars Aston Martins. The Book & everything to show that support. I will be looking forwards for Daniel to returns as 007 in next James Bond movie. Keep the great Daniel.
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He plays Bond with genuine depth
by Knute
I just viewed "Quantum" and am frankly amazed at any negative critique. Craig is Bond in this! I am so relieved to finally be interested in the man, and not just a pretty package. He has set aside all of the superficiality of past Bonds. There was so much art in this film that I almost yelled WOW! The whole world is in so much turmoil now. We need a strong man who will always do hi... » Continue
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5 reasons why daniel craig beats the crap out of pierce brosnan as 007
for full article, please vivit: 1. he is so much hotter. sexier. bond-er. 2. craig, as bond, is less of a man-whore. 3. less is more 4. a new range of emotions 5. craig revived the james bond franchise
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Daniel Craig is best Bond EVER!
by Donna Sue
WOW! I was devastated to rent Casino Royal and not catch it in the movies bceause I was hooked from the first moment - when I couldnt breath watching the chase scene with the free-runner. OMG. I hae always loved Bond - but Craig creates a 3-D character of cruelty, humanity, anguish and love. This is the most in-depth Bond character ever - and I must say I am addicted to his looks, voice and action... » Continue
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Daniel as Bond
by Mattie
I loved the latest Bond movie. I was never a true Bond movie fan until now. I've seen bits and pieces of past Bond movies but this one i can't get enough of. It's become part of my DVD collection and i watch it all the time. Daniel is absolutely great. I have alot of his earlier movies as well. He plays so many different characters. He has real talent. I can't wait to see his ... » Continue
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