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Revisited in September 2015

Once upon a time…

In the year 2006, there was quite the turmoil when Daniel Craig, a blond, relatively short and unknown actor was announced to be the new James Bond.
Back then, a group of so called «fans» felt obliged to start a campaign against the actor and even lauched several websites under the sigil «CraigNotBond».

The website you are reading now (then available on was a spontaneous reaction to this campaign, giving genuine fans the chance to show the support for a modern, better version of the franchise.

The rest is history.

Celebrating the launch of «Spectre» this year I'm reviving this site and let you revisit and enjoy all the support and comments that where posted between the years 2006 and 2009.

rafeman, September 2015

Daniel Craig Let's be realistic. As much as I admire Sean Connery in the role of 007 - he won't return (again) to his secret agent habits such as drinking shaken Wodka or driving Aston Martinis.
It may hurt to read this - but no wig in the world will ever turn Connery back into the hero of our childhood again.
So let's move on and give the 21th century the agent it deserves: Daniel Craig. Everybody who's seen Craig's performances in Munich or Layer Cake has witnessed that Craig is the right man to do the job.

I've created to gather the world-wide virtual community of Bond-Fans and moviegoers alike to take a stand against those who intend to boycott Casino Royale. You won't let them destroy the one movie that may bring back quality, charme and style back to the silver screen and re-establish some of this good ol' stuff a chauvinistic dinosaur could be proud of, will you?

James Bond has to be about more than haircolor.

Stop living in the past and accept the facts:

  1. Time passes.
  2. In 1962, Sean Connery was James Bond.
  3. In 2006, Daniel Craig is James Bond.
  4. Every day, you're getting older.
  5. Bond's new face just reminds you of that fact.
  6. Someday, you're gonna die.
  7. Boycotting Casino Royale won't change that.
Daniel Craig gives you the opportunity to let the world know why you won't be intimidated by change, loss or death. Share your thoughts. Contribute and help to build a self-confident, fearless community that truly anticipates Casino Royale. Contribute now and embrace your mortality!

R. Roethlin, Initiator and Webmaster, host of

Recent Contributions

Quantum Of Solace Blu-Ray & DVD
by Andrew Timms
DANIEL CRAIG RETURNS AS 007 IN THE MULTI-MILLION GLOBAL BOX OFFICE SMASH DEBUTING ON BLU-RAY DISC AND DVD IN THE UK ON 23 MARCH 2009 FROM MGM AND FOX HOME ENTERTAINMENT Synopsis: Daniel Craig returns as James Bond in this thrilling, action-packed adventure which starts shortly after Casino Royale ends. Betrayed by the woman he loved, 007 fights the urge to make his latest mission personal. O... » Continue
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He plays Bond with genuine depth
by Knute
I just viewed "Quantum" and am frankly amazed at any negative critique. Craig is Bond in this! I am so relieved to finally be interested in the man, and not just a pretty package. He has set aside all of the superficiality of past Bonds. There was so much art in this film that I almost yelled WOW! The whole world is in so much turmoil now. We need a strong man who will always do hi... » Continue
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5 reasons why daniel craig beats the crap out of pierce brosnan as 007
for full article, please vivit: 1. he is so much hotter. sexier. bond-er. 2. craig, as bond, is less of a man-whore. 3. less is more 4. a new range of emotions 5. craig revived the james bond franchise
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Daniel Craig is best Bond EVER!
by Donna Sue
WOW! I was devastated to rent Casino Royal and not catch it in the movies bceause I was hooked from the first moment - when I couldnt breath watching the chase scene with the free-runner. OMG. I hae always loved Bond - but Craig creates a 3-D character of cruelty, humanity, anguish and love. This is the most in-depth Bond character ever - and I must say I am addicted to his looks, voice and action... » Continue
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Daniel as Bond
by Mattie
I loved the latest Bond movie. I was never a true Bond movie fan until now. I've seen bits and pieces of past Bond movies but this one i can't get enough of. It's become part of my DVD collection and i watch it all the time. Daniel is absolutely great. I have alot of his earlier movies as well. He plays so many different characters. He has real talent. I can't wait to see his ... » Continue
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