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Rank Title Gross Date
1 Casino Royale $167,445,960 11/17/06
2 Die Another Day $160,942,139 11/22/02
3 The World Is Not Enough $126,943,684 11/19/99
4 Tomorrow Never Dies $125,304,276 12/19/97
5 GoldenEye $106,429,941 11/17/95
6 Moonraker $70,308,099 6/29/79
7 Octopussy $67,893,619 6/10/83
8 Thunderball $63,595,658 12/21/65
9 Never Say Never Again $55,432,841 10/7/83
10 For Your Eyes Only $54,812,802 6/26/81
11 The Living Daylights $51,185,897 7/31/87
12 Goldfinger $51,081,062 12/22/64
13 A View to a Kill $50,327,960 5/24/85
14 The Spy Who Loved Me $46,838,673 7/13/77
15 Diamonds Are Forever $43,819,547 12/17/71
16 You Only Live Twice $43,084,787 6/13/67
17 Live and Let Die $35,377,836 6/27/73
18 License to Kill $34,667,015 7/14/89
19 From Russia, with Love $24,796,765 4/8/64
20 On Her Majesty's Secret Service $22,774,493 12/18/69
21 The Man with the Golden Gun $20,972,000 12/18/74
22 Dr. No $16,067,035 5/8/63
Source: Box Office Mojo (2007)

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Quantum Of Solace Blu-Ray & DVD
by Andrew Timms
DANIEL CRAIG RETURNS AS 007 IN THE MULTI-MILLION GLOBAL BOX OFFICE SMASH DEBUTING ON BLU-RAY DISC AND DVD IN THE UK ON 23 MARCH 2009 FROM MGM AND FOX HOME ENTERTAINMENT Synopsis: Daniel Craig returns as James Bond in this thrilling, action-packed adventure which starts shortly after Casino Royale ends. Betrayed by the woman he loved, 007 fights the urge to make his latest mission personal. O... » Continue
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He plays Bond with genuine depth
by Knute
I just viewed "Quantum" and am frankly amazed at any negative critique. Craig is Bond in this! I am so relieved to finally be interested in the man, and not just a pretty package. He has set aside all of the superficiality of past Bonds. There was so much art in this film that I almost yelled WOW! The whole world is in so much turmoil now. We need a strong man who will always do hi... » Continue
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5 reasons why daniel craig beats the crap out of pierce brosnan as 007
for full article, please vivit: 1. he is so much hotter. sexier. bond-er. 2. craig, as bond, is less of a man-whore. 3. less is more 4. a new range of emotions 5. craig revived the james bond franchise
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Daniel Craig is best Bond EVER!
by Donna Sue
WOW! I was devastated to rent Casino Royal and not catch it in the movies bceause I was hooked from the first moment - when I couldnt breath watching the chase scene with the free-runner. OMG. I hae always loved Bond - but Craig creates a 3-D character of cruelty, humanity, anguish and love. This is the most in-depth Bond character ever - and I must say I am addicted to his looks, voice and action... » Continue
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Daniel as Bond
by Mattie
I loved the latest Bond movie. I was never a true Bond movie fan until now. I've seen bits and pieces of past Bond movies but this one i can't get enough of. It's become part of my DVD collection and i watch it all the time. Daniel is absolutely great. I have alot of his earlier movies as well. He plays so many different characters. He has real talent. I can't wait to see his ... » Continue
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